A Girl Too Remember (part 2)

It’s only been 3 months since I found out Snow is a hermaphrodite. Things haven’t changed between us much. We are slowly getting closer. Not sure if it’s possible for me to want her even more. School however has gradually gotten worse. Apparently there was a girl that wanted to date Snow and now she has a grudge against me. She didn’t care that I was with Snow, she just wanted me out of the way.

Her name was Carla. She’s from Puerto Rico. She’s beautiful with long black hair. I think her bust was an E. She sounds like the kind of girl all the guys would kill for. The thing that kept them all away was that she is an ultra otaku and proud of it. Not a lot of guys at our school that want to deal with someone that only talks about anime, manga, cosplay and K-pop.

Carla’s in the same art class as me and since she found out I’m dating Snow, she’s been relentless. I was sitting at my desk working on my project, then Carla come over and does something really unexpected. “Hey Hos!” She sat on my lap and laid my head against her breasts. “Has Snow been treating you right?” I was stunned for a minute. I thought, What the Hell is happening?! Then a flash went off. “Got it!” Carla was holding up her phone, showing me a picture she just took of her sitting on my lap. She made sure to cut her face out the picture. “This should shake things up a bit, then she will be mine.” She was about to say something else when Mr. Kallin walked in. Which signaled the end of her blackmail.

I met up with Snow in the hall. I scooped her up in my arms and kissed her deeply. When we broke apart, Snow said, “You’re a good kisser. Wanna go out sometime. The guy I’m with now is cheating on me.” I shook my head. “She showed you the picture?” Snow pulled out her phone and showed me the picture Carla sent her. She started to play with the beads on my braids. “She forgets that she is the only girl who will wear a skirt in winter.”

My next class was study hall. It was a bitter-sweet class. It was sweat because Snow was in there. Bitter because of Carla. About 30 minutes into class I went to the restroom. When I came back I saw talking to Snow. Carla noticed me and stood up. She gave me a sinister glare as she walked back to her seat. “What was that about?” I asked Snow as I sat back down. “Nothing. Just another bug that needs to be crushed.” She gave me a reassuring kiss.Me and Snow were watching TV at her house after school. Her dad came through with black timberlands on, black jeans and a black v-neck. I’m still surprised that he is Japanese. He is the only Asian person I know that looks like a linebacker except all muscle. Still hard to believe he’s a game programmer. “I’m going out for a while. Your mom just flew in and I’m taking her out somewhere.” He picked up his watched and his keys off the table. Snow got up and went over to him. “Alright young man. You better be on your best behavior tonight.” He kissed her on the cheek and headed for the door. “Hos. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t.” “Whatever you say sir.”

After her dad left she pulled me off the couch. “Come on.” She said as she opened the front door. “Where are we going?” She kissed me, “You’ll see.” 10 minutes later we were parked in front of Carla’s house. “What are we doing here?” She killed the engine and honked the horn twice. “Earlier in study hall Carla wanted me to come over to her house tonight. I told her that I ’de come.” I opened my mouth to say something, but before I could she stopped me. “I just didn’t tell her I was bringing you with me.”

Carla opened the door expecting to only see Snow. The look she had on her face when she saw me was priceless. “You lied!! You said you weren’t going to bring him.” “No, you said you wanted me to come over. You never said I couldn’t bring him with me.” As I got closer I noticed Carla only had on shorts and a bra 2 sizes too small.

We all sat on her couch, while an augured silence filled the room. Finally I said something. “Carla. Why do you hate me?” She wasn’t ready for that because it took her a while to answer. “I don’t hate you. I just want to be with Snow.” She placed her hand on Snows leg and Snow moved closer to me. Now it was her turn to chime in. “You are so selfish! Just because you missed your chance to be with me, you plan to destroy what I have with the guy I love. You are a real piece of work. People don’t like you because all you do is bitch about everything. You disgust me. So would you kindly FUCK OFF AND DIE!!!” Ouch. Even I think that Snow was being a little too hard on her, just a little. Carla hunched over and tried to hide her tears.

