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The Towel (Wife Opening Up Part 5)

My wife Kim had become more uninhibited over the past few months. It all started with a trip to the supermarket, where she surprised me by showing off to the deli counter guy. Then she walked the dog late one night completely naked and even emailed me from her office at work, her panties and skirt in a pile under her desk. She even flashed her pussy to one of her coworkers. Up until now, all of her exposure had been controlled and somewhat planned, but last week she was caught by surprise.

I had invited a couple of friends over on Sunday to watch some football. About an hour-and-a-half before the game, Kim was sl**ping late, when Larry called. He was running some errands in the area that he just finished and asked if it was alright if he dropped by a little early instead of going all the way home just be come back an hour later. I told him that was fine, and anyway it gave us an excuse to start drinking early. A few minutes later, Larry arrived and we popped a couple of beers and started watching the pre-game. I didn’t think to go and wake up Kim and tell her of Larry’s early arrival.

After a few minutes, I saw Kim walking down the hallway toward the living room where Larry and I were sitting. Larry was sitting on the left side of the room and did not have a view of the hallway leading to our bedroom. From his vantage point he could not see Kim yet, and like wise Kim didn’t see Larry. Now I should have alerted Kim about our guest, but the second I saw her, I knew that I was going to let Kim find out for herself. She walked into the living room wearing only a rather small white bath towel. Her hair was still wet from her shower and her skin glistened with moisture. It took her a few moments to realize that Larry was there. Those few moments afforded Larry with a great view of Kim. Her towel covered her from a few inches above the nipples to no more than two inches blow her auburn pubic hair.

Facing away from Larry, Kim walked obliviously across the room toward me. “Hey ya Tiger,” she said, standing on her tiptoes and planting a good morning kiss on my lips. Her ass cheeks were just slightly peeking out from under the towel, a detail that I am sure Larry noticed immediately. Her kiss lingered for a few seconds, allowing Larry to openly ogle Kim’s half exposed cheeks. Kim finally broke the kiss and turned to go in the kitchen. Noticing Larry, she gave a little squeal and shooting a deadly glance back my way, ran back down the hall. With each stride, her towel revealed more of her pale ass cheeks than they hid. Larry gave me a rather sheepish look and stammered something about being sorry about that. I told him not to worry; I was going to bear the brunt of Kim’s ire when (and if) she came back out. We sat watching the pre-game and drinking beer. I wondered if Kim was truly pissed or just a little annoyed. My answer came a few minutes later.

Kim came walking back down the hall, her hair dried and makeup applied, but still wearing the towel. She glanced over at Larry, who was looking at her with a wide eyes and an open mouth. I think he thought she was going to come out screaming. She walked past the two of us with a wry smirk and continued into the kitchen. We heard the fridge open and close, and then the pop of a beer can. Kim walked back out daintily sipping her beer. Her towel firmly tied around her naked body. She had dried off, done her hair and makeup and then put the towel back on. This was looking interesting.

“You should have told me we had company,” Kim said offhandedly. “I looked terrible right out of the shower with my hair all stringy and no makeup.”

“You looked great,” Larry offered a little too enthusiastically. “I mean … sorry I dropped by a little early.”

“I am doing the laundry right now,” Kim offered up a little lamely. “I hope you don’t mind me hanging out like this for a few minutes until my clothes are done.”

This was a pretty lame excuse, but neither one of us was going to call her on it. I think Larry didn’t even comprehend what she was saying. He was too busy concentrating on her exposed freckled cleavage. A little self conscious, Kim had pulled at the towel trying to make sure that it was covering her treasures down below. This caused the top of the towel to expose a few inches more of her breasts. She didn’t notice, or at least she didn’t let on that she was aware of the extra exposure. That was just fine with Larry, who kept glancing at me to see if I was getting pissed at him.

Kim plopped down on the couch next to me with Larry sitting on her left, in a chair about 5 feet away. She immediately crossed her ankles demurely, ensuring that nothing scandalous was showing. But this move caused the left side of her towel to fall away, exposing the side of her leg all the way up to her bare hip. Kim sat, watching the pre-game show as we sat watching Kim. I could see that Kim was a little nervous sitting there in just a skimpy towel. But I could tell she was excited, by the way her nipples poked against the damp terry cloth. My mind raced. It was about forty-five minutes until the other guys were going to show up. How much will she show before then? Was this as far as she would go? Would she need a little encouragement?

“Kim, could you get me the remote,” I asked her, not looking at her but staring at her bare hip where her towel had fallen away. “It’s over on the television.” She stared at me for a moment.

