gloryhole fantasy

This is purely fantasy, and follows a dream I had this week

One day I come home to find my wife waiting for me. She is looking a bit angry. She tells me to sit down and then informs me that she had found my collection of gloryhole videos on my computer hard drive, silly me had forgotten to disconnect my external hard drive with my porn collection on. She asked what it was about the videos that turned me on. I explained it was watching a woman sucking an anonymous cock.

She still seemed a little annoyed but told me to go to the bedroom. As I entered the bedroom I noticed the bedroom door had been changed. There was now a raised decorative small panel just below waist height. She told me to sit on the bed. She then easily slid the small panels up on either side of the door to reveal a hole.

‘here you are then, your own gloryhole for you and me to play with. You can fantasies that I am any woman you want when I am on the other side of the door. I had a carpenter come in today and make it especially for you. I want you to strip off and stick your cock through the door after I close it.’

With that she left the room. I was a little surprised by her actions, but who was I to refuse her request. I quickly stripped and had my semi hard cock through the hole very quickly. It was a few seconds and then I felt a hand stroking my cock and I was soon hard. My knob was then being sucked and every so often the whole shaft was being licked. I also felt it being rubbed against her breasts and against her hard nipples. It didn’t take long and I was soon shooting my load deep into her mouth.

My wife shouted at me to stay where I was and soon a hand was massaging my cock back to life. Then the lips were wrapped around my knob again. Then my cock was left alone for a short while until I felt what seemed like pussy lips rubbing up against my knob. My cock was then swallowed up by a lovely warm pussy. It continued to fuck me slowly for a few minutes I then pulled off my cock. Within seconds though it was being pushed back onto my cock but this time was more f***eful and was really fucking my cock. I couldn’t hold on much longer and released my seed deep into the pussy. My cock stayed inside her for a minute or so.

As I felt her pussy release my cock I then heard my wife tell me to stay in the bedroom until she came in. I went to the bed and laid down and waited. It took a few minutes, during which I thought my wife was tidying herself up, before she entered completely naked, carrying our laptop. She told me to stay where I was as we would watch a few videos together.

The first video started and it showed our hallway outside the bedroom. The gloryhole was visible and then my cock appeared. My wife then appeared in the shot and started to stroke my cock. Then she disappeared out of shot. To my surprise her friend then appeared naked, knelt down and started to suck my cock. I then watched as she sucked me dry. Once she had finished my wife again appeared in shot, this time totally naked, and smiled. She then went to my cock and it was her hand that massaged me back to hardness. I watched as she then turned round and pushed her pussy onto my cock. She slowly rode me and then pulled away. Her friend now reappeared and pushed her pussy onto me, and it was into her pussy that I had cum. My wife had taken the camera to et a close up of my creampie in her friend. This completely surprised me as when I had suggested swinging in the past she had always refused.

She looked and me and told me not to be annoyed, especially after we had watched the other video. The video started and it again showed the bedroom door. A cock appeared through the hole, but this time it wasn’t mine. She paused the video and told me that the carpenter who had worked on the door had jokingly said that it looked like I was having a gloryhole made. She had asked him what he knew about them and he said he had seen videos and had thought about going to see what one was really like but he never had the nerve. She told me they chatted for a while, and then she had surprised herself by asking him to make sure the hole was the right height and diameter by trying it. He of course did not refuse so she asked him to go into the bedroom and close the door. Whilst he was getting ready she had grabbed the camera to film it. She said afterwards she had felt guilty and that is when she told her friend what had happened and her friend had come up with the idea that she suck/fuck me.

I of course was angry, but couldn’t remain angry for long as I remembered her friend giving me a blow job and fucking me. My wife asked if I wanted to carry on watching the video. I was in two minds, but curiosity got the better and I said yes. The video started up again. My naked wife appeared and stroked his cock to hardness. She then sucked him for about 5 minutes and then from her body movement I could tell he was shooting his cum into her mouth. As he withdrew she looked at the camera and her lips had cum all over them.

She told him to stay where he was and then stroked his cock. He was soon hard again and she turned round and fucked him. She moaned and this got louder as he brought her to orgasm, and as her body shuddered he emptied his balls deep into her pussy. Her legs were trembling from her orgasm but she was able to hold her position for a few minutes until his cock slid out, and you could make out on the film that some of his cum oozed straight out. My wife then walked over to the camera and filmed her reddened pussy close up. There was cum all over it and as she held her pussy open the cum was visible in her.

It was a great turn on to have watched this, I was both jealous and horny. My wife looked at my hard on and said that her friend was still here and would I like to use the gloryhole more, and they would both play with my cock. Of course I would and my wife went outside the bedroom, closed the door and whispered through the hole ‘well come over her then’. No further requests were needed ….

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7 months ago
If we could only REALLY have a wife like that. So hot!!
10 months ago
good story!
11 months ago
great story xxxx
do you know any glory holes in or near london ? could you pm me pls xxx
1 year ago
Great story!
1 year ago
good story...I too was expecting the carpenter to have been the one sucking you for some strange reason!!
1 year ago
would be a lot of fun !
1 year ago
I like it!
1 year ago
...So I stuck my hard cock through the hole. That's when the carpenter got on his knees and took my hard cock deep into his mouth... ;-)
2 years ago
love it!
2 years ago
Awesome story! For some reason my crap phone will not let me rate it correctly.
2 years ago
Damn! So hot!