the Unusual Gloryhole

I am a big fan of gloryholes as I like the anonymity of it. However, living in the UK there is a shortage of decent gloryhole places. I occasionally check out the adverts on Craig’s list but generally the ones I have replied to and have sent no response or clearly been timewasters. A few months ago though I saw a very unusual advert which seemed to being offering a gloryhole experience. However, when I opened the advert it was a rather unusual idea.

A couple were advertising that they wanted guys to come to their flat in South London, and when there to use their letter box as a gloryhole. There would be no communication, the door wouldn’t be opened and once I had cum I would leave. This meant that I would get my cock out in a public hallway, and shove it into a strangers’s letterbox. To me it seemed most likely a prank and a great risk, but replied to see what kind of response I would get.

After a few weeks I got an email reply that thanked me for my interest and confirmed that they were serious. They were a couple who liked to suck cock’s anonymously together, but had found it hard to find any places that accommodated them – they had found dogging to be very risky and the gloryholes they found being advertised were in gay clubs which didn’t allow women in.

Anyway the suggestion was that If I was interested they would get back to me with further details, but to be honest I felt that would be the last I would hear. To my surprise a few days later I got another email, and this time it suggested a day and time and if I was available to email them back. Well, I could make myself available so asked for more details.

I was told that the flat was in a fairly new build block, 4 stories high and they were on the top floor at the far end. They told me to go and wait at the junction of two roads which they could see from their flat, and when they saw me they would call me on my mobile with the full address. Again, I thought this would be a scam but I gave them my mobile number. I was to arrive at the junction on the given day at mid day and this I did.

I was waiting on the junction at midday and soon after arriving my mobile phone rang. It was a woman who asked for my name and when I confirmed I was here to ‘meet’ her she told me to cross the road to the apartment in front of me and proceed to the top floor and the flat at the far end of the corridor away from the stairs. I did say that I would be a little uncomfortable sticking my cock through a strangers letter box, not the least because I didn’t want it bitten off by a dog!. I knew there was to be no communication but could I look through the letter box for a signal? She was not happy with this but agreed.

I made my way upto the fourth floor and to my relief the doorway into the flat was in a recess so that anybody entering the corridor would find it hard to see me. The flap of the letterbox on the outside of the door had a very loose hinge and lifted upwards. I peered through to see there was nothing on the other side of the letterbox to come down and catch my cock. I also saw two naked people standing there and what also looked like a video camera on a tripod. The woman asked me what I was waiting for so I stood up, unzipped my trousers and put my flaccid cock into the letter box.

There was movement on the other side and a hand started to stroke my cock to get it to rise. I could then feel a tongue darting across my knob. Then 2 tongues worked on my cock. I could hear a load of noises from the other side of the door so I assumed they were playing with each other as they licked my cock. I then felt something hard against my cock, which I assumed must be the guy’s cock and a tongue licking from one to the other. The cock was being rubbed against mine and every so often both cocks were being sucked on at the same time.

This went on for a few minutes and then I felt some warm liquid land on my cock and a groan on the other side of the door – I assumed the guy had just cum all over my cock. My cock was then devoured by a mouth that proceeded to suck hard on it until I was pumping my seed down the throat, and every drop was swallowed. As that mouth stopped and my cock fell out of it, another tongue started to lick my cock, seemingly cleaning it. I soon withdrew my cock and zipped up my trousers. I risked a quick peak through the letterbox to see the couple kissing and the lady laid on the floor revealing all her nakedness. However, when she saw me looking in she told me to go away, and the guy placed something in front of the door blocking my way. I stayed in the corridor for a further 10 minutes hearing the couple fucking in their hallway, but then decided it was best for me to leave.

I emailed them a few times after, but they told me that they only occasional do this and each time wanted a new guy. I asked about the film, which they did say they had made, but it was for their personal use only. On a few occasions I have been tempted to go back to the flat and just put my cock through the letter box but have resisted, just in case it wasn’t their flat I would then get arrested for indecent behaviour

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2 years ago
just the danger alone would have poped my nut :)
2 years ago
like the idea of putting my cock in someones letterbox...
3 years ago
fascinating...but very sexy T
3 years ago
I think I would have been scared to try that.
Thinking that it might have been some kind of set up or something.