“Sure thing, Honey,” she said in an exaggeratedly sweet voice.

She stood up quickly, somehow managing not to expose her womanly charms to either of us. She slowly walked past both of us and stopped in front of the television and very slowly made an overstated move to pull down the bottom of the towel to “preserve decency.” This caused the top to also pull down and about half of her pale breasts were peeking out at us. The towel covered her nipples, but just barely. If she “preserved decency” any more, she would definitely be indecent. She then grabbed the remote and brought it over to me. After batting her eyes and asking if I needed anything else, she sat down. She crossed her legs again, but this time as she sat, she slid forward causing the towel to slide from under her. Now her bare ass was sitting directly on the couch with the towel bunch up behind her. She was not showing any more than she did before, the fact that she was sitting, bare-assed on the couch, caused Larry and I to need to each shift positions a little to relieve some pressure. I looked up at the clock. Thirty minutes until the other guys arrived and her little show would surely be over.

We sat chit chatting about nothing, each of us ignoring the fact that Kim was sitting casually between us, almost naked. At one point, she put her feet up on the ottoman in front of the couch and slouched down a bit. Her towel stayed put as her body slid down an inch or two. Since her towel was already bunched up behind her, we could see her left hip and most of the side of her naked ass cheek. The left side of her towel had slid completely off her lap, leaving only the right hand corner to cover her sparse pubic hair. Her towel was tied under her left arm but was gaping open on that side, leaving her essentially naked from her foot to her ribcage on the left side. I could see Kim’s breathing was becoming more shallow and rapid. She was very turned on. We all were.

“Does anyone need anything,” I asked getting up and walking to the kitchen.

From Larry’s position, he could see most of the left side of her naked body, although her breasts and pussy were covered. Standing in front of Kim though, her charms were on open display. I could see her tiny slit peeking out from under the terry cloth. Her thighs were glistening with moisture and it was not from the shower. If Larry got up, he would be in for quite a sight.

“I’ll have another beer,” Kim asked in her exaggerated little girl voice. “It is pretty warm in here, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, warm,” Larry ventured barely able to put two words together. He could hardly keep himself from staring at Kim. As laughable as it seemed, he seemed unsure that I was aware of Kim’s exposure. Every time I looked over at him, he would pretend to be watching the television. He spent most of the time ogling Kim out of the corner of his eye.

I went in the kitchen and grabbed two beers from the fridge and waited a minute or two to see what Kim was going to do next. Reflected in a large picture we had hanging on the wall, I could see the whole living room. Kim was still slouched on the couch with her legs on the ottoman. Larry was openly staring at my wife, who was pretending to watch television. Occasionally, Larry would look over to the doorway into the kitchen to see if I was coming back. But I could see Kim glancing up at the picture on the wall. She could see my reflection and knew I was watching.

Giving me a wide smile, she rolled over to her right to get the remote I had left sitting on the arm of the couch. She only held this pose for a second or two, but it was enough to give Larry a great view of her completely bare ass. When Kim sat back up, the right side of her towel had also partially fallen away from her lap and a few inches of red racing stripe was peering out at him. Kim made an effort to look interested in what else was on TV, but Larry was not taking his eyes off of Kim’s partially exposed pussy. She sat there, half her pussy on display to my friend for a minute or two before I decided to come back in. Larry didn’t even pretend to watch TV this time. It was too obvious that Kim was intentionally showing off and there was no way I was not going to notice. I calmly handed Kim her beer and cracked mine open and sat down. She took a big gulp and rested the cold can on her exposed hip. The condensation from the can, ran down her hip and down between her creamy thighs. She gave a little shudder and slowly dropped her left foot and rested it on the floor. With one leg on the ottoman and the other on the floor, her thighs were spread a good foot and a half apart. Her very wet pussy lips were on complete display and glistening in the afternoon light.

All thoughts about the game were forgotten as Kim reached up and untied the knot holding her towel together. It slid down her body revealing her firm breasts and erect nipples. Her slightly trembling hand wandered across her thigh and brushed the outer lips of her sex. She let out a deep moan and closed her eyes.

The doorbell rang. The guys! I looked up at the clock … the game was starting in a few minutes. Kim let out a strained yelp and jumped up, leaving the towel lying on the couch. Naked, she ran past Larry and down the hallway to the bedroom.
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3 months ago
very sexy tale. in my mind it is true. would she mind you posting a photo of herself on here
9 months ago
good story......and next time???