Bedsit in London, 1992

This is the story of my first one night stand. I had had 2 long term girlfriends but had split from the last one about 8 months before this incident. I had been working in London with a team of about 10 people, 2 were women. As we were all on short contracts of only 3 months and none of us lived in London (most coming from Oxford, and I from Birmingham) our employers put us up in a low quality hotel in east London for Monday-Thursday nights, with the team being driven back to oxford on Friday evening after work.

I was fortunate that after only a couple of months I got a full time job in London. I needed to get some accommodation quick and luckily the hotel owners also owned 2 houses nearby which had been converted into bedsits, and I took on one of the bedsits for a few months whilst looking for somewhere better. This did mean I could still meet up with the team from Oxford most evenings for drinks. As their contracts neared their end they were all looking for new contracts and were thinking of the future. One of the girls, Bronwen, who was originally from Wales and whose fiancée still lived in Wales, and I got on very well. We would spend many hours in the pub in the evening, sometimes without the rest of the team. We talked about most things but it was often about the future.

She wasn’t sure that she was ready to settle down with her fiancée just yet. One night we got quite d***k and played a lot of pool. I am not very good at pool so she was winning most games. Then as last orders were called she suggested one more game and the winner could claim a prize. I asked what the prize was and she said that was up to the winner. Well she won, and suggested we go back to my bed sit for a nightcap. Luckily I had some whisky in I poured us a glass each as soon as we entered the bedsit.

Of course there is little furniture in a bedsit so we both sat on the end of the bed. She looked at me and told me that in fact her prize from me was that I had to give her an orgasm. I nearly choked on my whisky and thought she was joking. But she wasn’t. I had noticed that everyday when we worked together that she wore baggy tops it was clear she was braless underneath, especially if the wind blew her top against her. Well, there in my bedsit she stood up and removed her top to reveal a pert pair of breasts with magnificent nipples. I quickly undid her belt and pulled her jeans down and then her knickers to leave her standing there completely naked. I stood up and we kissed passionately for along time. I then pushed her onto the bed and looked up on her naked body lying there.

I stripped off and released an enormous erection and quickly laid next to her and kissed her again, but now I could finger her pussy. I then started to kiss her breasts and nipples, which hardened, whilst I fingered her. My cock was sometimes rubbing against her leg, leaving a line of precum. Her pussy was getting really wet so I asked if it would be Ok if I went down on her and sucked her clit. She reminded me that her prize was an orgasm so it would probably help.

I went down on her pussy and licked it for a good 20 minutes or so bringing her to the edge of orgasm many times, and then she came, very loudly and very wetly. I moved up the bed to lie next to her as she recovered. We lay silently for a few minutes and then she said that it was probably my turn. She moved and started to lick my knob and taste my pre cum. I was expecting just to be given a blow job, but she then completely surprised me by moving over my body and lowering her pussy onto my cock. I looked at her, and she told me not to worry as she was on the pill, and the spermicide on condoms gave her rashes and she didn’t want to go home to her fiancée at the weekend with a rash.

She rode me very quickly with my cock going in and out of her and going very deep when she slowed or stopped to sit on it. At the pace she was going it wasn’t going to take long before I shot so I asked her to slow down, but with a wry grin she speeded up and I emptied my balls deep into her pussy. She carried on riding a short while after I had come rubbing her clit against my pelvic bone and she came again. We laid there with her on top of me and my cock inside her for about 5 minutes and then she rolled off me. We cuddled for 30 minutes or so, and then with a start she sat up and said she had to go back to the hotel. She dressed quickly and left. The next time we met it was to discuss what happened. She told me that her fiancée had been a dick on the phone to her the day before and she had been unsure of her feelings for him. The fuck with me had cleared her head and she knew she wanted to stay with him so that was all that could happen between us. We continued to met for drinks but when her contract ended she went back to oxford and we quickly lost touch.

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3 months ago
Fun (and caring) story - thanks for sharing
1 year ago
Nice story. I had a similar experience with a uni friend.