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[Story] OH what a COCK..

I was dateing and living with a girl near my recruiting office, when I came across a guy and his friend who wanted to join,,but one said the other was gay, but he was married to a sharp pc. So one nite I envited him over to my girl friends appt. I laid out lots of porn with dicks for him to see, But dam he showed up with his b*****r,,So I got him outside and made my move for his cock, He just laid back and let me have the whole thing, and dam it was nice, A super sized head on it and nice and long, He told me all bout his lil sexy wife as I sucked his fat cock,,I got him to fill my mouth wi... Continue»
Posted by nighthawk73 3 years ago

[Story] fuck my wife

getting even,,,,After my wife caught me fucking her best friend ,I decided to get her some new dick in return. So we went out of town and rented a nice room with a HOT TUB, near all the hot clubs..We bar-hopped a while till we found the right place, and near our room. We soon hooked up with a sharp young man, who joined us at our table, I encourged my wife to play with his dick on the dance floor, and grind on him , soon. Ho soon was folling her around like a whipped pup.. So we invited him back to our room, and we all hade a few lines and ended up in the hot tub,I gave him permission to fuck... Continue»
Posted by nighthawk73 3 years ago

fuck my wife

my old school friend and I use to show each other pics and videos of each others wife..we decided one day to d**g them and let each other see the real thing,,but not fuck,,well thats how it started,,when I went to the bathroom at our double room hotel, I came out to see him behind my wife and fucking like crazy, I know he is a ass man with his small dick, so,,I got in his bed behind his sext long haired wife. I got in behind her ass and slid my 9 incher in under her panties, I checked around her pussy and found I was in her super hot cunt. I came like a horse B 4 I got all the way in,, as I ... Continue»
Posted by nighthawk73 3 years ago