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I have been very lucky that in the last few years I have found some really good swingers meets in London. Sometimes me and my fuck buddy go, but recently I have been going to most on my own, mainly because they are being organised for one woman to meet a group of men.

In some cases the woman’s partner will photograph and video what happens, but usually the guys involved never get to see the photos or videos. Woman who attend the meets are after one of many types of meets. The commonest is probably a bukkake, where they get to suck a lot of cocks and have 10 or so men cum on them. The next commonest is probably a woman who wants to have 4 or 5 guys fuck them, generally with all the guys wearing condoms, but on one occasion the woman wanted to have each man fuck her after the previous guy had cum inside her.

Probably the most memorable took place on the borders of London and Essex. The meet was arranged in a guys house who regularly organised swingers parties for couples. At one of his parties he met a couple and it was the woman’s fantasy to have 8-10 bi guys in the room with her to fuck her, play with her and for her to watch the guys give each other blow jobs.

I had had a few bi experiences and was lucky enough to get an invite. The guys were told to arrive by 12.30 and we all met in the lounge. On arriving we were all told to strip naked and wait. We talked for a while, whilst porn played on the TV, and at 1pm the lady, E, was brought into the lounge to meet us all. She was dressed in her underwear and seemed a little shocked to see how many had turned up – there was 10 of us.

Her partner told us to take things slowly as she was a little nervous. We were all lined up and she then proceeded down the line sucking each of our cocks in turn. After a few guys she looked down the line and told the guys to follow her down the line sucking the cocks she had just finished with. After about 10 minutes we were all rock hard and each of us had tasted each others cocks. E then stripped off and invited us to play with her, but also to carry on sucking each others cocks as she watched.

At one time she was riding a condom covered dick in her pussy which was being licked by a guy as it went in and out of her, she was taking it in turns to suck 2 cocks and had a cock in each hand. She told us that she didn’t want any of us to cum until she was ready. This went on for about 30 minutes but it was clear most of us wouldn’t last much longer. She told us all to lie on the floor and she sucked off the first few of us until we were ready to shoot and then finished us off by hand. The next few she invited one or two guys to join her as she sucked off the guys and a few of the guys swallowed the loads.

After we had all cum, she waited for us to recover, all of us sitting naked in the room watching the porn video and talking. The guy who had organised the party then suggested how we should finish off. He would lie on the floor, and E would sit on his face as he licked her clit. We would stand round her and she would suck us all off, or use her hands until we had all cum over her breasts, the idea being our cum would run down her body and land on his face. After a few guys had shot their loads it was clear that the cum would not hit his face so she moved down his body. A few seconds later we noticed that she was moving up and down and had somehow managed to get the hosts cock into her pussy. In this position she rode him as she brought us all off and a lot of the cum did end up on the host. However unknown to us E had got the host fucking her bareback and as he shot his load into her her orgasm hit as well. She laid on him for a few minutes and then rolled off and we could all she his cum inside her. E’s partner got down between her legs and started to lick her clean whilst a couple of guys licked the cum off the host’s body.

I have been to a few more parties at the house but compared to that they were rather tame.

I have posted some of the photos of the meet on xhamster (http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/621686/swingers_meet.html

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2 years ago
Condom covered dicks suck! Bareback! However that was a great story!