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I see myself as heterosexual with the occasional need to play with a cock. I got into swinging in the mid 1990s and I love watching and joining couples fucking. At some of these parties in the 1990s I did watch guys playing with each other, but never really thought about joining in. Then there were a few occasions when I was taking part in a threesome when I was asked to help guide a guy’s cock into the woman and I didn’t hesitate in holding the cock, and in some cases having my cock guided in by a man.

Then in a few threesomes I was asked to suck on the guys cock. The first few times it was odd but then I just took it as part of the swinging scene, and soon discovered that guys often sucked my cock better than the women. Then I discovered a whole new world, by chance.

Due to work I had to go through Miami a lot and often ended up spending a few nights there waiting for planes. I discovered a great swingers hotel where I got my fill of heterosexual swinging (see other story I posted in xhamster) but what I also discovered was undeniably titillating.

I was walking down a street and saw an adult bookstore was having a sale. This was back in about 2001 when internet access was not so hot and I was still buying DVDs. I decided to see what they had and the sale was great impressive. However, there was a door at the back of the shop with a sign above saying ‘video booths’. At this time I hadn’t really read anything about video booths so just assumed they showed videos. I went through the door into a poorly lit area where there were several rows of doors, with all having a light above the door, with some of them being red (which I discovered meant there was someone inside that booth). I chose a booth and went in. On both sides of the booth in the walls of the adjoining booths were little flaps with a bolt holding them up. I was a bit naive and didn’t think anything of them and put in some dollar bills and sat down to watch a film.

I could hear the sound from the other videos in the other booths so it was quite noisy. However I then heard some tapping and it took me a few seconds to realise it was coming from the flap. Intrigued I pulled down the bolt and opened the flap. As the flap opened a couple of fingers came through. Again, at this time I didn’t know anything about gloryhole etiquette so didn’t know what this meant. As the fingers withdrew I bent down and looked through the flap. On the otherside was a man sat down, trousers round his ankles and he was stroking his cock.

I quite like watching guys stroke so my eyes were fixed on the action on the other side of the booth wall. I was also intrigued to know if the same thing was happening in the booth on the other side so I opened that flap, but the room was empty. I continued to watch the guy in the first booth and he then stood up. The next thing I knew was that his cock was being pushed through the slot that had been hidden by the flaps. It took me by surprise, and the cock, with a knob covered in pre cum was now a foot or so from my face.

This was the first time I had really been presented with a cock when I wasn’t in a threesome or group sex. I was unsure if I really wanted to touch or even suck on the stranger’s cock. However the urge took over and I started to stroke his cock. This made more pre cum ooze out and I used that as lubricant as I massaged around the rim of his knob. After a few minutes of doing this the cock was withdrawn from my booth. It was to be replaced by the man’s fingers, one of which was moving which I took as a signal for me to put my cock through the hole. I pulled my trousers down and presented my cock through the hole. It was soon being stroked to full hardness and then the stroking stopped. A new sensation took over as my cock was now licked and sucked on. I could only take a few minutes before I knew I would soon cum so I withdrew my cock and sat down. Again his cock appeared and this time I reciprocated by sucking on his knob. This time he started to thrust and without warning he started to cum and I was able to pull away so his shots of spunk went over the booth floor. I was going to put my cock back through but he then shut the flap on his side and left the booth.

As I turned back to watch the video playing on the screen I noticed movement in the other booth next to mine through the flap. I saw a guy looking through the flap, and wasn’t sure how long he had been there or what he had seen. However, as he sat back I saw him stroking his erect cock so what ever he had seen had turned him on. I stood up, put my cock through the hole and was soon in the mouth of the guy. His sucking technique was great and I was soon shooting my load, and his lips did not leave my cock as he swallowed every last drop. I pulled my cock back into my booth and signalled him to put his cock through which he did. I licked his knob as I stroked his shaft and it didn’t take long before he was cumming over my face.

I cleaned myself up and left. I have returned to the booths several times since. Sometimes there is action, sometimes there isn’t but it is the excitement of not knowing what is going to happen

In 2009 I saw a bi sexual club advertised in London near to where I lived and it claimed to have a gloryhole. I wanted more gloryhole action that a few times a year in Miami so I went to investigate. The club was small, with a sauna, a dark room, a dungeon, a video room and a room full of booths with doors that could be closed and between 2 of the booths the wall had had a gloryhole drilled in it. This was the reason why I was there. After exploring the club I went to one of the booths with the gloryhole and shut the door. I decided that I would just wait there with my cock through the hole until someone was tempted to play with it. I must have waited about 10 minutes before someone entered the room and then my soft cock was being handled.

It quickly became erect and was soon being sucked. I wanted to see what the cock was like on the other side so I withdrew my cock, looked through and saw a nice semi erect cock. I put my fingers in the hole to gesture and was soon presented with his cock. I sucked it hard, and for the next few minutes we took it in turns to suck each others cocks. Mine was the first to shoot and he swallowed every last drop. It was only fair that when he presented his cock that I repaid the favour and swallowed all his cum when he shot his load.

In the last few years I have been to this club a dozen or so times. Maybe I will tell more about what happened on those visits

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3 months ago
yes I love glory holes to
3 months ago
suck me baby
4 months ago
Great story, nothing better than getting your dick sucked at a gloryhole
1 year ago
I hope you have more adventures and tell us about them. I love hearing the real sauna / bathhouse / club stories
2 years ago
i visited them often my self, loved the bj,and blowing my load. thanks
2 years ago
Great stuff, thanks for sharing
2 years ago
When I was younger I loved hitting the glory holes. So naughty and sexy having my dick sucked by an appreciative mouth. Very hot!! My first blow job was at one!!
2 years ago
2 years ago
That's hot. Just dick. No man,No face, no real akwardness...I think I wanna try
2 years ago
I luv Gloryholes!
2 years ago
Great truth - thanks - be delighted to join you visiting this clubs...sounds fun
2 years ago
Hot story.
2 years ago
2 years ago
yes gloryholes are great
2 years ago
Very nice love them glory holes
2 years ago
hreat story
2 years ago
ohhhh yeah the glory holes.....more please ;)
2 years ago
Nicely's very exciting isn't it?
2 years ago
oh yeah
2 years ago
nice read
2 years ago
Well Done!
2 years ago