Public Flashing part 2

Wow, I have just had an unusual experience this weekend with my fuck buddy. My fuck buddy has 4 or 5 guys on the go at any one time. Since I have been one of her fuck buddies (I started with her in 1999) she has rarely talked about her other fuck buddies or what she gets up to with them. Over the last 15 years I have known that her fuck buddies have aged from 22 up to their 70s and some she sees only for a few months, whilst others like me she has seen for many years, and I believe her longest is 20 years (she is 59). I have also found out that some are just for sex so meets them and fucks them and then leaves, whilst others are also social companions having meals with, going to cinema et and not always ending up in bed. I have also known that she has left another fuck buddy after being pleased by them and come straight to my bed, and vice versa.

When I lived overseas for 7 years we regularly chatted and cammed on Yahoo messenger, and sometimes this ended with us wanking for each other. After my return to the UK we have rarely cammed and when we have it has just been ‘social’ with no nudity, and it has been on the better quality Skype.

Anyway last weekend I was on my computer when I saw she had logged onto skype. As I was in the house alone I rang her and she answered. We had the cams on and she was sat there in her dressing gown which was odd as it was mid-afternoon. We exchanged pleasantries and talked about what we had been up to. My conversation was mundane about work stuff. She then surprised me by saying she had a confession.

As you might have read in my last story when I was last in London I had taken her out to a dogging site for the first time and we had been watched as we fucked. It was her first time doing anything like that. She told me that a week or so later she drove back to the same spot to see what the area was like. She parked her car (the only one there) and went for a walk. She found the woodland around it a great spot and mentally noted a few places that could be obscured from the paths if she wanted seclusion. When she returned to the car again her car was the only one.

The reason why she done this visit was that it was a few weeks before another fuck buddies birthday and he had always wanted to be watched having sex with her. She is very clear to all of us (I believe) that she will only meet us one at a time as we all fill different roles in her life and so even though her friend, and I on many occasions, suggesting get a few of her fuck buddies together this was never going to happen. However, I had shown her a way to fulfil his fantasy without involving any of the other fuck buddies.

Now this is what she told me, so all I can go on is her word that this is what happened. She picked up her friend on the evening of his birthday and told him she had a surprise for him. She drove him to the parking area we had been to, but after her earlier visit to check it out didn’t really expect anybody else to be there. When she pulled up she was shocked and surprised at the same time as there were two cars which had a single man in them. She was shocked as it meant the fantasy was about to become reality.

The men in the other cars were paying attention to her car. She then turned to her friend and said that she had a birthday surprise for him. She leant forward, undid his zip and pulled out his cock and started to give him a blowjob. He of course didn’t protest. She sucked him for a few minutes and he was rock hard, but as she sat back up she noticed one of the men had left his car and was now close enough to her car and was looking and watching the blowjob.

She plucked up the nerve to open her door and stand up out of the car. She had dressed prepared for this and was just wearing a loose fitting dress which she quickly pulled over her head to reveal she was naked underneath. She went round to the passenger side and told her friend to sit on the edge of the seat with his legs outside the car and when he did so, with his erection still very visible, she lowered herself onto his cock facing him.

The man who was watching at the car moved to get a better view and was now wanking his cock which he had released from his trousers. She says the guy who was still in his car was also clearly wanking. She then stood up and told her friend to fuck her from behind, as she repositioned herself over the bonnet. The guy who was nearby got closer so that his cock was very near to her and she watched as he stroked it, and her friend fucked her. As her fuck buddy was getting close she wanted to be sitting on him again so he got back onto the passengers seat. This time she lowered herself onto him but faced away. The wanking man now had a good view of her breasts as she rose up and down on her friends cock. She signalled for the guy to move closer and she then took his cock and wanked him.

Her friend was watching over her shoulder as she fucked him and gave this stranger a hand job. It wasn’t long before the stranger started to pump his cum over her tits and as he did so her fuck buddy emptied his balls into her pussy. After a few moments during which the stranger had tidied himself up she got up and her fuck buddies cum dribbled down her thighs. She walked naked over to the man in the car and opened his door. His cock was in his hand so she moved away slightly, bent over facing forward so he had a good view of her ass and pussy and wanked her clit to an orgasm as he wanked himself watching shooting his cum over his shirt.

She got back to her car and put her dress back on, which now clung to the spunk on her breasts and between her legs, creating some stains. She then drove home with her fuck buddy and after showering together she tells me that he had his brains fucked out that night.

Well I don’t know how much if any of her story is true (but I can imagine her doing it) but what I can say is that her recounting of it to me had gotten me hard. So I stood up in front of the cam and dropped my trousers to show her. Anyway the reason why she was in her dressing gown was that she was about to have a shower and get ready to meet someone (I assume another fuck buddy). She dropped it to the floor and showed off her full naked body to me. We positioned our cams so that we could our computers as we wanked watching each other wank. It wasn’t long before I came and she soon followed.

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true fuck buddies these two:)