The Camera Club - a fantasy

The Camera Club


This is a fantasy of mine and something I have tried to encourage my mature fuck buddy, V, into doing.

So how did this fantasy come about? The facts behind it are that about 10 years ago V was feeling a little unattractive and was also in need of a little bit of extra cash. She answered an advert for life models at a local art class and had posed naked for them on about 5 times. She told me about how she would change into a dressing gown in another room, and then walk into the room where the art class was waiting. They would have set up a chair or stool for her to sit on and when the class was ready she would be asked to take off her dressing gown and sit on the provided chair. She would then hold that pose for a while, before taking a break and then taking up another pose. V was never given any of the drawings so I never saw them.

This got my mind working on how I could see what happened in the room with the model. My fantasy was that V would volunteer to pose for an amateur camera club. You often see adverts for models, and in some men’s magazines it is clear they are after the model to be nude. I would find a local class near to where V lived and would organise for her to be the model, and I would tell the organiser of the class that V would want a full set of all the photographer’s photos for her own record. I told V that I had organised the Camera club for her

The first session was a few nights later and as the day dawned V started to feel a bit nervous, but it was an exciting nervousness, the thought about doing something really naughty. When V turned up the course organiser met her and led her to a back room to change. He told her that the group were a mix of ages, were all men but were very friendly.

The class started at 7.30 and V was asked to enter the room, wearing a dressing gown. She sat at the back for the 30 minutes as the course organiser went through the last week’s photos taken during the group meeting. The quality of the photographs was very good but as he flicked through some of the students work V noticed that the model was getting into some very hardcore shots, which almost made her run away there and then. After the photographic assessment V was asked to go to the part of the room where a ‘studio’ and lights had been set up, and there was a number of chairs, and area of cushions.

V was asked to disrobe and when she was totally naked in front of a room of strangers, she felt a real tingle of excitement. V was asked to make herself comfortable and she sat down facing the students.

The students started to ask V to pose for them and for the first 30 minutes or so it was just the run of the mill poses, but occasional as V moved, the students could see her fanny had a bit of a glisten to you: she was getting turned on by their attention. Some of the photographers were getting a bit brazen and would approach V to move her arms or legs to get the shot they wanted and occasionally one would “accidentally” brush his arm along her breasts.

Then suddenly one of the students said he wanted some detail shots, and he wanted a close her nipples. He moved as close as he could get and positioned himself so that all that he got in his lens was V’s right breast. He suddenly leant forward and tweaked a nipple to maker it hard. This shocked V, but also excited you so she didn’t say anything.

Other students were now asking for some more open shots. In fact, one man said he wanted a close up of V’s fanny as he was doing a study of “what makes a woman a woman”. To her surprise V quickly responded to the requested pose, without question. It was clear to V that some of the men were taking more than a photographer’s interest in her, as she could tell many of them were sporting hard-ons in their trousers.

It was clear that the course organiser had everything planned and he went to the back of the room and picked up a bag, which he carried so that it was in reach of V. After a few minutes the owner asked V to open the bag and if there was anything in there she wanted to use just to go ahead. The look on her face as she opened it was a cross between shock and surprise. She put her hand in and pulled out a bottle of baby oil. She squirted it over her body and then massaged it over her breasts and thighs. Now the cameras were snapping away merrily.

V then sat back on one of the big chairs, and surprising herself and the guys in the room she opened her legs and started to massage the oil over her fanny. She held her pussy lips as wide open as they would go so the guys could see deep inside her, taking lots of photographs. Suddenly, one of her fingers disappeared into her fanny – she was now wanking in front of the class. All the men clearly had hard ons. Next out of the bag came a huge dildo. V took a little time licking around the knob and then moving it between her legs. Soon the head was inside her fanny and with one push most of it disappeared into her.

This continued for a few minutes and then V stopped and looked at the guys, all of whom were finding it hard to keep their hard cocks in their trousers. She told them that if they were uncomfortable she wouldn’t mind if they stripped off as well and continued to photograph her naked. No further encouragement was needed and all the guys were soon naked, but still happily taking photographs. One of the guys asked would it be OK if one or two of the guys posed with her, and V said that it would be fine.

A couple of the guys moved closer and V started to pose with them. At first just standing next to them, but as the cameras clicked away the pose turned to her standing between two guys, one on either side of her, and holding a cock in both her hands. She then knelt down between them so that their cocks were at her face height and photographs were taken with her holding the cocks a few inches from her mouth, and then she started to suck them in turn. It wasn’t long before both of the guys had been sucked off to orgasm, with their cum shooting over V’s face, making great shots for the other cameramen. In turn V then sucked on all of the guys cocks so that they could all get photographs of their cocks being sucked. Some of the guys also started to finger fuck V, whilst others photographed it.

Soon most of the guys were drained and V was covered in cum. However, she wanted more. There were a couple of guys who had yet to cum, and V asked if either of them wanted to fuck her. They both did but neither had condoms. V said not to worry, and it would make better photographs without condoms. V laid down for the first guy, who quickly pushed his cock deep inside her. It didn’t take long for him to shoot his load into her. As he pulled out the other guys photographed his cock sliding out, followed by his cum oozing out and over the pussy lips.

V told the other guy to lie on the floor and she straddled him. Just before she lowered herself down on his cock, some of the cum from the other man ran out of her pussy over the cock of the man beneath her, again getting a lot of photographs. V then guided the cock into her and rode him. Guys were all around the pair taking photographs of her face, breasts and his cock going in and out of her pussy. Soon V was in the throws of an orgasm and one guy concentrated all of his photographs on her face as it screwed up ands she let out small deep breaths and moans of ecstasy. Soon the guy was pumping his seed into V. After their orgasms had finished they lay there for a few minutes as the photographers carried on taking photos. Then V rose up and the guys cock flopped out of her pussy to be covered with its own cum as it leaked from V’s pussy.

V moved over the a chair and sat on the edge holding her pussy lips wide open so the cameramen could catch every little drop of cum as it fell out. She even helped some out with her finger which she then lifted to her mouth to taste.

V was now a little self conscious, but the course organiser was ready for her and brought over her dressing gown and led her to the back room to change. V changed quickly and the organiser returned with her money. He had also been downloading all the photographs from all the cameras throughout the night and gave V a full set of the images as a momento.

Once home V would then look through the photographs with me and as we both got turned on we would end up fucking and taking our own photos.

I would love this fantasy to come true and have asked V to do something like this, even if it was with just me and a couple of other photographers but to this day she is not willing.

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