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In the late 1990s I used to attend swingers clubs in London. The nearest and my favourite was a small club near Maryland station in Stratford East London. Downstairs was a Jacuzzi, sauna, rest area with sofas and pool table and a bar (serving soft drinks). Upstairs were several playrooms and the changing areas.

It was usually full of single guys and occasionally couples (and a single woman who came along frequently and who would take up occupancy in one of the playrooms until every guy in the place had played with her or until she became bored). I would go along probably once a month.

One week I went along and there was a couple, a very BBW with her husband. The first time I met them it was clear they were new to the scene and she was watching intently everything going on. We talked about everything and shared a few saunas together. What she was seeing must have been turning her on as they disappeared upstairs and when I went to look for them I saw one of the doors to a room was locked and assumed they were inside. I didn’t see them again that night.

Next time I went they were there again. We chatted and I learnt more about them. They were now coming every week as after their first night there (the night I first met them) the woman was getting turned on by all the attention she was getting (guys were walking around with hard ons) and after about an hour he would benefit from it as they went upstairs for a fuck. They hadn’t plucked up the courage to ask anyone to join them. During the evening we talked quite a lot and shared the sauna.

I went for a drink and noticed that they had gone when I cam back. I looked upstairs and noticed the locked door again to one of the playrooms. As I was about to make my way downstairs the door opened and the guy singled me to join them. I went in to find his wife lying on the bed with her legs wide open. This of course started to get me aroused. The guy told me I could stay as long as I only watched and didn’t try to join in. I agreed and watched as he fucked his wife in many positions, all the time I could see his cock pumping her and occasionally he would deliberately pull out so I could see his wife’s open pussy. His wife would also look at my cock and eventually told me to wank and cum whilst her hubby fucked her. I didn’t need to be asked again and I wanked and shot my load as her husband came inside her. As he withdrew I could see his cum inside her and also falling out. She got up and rushed to the shower to freshen up. Afterwards we sat talking for a few minutes but she was awkward now (I think embarrassed) and she quickly made her excuses for them to leave.

A month later I went back hoping they were there again. They arrived about an hour after I had and this time after the polite chat they invited me upstairs to join them. He told me that each time they came now they let a guy join them and watch, nothing else, as it was a big turn on for her, and of course him. It also allowed me to watch them, get excited and jerk off for her.

Generally when I went they were there and I probably watched them fuck 5 or 6 times. I then got a new job overseas so I knew that my days of going to this club was numbered. Next time I met them I told them that I would only be going to the club 2 or 3 more times before I left London. That night I joined them and watched a great fuck session. As I was going to be limited to my future visits we arranged a date for both all us to be there.

When that day came I was pleasantly surprised. When I joined them in the room I was told that I was going to be the first cock she had touched other than her husbands since they got married. I was told that I was not going to be allowed to fuck her but she would give me a handjob as she was being fucked by her husband. As her husband watched she took my cock and stroked it until it was hard. She then laid down and let her husband lick her pussy. She then got on all 4 and her husband fucked her doggy style. She told me to lie on the bed next to her and she took my cock in hand. I was lying so my head was at the same end of the bed as her head so I couldn’t see what her husband was doing to her. He noticed that and told her to let me turn round so I could see. She continued stroking my cock as I watched his cock fucking her. He would occasionally pull out so I could have a good view of her pussy.

One time he pulled out and moved around the bed. She started to suck his cock and I strained my neck to see. He withdrew and whispered something into her ear. I couldn’t hear what he had said but she responded ‘are you sure?’. He replied yes. With that, and to my surprise she moved her body so that it was now straddling me. My cock was now a few inches from her face and her pussy was above my face. I could smell her pussy and it was a great turn on. I then felt her take my cock in her mouth and start to suck on it. Her husband appeared in my view and told me that if I anted I could lick his wife’s pussy. Without hesitation I stuck my tongue as deep as I could into her open pussy and started to dart it in and out. I then moved my tongue to her clit and brought her to orgasm. Her husband then surprised me by moving forward, placing his cock at the entrance to her pussy and shoving it deep inside her.

I watched as he fucked her and when he called out that he was about to come his wife grabbed my cock and worked her lips up and down the shaft as fast as she could. I watched as his balls tighten, knowing he was pumping cum deep into her pussy, and my cock shot its load deep into her mouth. . As he pulled out some of his cum ran out and landed on my cheek. He apologised but it didn’t bother me, and his wife moved so she could rub it off my face.