I stooped down in front of Carla lifted her face with my hand. “Look Carla, you can’t do things like that to people. How would you feel if you were with Snow and someone tried to break you and her up?” She just looked at me for a while. Then it finally sunk in. “I wouldn’t like that at all. Sorry. I realized how much she cared for you after she defended you like that.” She started to cry again. “Lo siento.Lo siento de verdad.” I smiled and hugged her. “Hos. Why are you being nice to me?” While I was holding Carla in my arms I looked at Snow and smiled again. “I don’t know how to be mean.” Snow looked at us and shook her head. “Damn it Hos. You’re making me go soft.” Snow wrapped her arms around Carla as well. She started to cry even more. “Even after all I did to you both. You’re still being nice to me.”

Me and Snow looked at each other then nodded. We broke apart and I lifted Carla's face and kissed her. Gently at first, then a little harder. "What are you doing?" Carla was really confused. "Well we decided to cheer you up." Snow took off Carla's bra and started licking her nipples. She moaned a little. I kissed her again. I took off Carla's shorts started playing with her wet pussy. Carla noticed a bulge under Snows dress. "What's that?" She pointed to the bulge. Snow stood up and took her clothes off. If it could have, Carla's jaw would have hit the floor. "You...have...a...dick?!" Snow made a puppy dog face and put her finger to her lips."Does that mean you don't want us to cheer you up?" Carla looked at me. "Yeah. I know she has a dick." I licked Snows thick shaft. "If you don't want to, we can leave." "No! I want to feel both of you inside me. I want you to treat me like your slave."

Carla was on her knees, sucking both of our dicks. She started to play with her pussy. Snow grabbed her hair, "Did we say you could play with yourself." "No Misstress. Forgive me." Snow shoved her cock in her mouth. "You're lucky you have such a pretty mouth. We'll forgive you this time." While she was sucking Snow's dick a was licking her nipples. She moaned."Master please don't. Not in front of the Misstress." "I will do what I like with you." I got up and sat on the couch. I whistled to Snow and Carla and motioned for them to come over. I pulled Snow to me and whispered in her ear. She grinned. She got behind Carla and stuck her fingers in her pussy. "Oh my. Your pussy is so tight. We'll have to do something about that." She slapped her on her ass. "Now sit." Carla sat on my dick and she moaned loudly. Her pussy was gripping my cock. I moved slowly. She moaned again. "Master please don't move it." I kept going. "You say you want me to stop, but your pussy is saying something else." I started to go a little faster. In and out. With each thrust she moaned louder. Snow was standing there playing with her tits and stroking her cock.

While I was drilling Carla's pussy, Snow came up behind her. "Oh my. One of your holes looks a little empty. We can't have that." Before the head of her cock was all the way in she let out a scream, "Misstress, please. I don't think I can handle both of you." Snow was half way in. "I'm not going to pull out now, your ass feels so good." Snow shoved her cock in Carla's ass and she screamed again. We moved in and out of her slowly. We gradually started going faster and faster. She held on to me and was screaming wildly. She came several times by now. Me and Snow switched places. "I don't think I can last much longer Master!" We kept her. Getting harder and harder. "I'm gonna fill your pussy with my cum." "Misstress, please don't." I started to moan. "Not you too, Master." I released my load in her ass and Snow came in her pussy. We pulled out of her and cum dripped out of her. We layed together on her sofa in our sticky mess of passion.

Next week at school, Carla was still a problem, but in a different way. She caught me in the hall and held in to my arm I walked to class. "Hos, when will you and Snow come over again. It was really fun and you Snow were really into the role play. You are definitly bigger than Snow. I would love to feel your cum in my pussy, but it might be a problem if I get pregnant." Before I could say anything I saw Snow coming towards us. "Hands off the merchandise!!!" Carla made a puppy dog face. "Did I do something wrong? Are you going to punish me again MISSTRESS?" Snow's face became filled with astonishment and anger. "You wouldn't dare." She winked at us. "Try me." She kissed me and placed her hand on Snows hip. She let her hand linger a little bit longer on Snows body. She turned and sauntered down the hall. Snow looked at with shock. "She's bold. I'll give her that."

Depending on how this goes, I might write a third one.
If you haven't read the first one, I advise you do. Its called a girl too remember.
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11 months ago
wow so fucking hot made me cum so hard and than I came again
11 months ago
yes don't stop don't stop don't stop!
11 months ago
Awesome story. Can't wait for 3
11 months ago
Write the third! Great!