Meeting up with my fuck buddy

A few weeks back I met up with my fuck buddy. I went round to her house knowing that I was in for an afternoon of sex. V opened the door wearing just her dressing gown and as I entered we kissed. As soon as the front door closed behind me her dressing gown fell open to expose her naked body.

We took no time getting upstairs into her bedroom and I was soon naked on the bed. She told me to lie back and she put a towel over my face so I couldn’t see what she was doing. She started to caress my cock and I was soon very hard. I then felt her breath on my knob and her tongue flicked across my knob. She then took the whole of my cock in her mouth and gave me a really good sucking and licking. She then moved away and told me to lie still.

There was some movement but because of the towel I couldn’t see what she was doing. I heard a noise and then my cock was taken in her hand, but the hand was now inside a rubber glove. She stroked my cock with the gloved hand which felt a bit odd. V then moved away and there was some rustling as she took something out of a plastic bag. What happened next was totally unexpected.

She took my cock with her ungloved hand and stroked it and then held it by the base. I felt something being dragged across my Knob and felt this pain. I winced a little and then V grabbed my knob and there was this massive stinging sensation. V laughed a little and I removed the towel from my face. I looked down to see V holding stinging nettles against my cock. She continued to wank my cock with her gloved hand with a bunch of nettles between the latex and the skin of my shaft.

It was an amazing feeling. Pain and tingling covered my shaft. She then covered my knob with the leaves. It hurt quite a bit but V was not going to stop. She then turned her attention to my balls. After about 5 minutes all of my shaft and balls had been covered with stingling nettles and it was totally tingling. I looked down and my cock was covered in little blisters.

V told me that she had been gardening and cut down the nettles and had wondered what would happen if they were put onto a cock. She had googled it and found some good reviews of the effects of stinging nettles.

My cock was rock hard and I really needed to fuck her. I laid her on her back, and it was clear her ‘torture’ of my cock had turned her own – her pussy was very wet. Sometimes we fuck bareback and today was to be one of these times. She told me she wanted to feel me inside her and wasted no time and pushed my cock deep inside her. It was an odd feeling. My cock was tingling and the nettles had desensitised my knob. It didn’t feel the same but what it did mean was that I was going to take longer to cum. I fucked her for quite a while and we kept switching between missionary and doggy position.

Eventually I was about to cum and I told V. We were in the doggy position and V told me not to stop and to cum inside her. I pounded her harder pushing my cock as deep inside it would go. My cock pulsated and it started to pump my cum into her pussy. I stayed inside her for a few minutes and then withdrew and watched my cum ooze out. V pushed out some of the cum as I watched. I took a scoop of it on my finger and fed it to her mouth. She licked my finger clean.

As we lay recovering I told her that I was going to use the nettles on her – but she refused. Maybe one day I will get the chance

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What a woman.
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