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how I became a devote sex slave to a turkish macho

I am a slender and feminine white crossdresser. I like to dress in sexy and soft womens cloths. I take care of my body and I have always had very little body hair. I like to shave my entire body and take warm creamy baths to make my skin very soft. When wearing womens cloths, a wig and makeup I look like a woman and like to be treated as one. Of course I like to be a sexy slut and be used by men. My main focus is fantasy sexual role playing.
Since I was a small boy I have been dressing in womens cloths. In my teens I had alot of experience with other teen boys. I would dress like a girl and meet them after school and have sex. I am bi sexual and also like very beautiful and feminine women. I also like having sex with women.
My adult life I have always had phases where I would crossdress and have sex as a transgendered person. I have always been attracted to black men. Its not just there big cocks, its also the way they like to treat sluts and be a macho. I also like the taste of black skin and cum. I have had many black lovers thru my adult life. I am sexually devote and passive and like to be told what to do and let the man take control of the situation. I am into pleasing a man like a whore. I like to be used. I am into some light humiliation and sexual S&M. I like to be grabbed, held down, spanked with an open hand, caned with a cane and whipped with a leather belt. Its all part of fantasy roll playing. I like to be the slut, the whore, the used white trash woman. The man is my macho stud, that likes to tell me what to do, make me serve him, and be sexually devote.
I like dirty talk, when a man calls me names, teases me and humiliates me. Verbal humiliation is a main part of my sexual lifestyle. I like to be called a whore, a slut, a black man's bitch. I like to be called a sissy.

I have regularly met men over the years online thru personal ads. One year ago I met a turkish man that had an ad online looking for a crossdresser for sex. We exchanged a couple of emails and exchanged our ideas and desires, pictures and some personal information. He is a mid 30s athletically trained dark man, black hair and very masculine. He wrote to me that he is married to a turkish woman and that she could not find out about his desire to have sex with a crossdresser but that he would like to meet me. We made it very clear from the beginning, we both only wanted sex and when we meet then there should be no small talk. We both agreed what we wanted. We then exchanged several emails about our desires. I told him that I wanted to be treated as a woman. I wanted sex and that I am sexually passive and devote. He could use me as his whore and call me Sissy.
He wrote to me, he wanted me to be passive, not speak when he came and carry out his wishes. He told me to wait for him on my knees in my apartment when he came to visit me, to have the apartment dark and lit with candles. I bought a turkish cd for music. He told me to buy a plastic tub and that he expected me to be his subservient slave when he came and he wanted to be treated like a Pascha and I should carry out his wishes without hestitation. He wanted to train me to be his secret sissy wife.

The day he came I was very excited. I was dressed in a black see thru negligee that barely covered the black silky panties I wore. I wore high heels, a long black wig with a Betty Paige style cut, and heavy makeup. I wanted him to find me attractive and sexy. And he did.
He rang the bell. I opened the door a crack and waited on my knees. He came in and without any small talk, no hesitation, we started our role playing scenario. He told me to undo his shoes, take them off. He went into the living room and set down on the sofa and told me he wanted me to get the tub he told me to buy, fill it with warm soapy water and to set down at his feet. He told me to knee in front of him and wash his feet. I did as told. He told me not to say a word, just follow his instructions. He told me to turn on my computer and that he wanted to watch a porno film while he set on the sofa, drinking the coke he told me to get him from the kitchen and told me how to take my time washing his feet. He told me to do it slow. I creamed his feet with soapy warm water. I massaged his feet, rubbed his toes, and dryed them off with a towel. I then applied an oil and massaged his feet. He took pictures of me.
He told me to take out the tub of water and to wash my hands and to hurry. He then told me to knee in front of him and open his pants. I did this. I took off his pants and folded them neatly on a chair. He was full of thick body hair, black hair all over his body. Exactly the opposite to his shaved slave on her knees in front of him. He had a very big and extremely hard cock. It was throbbing it was so hard. He told me to put a condom on his cock and then ordered me to suck it for him. Take all of it Sissy he ordered. Slow.
He stood up and pulled his belt out of his pants and told me to lay down on the floor. He told me that he would train me to be his slut and whore and that I would learn to willingly follow his instructions. He hit me many time on my ass with his belt and told me that if I did not do what he wanted me to do he would punish his sissy and whip her. He told me to get on my knees and suck his cock. He set in on the chair in front of my computer and searched my computer for porn films and pictures. I kneed in front of him and sucked his cock while he looked at porn. He found pictures of one of my ex girlfriends that showed her on vacation in a bikini and some nude pictures. He told me he wanted his sissy to make copies of these pictures and the next time he came to give him a picture album so he could look at the pictures while his sissy washed his feet and sucked his cock. I knew he wanted to humiate me with this and I found the idea very exciting. At our later dates he would sit on the sofa and thumb thru the picture album and look at my ex girlfriend and talk about her while he told me to suck his cock. He made derogatory remarks about how he would like to fuck her, have her suck his cock, or make pictures of me sucking his cock and sending the pictures to my ex girlfriend. He loved to make picutres of me when we were having sex.

He told me to get ready for the Pascha to fuck his sissy. I put lubricant on his condom and on my shaved ass and got on all fours on the bed. He came from behind and put his cock in my ass and held me firmly around the hips. He slowly fucked me until I was very loose and then he told me to move back and forth and fuck his cock. He called me his sissy whore, his slut and that he wanted to turn me into his secret slut and that I would learn to love it. He fucked me and then as I felt he was getting close to cumming he asked me, "does my sissy want to swallow the juice of her Pascha"? I moaned a yes and he told me to lay on my back. He removed the condom and jerked his cock and told me to open my mouth. He cummed directly into my mouth his hugh hot load and told me to open my mouth, he wanted to see it before I swallowed his cum. He took the camera and made pictures of me with his cum in my mouth.

That all started one year ago. Since then he has visitied me once a week. Sometimes he only stays for half an hour. Sometimes he calls me and tells me to be waiting on my back on my bed with my ass in the air and he comes and pulls off his pants and just fucks me and then leaves. SOmetimes he tells me he wants me to be waiting for him on my back and that he wants to use my mouth as his sissy pussy. WHen I am lucky he stays for one or two hours and gives me his cum twice. When this happens he sets on the sofa and tells me to wash his feet and do it good and he might fuck me twice.
In the mean time I have realized that I truly like to wash his feet and that it is a very sexual experience. He sends me into the ktichen to get him a coke and tells me to give him the picture album of my ex girlfriend. He then tells me to get the tub with warm soapy water and wash his feet. Several times he has sent me out of the room to get water again when he says it is not warm enough.
I have become his sissy slave and I enjoy it when he used and humiliates me. I like to go shopping during the day and buy him small presents. I write him that I want him to use me and that I want to be his secret wife. He tells me that I am his secret wife and that I have to do the things for him his wife does not do. I like doing this for my Pascha.

I have many pictures on my profile of me meeting with my turkish Pascha that has trained me to be his secret second wife.

Posted by nicoleinberlin 2 years ago
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1 year ago
1 year ago
lucky guy!, looking for a passive, submissive, sexy, fem tgurl like you, who would treat me like a king. Great story
2 years ago
You are so lucky.Wish i could find one such guy