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bursting to cum!

I just teased my cock head for a hour to see how far my cum would fly, put the mirror on the floor then teased till i could not take it any more and my cum shot across the room hitting the mirror, i had a cum fountain... I have had many a cum fountain in front of my ex in the past, it was a shame she never liked to see me wanking and shooting off!

While we were watching the tv I would be bursting to cum, if she was half d***k, I would just take my hard wet cock out and slowly wank, as she turned around to see what I was doing I'd shoot a huge load over myself, I'd wait a few wks then the same sort of thing, she half d***k watching the tv, I would ask her about how long she could go without a orgasm, she could go months, then I would get that turned on, I would stand up pulling my trousers and pants down saying I'm going to cum...QUICK, and I'd have a huge cum over her, I would wait till I was almost cuming in my pants, I would shout out I'M CUMING QUICK OPEN THE NEWS PAPER AND I would have an hands free cum in front of her.

Sometimes I would put my hand up her skirt try and finger her, sometimes she would grind on my hand, or push me over and sit on my face to orgasm grind off....Or she would try and hump my thigh while I would be bursting to cum, she used to say keep your pants on till I have cum, but somehow my cock would have came out of my pants and be pointing at her face, as she was cuming I would blast my load over her!
Posted by nightlore 2 years ago
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