Visit to a Gloryhole

For the last 15 years I have had a fuck buddy, I shall just call her V here, and we meet up whenever we are not in relationships. During this period I lived overseas and we therefore only really met when I returned to England on leave. At this time I was in my early 40s and V was in her early 50s. There were several times she visited me and stayed for several weeks on holiday. On one occasion, though we arranged to meet up for a break in Miami. I regularly had to travel through Miami en route to other places and due to flight schedules ended up staying the odd night. During these evening I discovered a lot of things about Miami, including the adult bookshops. I would visit one in particular on Washington Avenue and soon discovered that it had booths at the back. I was generally unlucky that most of the time I went there it was either empty or there were only guys.

Anyway, whilst I was staying in Miami with my fuck buddy we did the usual touristy things (mostly sun bathing on the beaches). However, one day we walked past the adult bookstore. I jokingly said that we should go into it, but my friend could not be convinced. Back at the hotel, and to my surprise, she asked me what was in the book store. I explained there were adult videos, magazines and sex toys. I then explained that there were booths at the back where people could watch videos. At this point I didn't think about explaining these booths also had glory holes (well in fact there are not holes but long slots which have a cover over which can be bolted shut in either booth - this means people in both booths need to open up the covers if there is to be any action).

That night we went out for dinner and of course we drank wine with the food and then went to a bar. To my surprise V started asking more questions about the book store. This went on for 10 minutes or so and she then said that she would be up for going into it to look at the videos. It was a 15 minute walk from the bar and I kept expecting her to change her mind. To my surprise we got to the door and there were no protests as we went in. We spent a few minutes looking around the shop, where there were just a few guys also browsing. V was clearly embarrassed at first but then relaxed as she looked at the covers of the videos, which left nothing to the imagination. We had watched videos together before and shared many hours on the internet seeking out porn so it was not unusual for us, but the setting was.

V then turned to me and said that the images on the dvd covers had started to get her excited and she wanted to see one of the video booths that I had mentioned earlier. We went through the doorway at the back into the booth area. There were a few men back there, but it looked like all the booths were empty. Here there are 3 rows of booths which are fairly small and then 2 slightly larger booths. I took her to one of the larger booths so that we could both fit in, but even so it was a tight squeeze. The only problem with the larger booths are that they are next to each other so only one glory hole.

In the booth is one stool so I let V sit down and I stood in front of the door into the booth. I put the money into the video machine and let V choose the movie. She was a little surprised that when the money went in the light in the booth went off so it was only being lit by the light from the video now. I bent over and started to kiss her and feel her breasts through her dress. She clearly was very excited as her nipples were rock hard. I had heard a person go into the booth next to ours and the person had put on the video.

I wanted to know how far she would go. So I tried to remove her dress. At first she looked at me and resisted, but soon she allowed me to pull it over her head leaving her sat in just her underwear. I pulled my trousers down so my cock was out and she started to play with it, whilst watching the video. She was soon sucking on it. It was getting me really excited that jut the other side of the wall was a guy hearing what was going on. I really wanted to fuck V so I got her to stand up so I could take off her remaining clothes. We had to keep remembering to put more money into the video player, but I must say the sight of her naked in the booth when the light came back on as the video ended was amazing. At this point I pointed to the little hatch and suggested that she open it as I put more money into the video machine. As the lights dimmed the hatch was opened, and as I expected the hatch on the other side was already opened. V had sat down and could see through the slit. I asked her what was happening and she told me there was a guy stroking his hard on. V started to stroke my cock again and I knelt down so that I could play with her pussy – and now I could also see the guy in the other booth. I could see that he was peering through the slit and watching v.

To my surprise he put his hand through the slit and started to stroke V’s breast, and even more surprising V didn’t stop him. He ran his hand up and down her body till eventually his fingers met mine at her pussy and he pushed a finger into her. I stood up to let him play with her pussy and V started to suck on my cock. This went on for a few minutes, and then he withdrew his hand. V looked to see what was happening.

Now his cock appeared at the slit – it was rock hard. V took it in hand and started to wank it, and with her other hand started to wank me. She then bent forward and started to suck on his cock grasping my cock very hard as she did so. It wasn’t long before she pulled her head back to get a face full of cum. At that point I made her stand up, turned her to face away from me and started to fuck her, and soon I was filling her pussy with my cum.

She started to get dressed and noticed that the man was still in the booth and had been watching us fuck. When she started to get dressed he got up, pulled his trousers up and left the booth. Another man quickly entered the booth and looked through the slit to see V finish off dressing. Even so he quickly got his cock out and pushed it through the slit. Unfortunately V appeared a little embarrassed about what had just happened and she said she wanted to go back to the hotel, so we left the booth with the guys cock still sticking through.

Later in the hotel room we discussed what had happened. V said she had enjoyed it but felt a bit guilty at the end. However, over the next few days the subject of going back to the bookstore was raised several times, and in the end we went back on another 2 evenings. I will post those accounts soon hopefully. Unfortunately though she wouldn’t let me take any photos or movie in the booth.

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lets hear some more. I love arcades
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Very cool
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Yes another great adult arcade story thnks
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very good
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Excellent. I look forward to reading the rest of them.