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I have used Craig’s list to meet women in the past but have not had much luck – they either did not turn up, did not live up to their descriptions or were not very good. However, a couple of months ago I made contact with a woman who was advertising that she wanted a NSA contact as her sex life with her husband had become a bit boring. As there was no photograph with the advert it did not immediately appeal to me. However a few days after seeing the advert I decided to reply.

I heard nothing for a couple of weeks and then received a short email saying that if I wanted we could chat through yahoo messenger. I emailed back saying when I would be free and we arranged the following day at 10.30am. I was online on time and she logged in and we typed messages back and forth. We learnt a lot about each other and our past experiences. Her name was Jane and she had been married for nearly 20 years. She said that her sex-life was now monotonous and any sex was over very quickly leaving her unsatisfied. She was now watching porn on the internet when her husband was at work and felt that she needed some human touch.

As this was all being done by typing I was a little dubious but then Jane said she would show me her face on cam. She looked quite good for her age. She wanted me to go into quite a bit of detail about my previous sex life and I did this by turning on my cam and talking to her. I did ask if I could see anymore of her but she said that had to wait, but she would be happy if I wanted to show what I had – a second invitation wasn’t necessary and I showed her my semi hard on. We talked for about an hour but to be honest I thought that this was all a tease and there was no chance of us meeting.

The next day I received an email asking me if I was serious about meeting up. I of course said yes. Jane asked if I would be free in 2 evenings time as her husband would be with friends at the pub, but if I was we couldn’t meet at her house just in case he returned. As I lived a bit of a distance from her I offered to book a hotel, but she said that that expense wouldn’t be necessary as they was woodland near to where she lived that had plenty of secluded spots and she had often fantasised about being fucked there. We arranged a time to meet at a car park on the edge of the woodland.

To be honest I thought she wouldn’t show but even so I turned up half an hour early. The car park was empty and I waited until 7.30 and on the dot a car turned up. It was Jane, who was wearing a knee length dress. We greeted each other rather bashfully and had some small talk. She commented that she didn’t really expect me to be so tall even though I had told her my height. Jane then suggested we move into the wood as she wanted to get home and showered before her husband returned.

We carried on the small talk was we walked, and Jane had thoughtfully brought along a picnic blanket. She led the way and we ended up in a small opening well away from the footpath. She spread the blanket out, turned and kissed me fully on the mouth. Our tongues met and my hands naturally went to her ass to pull her tighter to me. After a few months she stepped back and pulled off her dress, to reveal a naked mature body. Her breasts were quite large but had kept their shape well and her pussy was trimmed so you could see her lips. There were stretch marks suggesting she had had c***dren so her husband must have satisfied her at one time.

I was aware that anyone could pass by but even so I also stripped and was stood there fully naked with my dick pointing skyward. Jane knelt down and started to lick my shaft and then took my knob into her mouth. It felt wonderful, her warm breath on my balls and her tongue on my knob.

After a few minutes I laid her down and we kissed as I played with her nipples and then moved to start fingering her pussy. It was so wet my finger easily slid in so I put three fingers in her and finger fucked her. I then manoeuvred so that I could see her pussy – it was magnificent – large lips and open fully. I needed to taste her so I got on top of her in the 69 position and sunk by tongue deep inside her pussy – at the same time she started to suck my cock. We stayed in this position for what seemed like ages and then she stopped and said she wanted to feel me inside her. As I repositioned I noticed that there was a guy about 20ft away watching through the bushes. My first instinct was to grab my clothes and I told Jane. To my surprise she said not to worry and if the pervert wanted to watch let him.

I was surprised by this but it didn’t dampen my desire to fuck her. I got out a condom from trouser pocket and put it on. I positioned my cock above her pussy and then slowly and gently eased the full 8 inches into her. She let out a groan as I entered and started to write as I went in and out of her. I would pull my cock almost the whole way out, stop, and then slowly push it fully back in. After a couple of minutes she told me that she wanted to be on top so we reposition. It was very clear why she wanted to be on top as she could rub her clit on me as she rode my cock.

In this position I could see the guy in the bushes, who was now clearly wanking as he watched. I am sure that Jane was playing to the audience as she would lean as far forward as possible which would have allowed the guy to see her pussy taking my cock on each thrust.

It wasn’t long Jane was orgasming and I told her that I was near to cumming as well. She told me not to waste it as she wanted to taste my cum. Therefore we both stopped moving and laid there whilst Jane’s orgasm subsided. Jane then rose up off my cock and it slipped out of her. She removed the condom and used her hand to get it to its full hardness and then told me to stand up. She knelt in front of me and started to suck my cock. I noticed the man had moved closer and was getting a good view of the cock sucking.

I was soon ready to cum and told Jane. She carried on sucking me and took the first spurt of cum in her mouth. She then pulled me out and took the next few spurts in her face and the last few over her tits. She then released my cock and used her fingers to scoop the cum on her face and into her mouth. At this point we heard a gasp as the man in the bushes must have cum. I looked over and saw the man walking away clearly putting his cock back into his trousers.

Jane looked at me and said that she hoped the guy had enjoyed the show as much as she had enjoyed our fucking. She looked at her watch and said that she had better go and get home, so we dressed. I asked if we could meet up again, or at least if she would send me some pics of her naked as a momento and she said she would consider both.

As we walked back to the cars we made small talk and I told her that there was still a little bit of cum in her hair which she quickly removed. She then said that she had a confession. She and her husband had two teenage c***dren which not only meant it was hard for them to have time by themselves and to fuck but also that they had realised there was more to sex. After watching loads of videos together they had drawn up a sex wish list which had started off quite tame (suggesting types of videos they watch, the sexual position they used etc) but then they had really moved into the more adventurous sex. They had done the weekend away at hotels pretending they were strangers to each other and then they had talked about meeting up with real strangers. The ad on Craigslist was the first step and to be honest after all the replies they had received it had been a bit overwhelming. Jane had said in her wish list that she wanted to fuck a stranger and taste a stranger’s cum and that she wanted to fuck outdoors. Amongst her husband’s wishlist was to watch her being fucked by another guy.

Together they had come up with a plan so that as many wishes could be met in their first encounter, so if they didn’t like it they would tick off as many of their wishes and not think about them again. As the k**s were at home they decided for the outdoor fuck for Jane with a stranger (me) and he would come along to protect her if she needed it and to watch. She had dropped him off about 15 minutes before she arrived so he could get into place, and she said from his groans as he had cum he must clearly have been turned on.

She hoped I didn’t mind … I of course didn’t and said that maybe if she wanted to meet up again then we could do it at a hotel where her husband could watch and maybe join in.

A few days later I got an email from Jane thanking me and saying how much she had enjoyed it. She said her husband had also enjoyed it but did get rather jealous seeing another guy inside his wife. They weren’t too sure if they would continue with these sexual adventures but if they did they would be sure to contact me …… well, here’s hoping.

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nice story!