Bi Club gloryhole

Up until I was about 40 I had assumed I was only straight. I had been to swingers clubs and watched couples fuck and had watched guys wanking as they watched. I had of course wondered what it would be like to touch a cock but at that point I didn’t take the next step.

However, during some meetings with couples I had started to touch and caress the man’s cock and then sucking them at the request of their wives. Then in Miami I had been by myself for a short while and found a book store with gloryholes. I had a great couple of nights playing with cocks and was even brave enough to stick my cock through. I took my fuck buddy to the club a year later when she was visiting me.

Back in the UK the idea of being bisexual started to play on my mind and I attended swingers meets where bi men attended and the woman present wanted to watch guys sucking (see pics at . After I became a bit braver I found a bi sexual club (for men only) in Leyton, East London and started to attend. The first time I went was just to see what it was like and all I did was walk around the club naked, like the rest of the men there. I saw there was a gloryhole in a wall between two private small rooms and decided next time I went I would go into one of the booths.

A few weeks later I got up the courage and went back. There were few men and everytime I went to the floor with the small rooms there was nobody there. The men seemed to prefer the dark room or the video room. I went into the sauna to freshen up before I dressed for home where I met one man. As I sat down he got up, I thought to leave, but instead, without a word, he knelt down and sucked me off, swallowing my cum. We didn’t speak and he left the sauna.

I thought I would give the club one more go a month later. This time I had decided to be more proactive. I stripped off, and walked through the club naked and went upstairs immediately. I went into one of the small rooms and locked the door and stuck my flaccid cock through the hole so if anyone walked past they would see it. I was there for about 10 minutes before I heard someone walk past. They stopped and then walked off. I think they were just seeing if anything else was happening on the floor as within 30 seconds they were back. I heard the door for the next room close and then I felt breath on my knob, and then a tongue and then my cock was hardening in a mouth. He expertly got my cock hard and was sucking most of my cock. The sucking then stopped. I wasn’t quite sure why. So I pulled my cock back into my room, and it was then quickly replaced by his cock coming through the hole into my room. I quickly stroked it and then sucked it and it wasn’t long before I felt him tense and as I pulled his cock from my mouth his cum sprayed over my face. I then put my cock back into the hole and he sucked me off, swallowing my cum. I didn’t see him in the room and when I left my room there was no one on the floor so I have no idea who he was.

I decided this tactic worked so well, so everytime I went back to the club I would immediately put my cock through the gloryhole to invite attention. Maybe I will tell more of these stories another time.

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1 year ago
I hope you have more adventures and tell us about them. I love hearing the real sauna / bathhouse / club stories
2 years ago
mmmmmmmmmm interesting
2 years ago
love to experience a gh
2 years ago
sounds fun
2 years ago
GH's are fun!!!
2 years ago
Wow I wish i could find somewhere like that in Somerset
2 years ago
2 years ago
Please tell us more.
2 years ago
Gloryholes are the best... :)