1970s summer holidays.

i used to get invited to stay with mal at his aunty's for a few wks when i was about 12, he was about 14, i was ok for a few days, then i would start to need to cum, i'd be thinking of places to go for a quick wank, after 4 days i needed to cum, i was so horny back then, my cock was hard all the time.

mal used to frighten me, he would put his hand down his pants while watching the tv, me and his aunt was also in the room watching tv, she must of known what he was doing, i seen him out the corner of my eye, i used to think oh no if she looks over she will be able to see his hand moving down his trousers, he was playing with his cock head or teasing it, then pull his hand out leaving his hard cock standing up and moving, i could see the out line of his big cock throbbing, then he would get up and go and lie on his tummy in front of the tv slowly thrusting and rocking into the floor in front of use, after a while he would get up to leave the room, his big cock was almost out the top of his trousers, his aunt would say where you going.....for a wee..... SIT DOWN, she new he was going for a wank, after teasing his cock for an hour he needed to empty his load, if i tease my cock for an hour, if i get almost off then stop and keep doing that, my cum will shoot across the room, any man will be the same, you can cum in our own face...

it was her fault the way she used to dress, most of the time she had no bra on in the house we could see her big boobs and big nips through her top, her skirt above her knee, sometimes asking use if we would massage her feet and legs after her bath, we would massage her feet and legs looking up her skirt, we would have 1 leg each on the floor, she wore see through knix, like mesh, her fanny bulging out, could see the hair poking out the sides....

one night we both cum in our pants runing out the room!

I just teased my cock head for a hour to see how far i could cum, put the mirror on the floor then teased till i could not take it any more and my cum shot across the room hitting the mirror, i had a cum fountain...
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well interesting