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[Story] The Voyeur

The Voyeur

Back in the late 1980s I worked overseas in an arab country. I can’t say which one. Anyway. I was there as part of a team that consisted of about a dozen people. For 6 months and we lived in a property owned by our employers and they employed several local men to run the house. This included a cook and a general handy man. They had been employed by the company for over 15 years but one of our team (a woman) who had stayed there before warned the women that the handy man was a little creepy and in the past had tried to walk into bedrooms when women were changing and things like t... Continue»
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[Story] My early 1990s adult video supplier’s wife T

See the video:

Back in the early 1990s I moved to London and lived in bedsit near Stratford, East London. I did find the city a bit daunting at first but enjoyed going down to soho. I saw some ‘live’ shows and bought my first porn tape there. This was pre internet so all porn was still mostly on VHS tapes. I found soho to be quite expensive and to be honest a bit of a rip off as most videos were highly censored.

Reading the adverts in the local newspaper I saw there was one for ‘adult videos’ with a phone numbe... Continue»
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[Story] Public Flashing part 2

Wow, I have just had an unusual experience this weekend with my fuck buddy. My fuck buddy has 4 or 5 guys on the go at any one time. Since I have been one of her fuck buddies (I started with her in 1999) she has rarely talked about her other fuck buddies or what she gets up to with them. Over the last 15 years I have known that her fuck buddies have aged from 22 up to their 70s and some she sees only for a few months, whilst others like me she has seen for many years, and I believe her longest is 20 years (she is 59). I have also found out that some are just for sex so meets them and fucks t... Continue»
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[Story] Public flashing

Now that I don’t live in London I only meet up with my fuck buddy a couple of times a year, and depending why I am in London we sometimes will just meet for a drink, and nothing else.

Last week I was in London for 2 days of business, but unfortunately the night I was staying over in London my Fuck buddy was not available to meet me after 7pm as she had another ‘date’. We agreed to meet up for a drink at 5pm at a pub near to my hotel, and an easy tube stop for her to get off, have a drink, and go on to her ‘date’.

In the pub we caught up on all the latest news and eventually the convers... Continue»
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[Story] Bedsit in London, 1992

This is the story of my first one night stand. I had had 2 long term girlfriends but had split from the last one about 8 months before this incident. I had been working in London with a team of about 10 people, 2 were women. As we were all on short contracts of only 3 months and none of us lived in London (most coming from Oxford, and I from Birmingham) our employers put us up in a low quality hotel in east London for Monday-Thursday nights, with the team being driven back to oxford on Friday evening after work.

I was fortunate that after only a couple of months I got a full time job in ... Continue»
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Fuerteventura Beach

Back in 1998 my then partner J and I went on holiday to Fuerteventura. It was planned to be a normal holiday but after we arrived I jokingly suggested we try out the naturist beach. J had done a little topless sunbathing before we had met but this had generally been secluded where no one could see her (in fact this was how it was to continue after this trip, and I have posted a pic of her in about 2004 sunbathing topless . J was shocked at my suggestion and said no. Over the next week we travelled around the island seeing the usual touristy t... Continue»
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The gloryhole in the neighbour’s fence

This is a fictitious story, but was inspired by something I saw the other day.

I was at home and walked down my garden. I noticed that my neighbours were on sun loungers, hidden from view from the neighbours by high fences and the sheds. They are in their late 50s/early 60s and were in swimming costumes, with the woman’s being quite tight and enhancing her breasts. I could not see anything, but it got me thinking and a fantasy started……..

In my fantasy I would go down the garden an hour or so later and through a crack in the fence slates I would see that my neighbours were now naked and... Continue»
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[Story] Cumming over J’s face

I went out with J for over 9 years, but we did have a 7 month break after the first four. We had met through work and initially the sex life was great. We split after 4 years partly because sex had become non existent. When we got back together we tried to keep the sex life as active as possible but generally we did it in missionary position. There had been some extreme experiences for example the time J gave me a handjob on a naturist beach... Continue»
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[Story] H in 1989

I met H in 1989 when we were doing the same postgraduate course at university. We hung around in the same group of friends at regular went to the pub together. It wasn’t until early January 1990 that I realised that she fancied me so I decided to ask her out on a date. We made an odd couple as I am 6ft 7 inches tall and she was 5ft 2inches and very slight build. We hit it off on our date and we discussed many things. At the end I offered to walk her home but she said she wanted to come back to mine for a cup of tea.

At this ... Continue»
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[Story] The Naturist Massage

This happened back in 2001 or 2002 when I lived overseas. I had to pass through Miami regularly to go on business trips and due to the timing of flights I regularly had to spend the night there. On some occasions I would deliberately add an extra few days in Miami to relax.

On one such occasion I had spent a large part of the day visiting sites and then sitting on the beach. When I got back to the hotel my legs were hurting and so was my back so I settled down on the bed and read the local newspaper. The adverts at the back caught my attention but I didn’t really need ‘that kind of compa... Continue»
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[Story] The French Couple from the Spa

In the mid 1990s I used to go a naturist spa in north London, the days before it built in playrooms and became a swingers meet spot as well as a naturist Spa. I loved going there and being naked in front of other people. I would regularly talk to people, single men, single women and couples, and learnt a lot about people who went there. I had a regular night (Tuesday) as this fitted best for work, and I would arrive at about 6pm and leave at about 10 or 11pm feeling totally relaxed.

