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1970's, i lived in erdington in a back to back house, and i found out that the lady who lived at the back my bedroom was that close i could read what was on her wall.

some times her light was on when i went to bed, but she wasn't in sight, i never shut my curtains nor did she, she was in her late 50's, single, i used to sit on my bed looking into her room a few times i seen her getting undressed big tits n hairy pussy, then i would have a wank watching her, little did i know that every night she was watching me have a wank and shot my load with my light on her light off, how did i find out, i came home from work had a chat with her out side, i could see her light on while we were chating, then as i was going into my room to put on my light her light went off, then after a few mins my light bulb blow n her light went on, changed the bulb, and done it again 3 times, leaving it on longer or off to see if her light changed and it did, a few times i would go into my room i could see her standing in her window with her light off, my light off, but her hall light was shining in her room, she was waiting for me to get undressed and wank off in the window, which i did every night shooting my load across the room..

then every morning we would say hi lol....
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3 years ago
no we never got together, i was 17 she was about 50 lol...
3 years ago
yes 100% true!
3 years ago
Great story and I hope it's true! I once caught a girl watching me when I was naked. Usually I watched her trying on clothes but one evening when I was undressed she turned her light out and I went into an adjacent (dark) room for a sec and could see her watching for me to return! Very exciting.
4 years ago
did you ever get together