Before they left they gave me their phone number so that I could make sure that they would be in the club for my next visit. Unfortunately, as I had a lot to do to prepare for my overseas move I found it would be impossible to get to the club. I phoned them to break the news and I believe they were genuinely upset. I was talking to the guy and he told me to hang on whilst he talked to his wife. After a few minutes he came back and said if it was OK they could come over to my flat. We arranged to meet the next evening.

When they arrived I invited them into the lounge. It was a lot more awkward than meeting in a neutral venue like the club. The small talk did feel just that, small talk. We got through a bottle of wine quite quickly and then the guy broke the deadlock. He stood up, stripped off and suggested that we knew why we were here so lets get down to it. In the flat his wife seemed a lot shyer but was soon naked as was I.

I suggested that we moved to the bedroom as we could be more comfortable. I allowed them to start playing with each other before I was invited to join in. I played with her large breasts for the first time as she laid on her back as her husband licked her pussy. He then invited me to lick her pussy as she sucked on his cock. I was amazed at just how open her pussy it was. You could right into it. I flicked my tongue over her clit whilst I had a few fingers inside her, as her husband watched me. I was then told to lie down on the bed and now she played with my body. Licking my nipples, stroking my cock and then licking the shaft of my cock. She positioned herself so that her husband could fuck her doggy style while she sucked on my cock. His pace was quickening so I knew he would be cumming pretty soon, so it surprised me that he pulled out and stopped.

He told me that before they had come over they had discussed how far they would go. She had decided that she wanted to feel a new cock inside her if I was happy to oblige. Of course I was. The husband laid on the bed and she got into the 69 position above him. She started to suck on his cock whilst he played her pussy. I went to the cupboard to get a condom, but when the husband saw what I was getting he told me that they had discussed this and as no guy had ever used a condom with his wife (I was later to find out that she had only had sex with one other guy before she met her husband) they didn’t want tonight to be any different. I was carried away with the situation and agreed. I stood behind her and slowly pushed my cock into her pussy. My 8 inches went in with no problems.

As I fucked her and could feel her husbands breath on my balls as he watched at close range as my cock pushed deep into his wife. I was taken a little aback when he started to hold my balls as I fucked her. I was soon to understand why. I was nearing the point of no return and told her that I was soon to cum. She told me to stay inside her and fill her pussy, and I am sure he was holding my balls so I couldn’t withdraw. As I started to shoot my load he squeezed my balls, probably thinking he was helping to get every last drop out.

I stayed inside her for a few minutes until the husband told us to swap places. As I withdrew some of my cum fell onto his face and he tasted it. I laid on the bed and his wife positioned herself in the 69 position. She started licking my cock clean and as I looked up I saw some of my cum oozing out of her. I started to lick her pussy and could taste my cum. However I wasn’t doing that for very long before her husbands hard on came into view. He thrust it in one go as deep as he could into her pussy. He held it there for a few seconds and then withdrew. His tip was covered with my cum and he moved around the bed so his wife could lick it off his cock. He then repositioned himself and fucked her until he shot his load into her. All the time he was fucking her she was sucking my cock which again was hard. He stayed inside her until I had shot a load into his wife’s pussy. As he pulled out his cock was now limp but covered in cum. He told his wife to stay kneeling but told me to join him so I could see his wife’s pussy full of our mixed cum. She was quite full. He then laid on the bed and told his wife to squat over him, as she did the cum oozed out over his face, but mostly hitting him in his mouth, and he drank it all down. When he had finished she licked his cock clean.

After we had all cleaned up properly in the bathroom we sat in the lounge, naked, drinking more wine. It turned out that after 15 years or so of marriage their sex life had become a bit monotonous. Also as she was quite a large women her self confidence had gone. The idea of going to the club was to add some spice and to prove that she was sexy and could still turn strangers on. The club had given them a renewed sex life to the point where he had gone to soho to buy some vhs’s (before the time of DVDs and internet porn). He had got some straight lace stuff but also some group sex videos which had turn both of them on. This had led to both of them having similar fantasies, she wanted to having another man’s cum inside her and he to eat another mans cum out of his wife’s pussy. One evening they had discussed their fantasies and decided that at least once they would try it. They had chosen me, to put it frankly, because I was leaving the country so that it would be a one off, whether it went well or badly. They were correct, in that we never met again and when I returned to London 7 years later the phone number was no longer theirs.

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2 years ago
Thanks for that - sexy story. I enjoy Rio's in London - another enjoyable sauna and steam place.
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2 years ago
Great story, thanks for sharing
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