sex in the sea


This story happened in 2007 with my then girlfriend Em when we were on holiday in the Caribbean. The hotel was on the beach so each day it was easy for us to just fall out of bed (usually after a good fuck) and be on the beach in a few minutes. We would have a morning swim before breakfast which we had on our balcony.

One morning we didn’t have sex after we woke up but instead went straight for a swim. It was about 8.30am and the beach already had quite a few walkers on, but no one sat in front of the hotel. We had a short swim and I then pulled her to me for a cuddle. I was standing so the water was up to my nipples. As we kissed it was clear that I was becoming excited and Em took hold of my cock and pulled it out of my swimming shorts. She stroked it and it became very hard.

Em wasn’t usually one for public sex but I wanted to see how far she would go. I slipped my finger inside her bikini bottoms and worked it towards her pussy. It slid in very easily and as she stroked my cock I finger fucked her. People walked by on the beach but I don’t believe anyone knew what we were doing.

I pulled Em’s bikini bottoms to one side and positioned myself so I could push my cock in. I had to lift Em up to do this and she wrapped her legs around me so her pussy lips just touched my knob. Then I slowly lowered her and my cock entered her fully. To be honest, the thought of what we were doing in public had really got me excited so I didn’t last long and shot my cum inside her.

We had to take a few minutes to recover in the sea and reposition our swimming clothes before we returned to the room. In the room I pushed her onto the bed, removed her bikini and started to lick her clit. I could smell my cum inside her and taste the mix of my cum and the salt from the sea. It wasn’t long before Em was cumming as I licked her. By now I was rock hard again and was soon inside her again and we fucked for 15 minutes or so before I came again.

During the rest of our stay we rarely closed the curtains to the room as we moved around the room naked and even had sex on the bed and on the balcony quite a few times.


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1 year ago
Nice true story yet again.
3 years ago