As I said this was just a naturist spa and nothing ever happened in the spa. I became quite friendly with ... Continue»
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[Story] gloryhole fantasy part 2

Gloryhole fantasy part 2

This is still all fantasy, and follows on from my earlier fantasy

My wife phoned me at work and asked what time I would be home. I told her that I should be there by 7, and she told me that would be ok, but I couldn’t be any earlier. I got home at 7pm and my wife greeted and told me to go upstairs to our bedroom and strip off, and place my cock through the gloryhole. I didn’t say anything and just followed her instructions …. I could hear voices in the lounge so wondered what she had in mind. As I got to the top of the stairs I was taken aback as I looked down th... Continue»
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[Story] gloryhole fantasy

This is purely fantasy, and follows a dream I had this week

One day I come home to find my wife waiting for me. She is looking a bit angry. She tells me to sit down and then informs me that she had found my collection of gloryhole videos on my computer hard drive, silly me had forgotten to disconnect my external hard drive with my porn collection on. She asked what it was about the videos that turned me on. I explained it was watching a woman sucking an anonymous cock.

She still seemed a little annoyed but told me to go to the bedroom. As I entered the bedroom I noticed the bedroom door... Continue»
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[Story] Fantasies I would like to try with my fuck buddy

I have known my fuck buddy now for nearly 15 years. We have tried a lot of things but there are quite a few fantasies I would like to try with her but she has not been up to trying them out.

1. Stripper in a pub
Even though she is mature I think she has a great body and I think more people should have the pleasure of seeing her naked. When I first moved to London in 1992 I lived near a pub that used one room as a strip club. It was opened to all who wanted to go in and the girls took a collection before going on stage. Occasionally they had ‘amateur’ night and any woman was allowed to go ... Continue»
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[Story] Fuck Buddy and me in 2008 – the story behind

This is the story behind the video:

Even though I had now moved and was now living very close to her, we hadn’t seen each for about 6 months. We had talked on the phone and emailed and had discussed about just going back to a normal friendship, without the fucking element. We had decided it would be a good idea, and when we arranged to meet up it was to be in a pub for a drink.

After a few drinks I invited her back to my flat for a takeaway, insisting there was no ulterior motive. Well, we ate, and drank some more and li... Continue»
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[Story] Bi Club gloryhole

Up until I was about 40 I had assumed I was only straight. I had been to swingers clubs and watched couples fuck and had watched guys wanking as they watched. I had of course wondered what it would be like to touch a cock but at that point I didn’t take the next step.

However, during some meetings with couples I had started to touch and caress the man’s cock and then sucking them at the request of their wives. Then in Miami I had been by myself for a short while and found a book store with gloryholes. I had a great couple of nights playing with cocks and was even brave enough to stick my... Continue»
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[Story] Swinger's Spa

I recently attended a naturist spa which has private rooms. I have been many times before but often couples just disappeared into these rooms after having a sauna or Jacuzzi. Last week was different. I had decided to go along for the afternoon just for a relaxing sauna, not really expecting anything. When I arrived it was the usual thing, a few of single guys and no females apart from the topless staff.

I went into the sauna for 15 minutes and when I came out there was no one else about. I went into the larger room where the big Jacuzzi was to find it full …. It was soon apparent why the g... Continue»
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[Story] Craig list meeting

I have used Craig’s list to meet women in the past but have not had much luck – they either did not turn up, did not live up to their descriptions or were not very good. However, a couple of months ago I made contact with a woman who was advertising that she wanted a NSA contact as her sex life with her husband had become a bit boring. As there was no photograph with the advert it did not immediately appeal to me. However a few days after seeing the advert I decided to reply.

I heard nothing for a couple of weeks and then received a short email saying that if I wanted we could chat throu... Continue»
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[Story] Meeting up with my fuck buddy

A few weeks back I met up with my fuck buddy. I went round to her house knowing that I was in for an afternoon of sex. V opened the door wearing just her dressing gown and as I entered we kissed. As soon as the front door closed behind me her dressing gown fell open to expose her naked body.

We took no time getting upstairs into her bedroom and I was soon naked on the bed. She told me to lie back and she put a towel over my face so I couldn’t see what she was doing. She started to caress my cock and I was soon very hard. I then felt her breath on my knob and her tongue flicked across my kn... Continue»
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[Story] Gloryhole visit

I see myself as heterosexual with the occasional need to play with a cock. I got into swinging in the mid 1990s and I love watching and joining couples fucking. At some of these parties in the 1990s I did watch guys playing with each other, but never really thought about joining in. Then there were a few occasions when I was taking part in a threesome when I was asked to help guide a guy’s cock into the woman and I didn’t hesitate in holding the cock, and in some cases having my cock guided in by a man.

Then in a few threesomes I was asked to suck on the guys cock. The first few times it w... Continue»
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