gloryhole fantasy part 2

Gloryhole fantasy part 2

This is still all fantasy, and follows on from my earlier fantasy

My wife phoned me at work and asked what time I would be home. I told her that I should be there by 7, and she told me that would be ok, but I couldn’t be any earlier. I got home at 7pm and my wife greeted and told me to go upstairs to our bedroom and strip off, and place my cock through the gloryhole. I didn’t say anything and just followed her instructions …. I could hear voices in the lounge so wondered what she had in mind. As I got to the top of the stairs I was taken aback as I looked down the corridor. The doors to our other 2 bedrooms had also had gloryholes drilled in them and out of both a half erect cock was stuck. I went into our bedroom and stripped off and quickly had my cock through the hole. I then heard voices coming up the stairs and I clearly heard a woman, not my wife, say ‘wow, what a surprise, three cocks for us to play with’

I then felt a hand wrap around my cock. There was now a lot of noise in the hallway and I was wondering just how many people were here. My cock was hard and then it was in someone’s mouth. I got a wonderful blowjob, their tongue teasing my knob, my balls and my shaft. The mouth was then removed and I felt what seemed like 2 tongues licking my cock. Then one tongue again. This went on for a few minutes, with quite large gaps where there was only a hand holding me and the mouth had gone. Then I felt something hard against my cock, I didn’t know what it was. It rubbed up the length of my shaft for a few minutes. I was thinking that it might be a dildo but it was warm, then it struck me that it might be a cock. I wasn’t too sure about this, and I pulled my cock out of the hole. To my surprise a cock was pushed through the hole and was now in front of me. I didn’t know what I should do, but decided to go with the flow.

I knelt down and started to stroke the cock, it twitched as I did this and I decided it was now or never for a cock suck. I bent forward and took the cock in my mouth, and I only moved my mouth up his shaft a few times before I felt him jerk and was swallowing loads of his cum as he shot in my mouth. The cock was removed and I could see through the hole and down the corridor where the two other cocks in the gloryholes were getting attention. My wife then appeared and told me to stop cheating and get my cock back through the hole, which I did.

A hand soon got me hard and then a felt warm pussy lips push back onto me and my cock sunk deep into a pussy. It didn’t take long before I was shooting into her, and she pushed back to make sure she got every load. As my cock fell out a tongue started to lick me clean and then started to work me back to hardness. Then it stopped and I heard the women talking, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying.

Then a hand started to stroke my cock so I was rock hard again and a pussy was then pushed back onto it. This pussy was quite loose and I could easily slide in and out of her. I think from the feel she had very large pussy lips and she fucked me for a few minutes and then my cock fell from her pussy. It wasn’t long before my cock was pushed back into a pussy, which felt to be a different pussy, as it was a bit tighter. Again it fucked me for a few minutes and I felt that I wasn’t going to hold onto much longer, but my cock was again released. I then felt a hand around me and my cock being guided into a pussy. It felt moist at the entrance but was very tight. My cock then slid into her and this was definitely the tightest cock I had fucked today. It wasn’t long before I was releasing my seed deep into it and she pushed back onto me to make sure she got every drop.

After a minute or so my flaccid cock was released from the warm pussy and I felt a tongue licking me clean. The tongue slowly worked me back to life but this time it continued to suck me and did this for about 5 minutes until I was about to shoot my load, when the woman turned round and pushed herself against the hole wanting my cock inside her. I pushed and easily entered her, and it only took a few strokes before I was cumming inside her.

As I slid out I heard my wife say loudly that ‘Ok lets call it a day…. The men in the bedrooms please stay where you are and us ladies will go and clean up and one of us will come back upstairs when you can leave the rooms’. I went and sat on the bed and after about 20 minutes I heard a man come upstairs and knock on one of the bedroom doors and say that the man was free to leave and go home with his wife. A few minutes later the same thing happened to the other man. It was a further 20 minutes before my wife came to our bedroom to tell me that everyone had gone home now and I could leave the room.

We tidied up the hall way and replaced the covers over the gloryholes in each of the bedroom doors. As we did this my wife apologised for the delay at the end, but as they were getting dressed downstairs her friend decided she needed another fuck and they had all watched as she had fucked the carpenter who had prepared the gloryholes in the other two doors earlier. It was him who had come up stairs to tell the other guys when it was time to go.

She also explained that when we had first talked about why I liked gloryholes I had said that I liked the idea of gloryholes as you didn’t know who would be sucking you. Therefore she had aimed to make sure that none of the three guys in the bedrooms would know who was sucking/fucking them and that is why the guys were allowed to go one at a time and they went downstairs where their wife was waiting at the front door - this also meant that the wives didn’t know what each other’s husband, or me, looked like.

The following day when I got home my wife said that she had another surprise. She led me upstairs and asked if I had noticed anything new apart from the 2 new gloryholes. At first I couldn’t see anything then I noticed that motion detectors were in each corner. I asked her why she had had a burglar alarm installed. She laughed and said that it wasn’t an alarm system. We went into the room we use as an office and the computer was on and there were now a few more cables.

My wife then explained that each ‘sensor’ was in fact hiding at least one camera. There was a camera pointing at each glory hole in the corridor as well as one covering the whole corridor area, and one in each bedroom pointing at the gloryhole. She told me that each camera filmed individually and we could watch back the recording either through each individual camera’s recording or as multi camera playback on one screen. She said that she knew I liked the anonymity of the gloryhole but this allowed me to see what actually happened afterwards.
She started to play the video taken by the camera showing the whole hall way. You could make out three cocks sticking out of the gloryholes and then there was movement on the staircase and in picture appeared a group of people, four women and one guy, all naked. I recognised one woman as my wife’s friend and my wife paused the camera and then explained the guy was the carpenter and this was his payment for doing the work earlier in the day and that the two women were the wife’s of the other gloryhole cocks and she had been advertised on craigslist for people to join us and after a week or so she had shortened the list to these two couples. One of the women had quite large breasts and was probably in her 50s, the other was quite tall, thin and had very small breasts and I would guess in her late 20s or early 30s.

My wife started the video again, and said we could flick to any of the other cameras at any time. We watched as people moved to one of the gloryholes and started to play with the cocks. My cock was being played with by my wife’s friend and I noticed the carpenter standing watching and stroking his cock. My wife’s friend then was taking it in turns to suck my cock and then his, then she brought our cocks together. My wife changed the camera so we were now watching the camera pointing at my gloryhole. Her friend had both our cocks nearly touching and flicking her tongue over our knobs at the same time. She then rubbed his cock along my shaft. She did this a few times, and my wife told me that she had told her to this. My cock disappeared from the hole and the carpenter quickly positioned himself in front of the hole and pushed his cock in. I saw my wife was now there and was caressing his bottom, with one hand between his legs holding his balls. She then changed the camera to the one inside the bedroom and watched as I sucked his cum from his cock.

My wife then changed the camera playback to the one showing my gloryhole from the outside. As the carpenter withdrew from the hole she bent forward and licked it clean and I could then see her talking to me through the hole. My cock reappeared and she took it in her hand. Her friend then turned her bottom towards the gloryhole and pushed against my cock …. So it was her pussy that I fucked first. We watched as she rode my cock and we could tell when I was emptying inside her. My wife looked at me and said that it looked like it must have been fun.

She said well lets look at some of the other gloryholes then from the start. Whilst all this was going on with me the two other wives had immediately gone to the gloryholes, whether planned or not, of the gloryhole that didn’t have their husband’s cock. They were sucking on the cocks and I then watched in turn as the each women started to fuck the cocks. I loved the way the older wife’s tits swung as she did it. In both case however, they stopped short of making the guys cum. I then watched my wife take the cock of the older women’s husband in her hand and then place it into her pussy. She fucked him long and hard, probably at the same time I was fucking her friend, and let out a little moan as he was clearly cumming inside her. As she moved away you could clearly see cum flood from her pussy.

You could then here my wife gathering the other wives to her and clearly saying, that she wanted the wife’s to take fucking the cocks in turn and they could decide which cock they wanted to shoot inside them. The tall woman in her 20s/30s said she wanted mine, the woman in the 50s said she wanted the youngest cock there and that left my wife with the 50 year old’s husband. They then each went up to one of the gloryholes, My wife started at the younger guys cock and fucked it for a few minutes then moved onto mine. The older woman went to my cock and fucked me for a few minutes and the younger woman went to her husband’s cock. They then changed cocks. My wife came to me, the older woman went to the younger cock and the younger woman went to the older guy. As we watched the videos we noticed the younger woman tense and it was clear that the old guy hadn’t been able to hold on and was cumming. We changed camera angles so we could see inside his room and rewound a little and yes, his face told us he was cumming. We switched camera angles back to the hall way. This did not stop the switching and my wife went to the older guy and licked his cock back to life and the older woman went to the younger cock.

The younger woman came over to me and without cleaning any of the cum from inside her mounted my cock. She rode me and an orgasm ran through her body as I came inside her. She stayed on my cock for a while and I then noticed my wife’s friend take her place with the older cock and she laid down on the floor. She told the younger woman who had just fucked me to come over to her and straddle her. I then watched as my wife licked my cum, and the mature guys cum from her pussy – I didn’t even know she had any desire to lick pussy.

We then watched as each guy got to shoot their last load. My wife fucked the cum out of the young guy, the old guy was sucked and fucked by both my wife’s friend and the young woman and the more mature woman drained my balls.

We spent the rest of the evening replaying every bit from each camera angle possible.

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7 months ago
Great story. Hopefully one day you can make it come true.
9 months ago
lovely wife! I bet you had fun!
11 months ago
Loved it
2 years ago
Very hot, thanks for posting!
2 years ago
very good