Nicolas story pt2

well it s being some time now so the next part of the story
About a week later we were home together and mom was out in town or some were but that dos not matter i was in my room in bra and panties and he was watching tv i was horny so i called him and asked it he wanted to play again before he could answer i could see him getting hard he came over to me and started to kiss me and i him i pulled his top off him and kiss him all over his front working my way down his body with the help of his hand on on head i pulled down his pants and his big cock jumped free it jumped like it had a mind of its own and i had to grab it and then kiss it starting at the tip and down to his balls taking one in my mouth and sucking it then the other one and back up to the top and over it and yes he is in my mouth again i love it in there even if it only the second time i have it but i can taste his pre cum i work it in and out taking more in each time till i an chocking on it but that feels so good i keep doing it the i stop and stand up and kiss him and he kiss me back i ask do you lick the taste of your own cock he just kissed me harder. He then opened my bra and kiss my tits and he worked his way down me i was so wet knowing he was heading to my smooth wet pussy i pushed him down but he just kiss me throuh my wet panties at first but it was hot then he slowly pulled them down and pushed me back on to my bed and opened my legs and starts to kiss his way up them getting near and near my pussy i just wanted him to lick me out i grab his head and shoved his face into it he started to lick and eat me it was the best feeling i have ever had at that time in my little life it did not take long and i started to cum for him he just lick me and drank me i was cumming so hard that my body was jumping it felt like i was out side it looking down on it and it was not mine i could not stop cumming and cumming i must have cum 5/6 time in 3mins god was it good 100% better than me playing with my self when i stopped cumming and came down he look up at me and just said woow s*s moved up my body and kissed me and i kissed him i could feel his hard cock at my pussy lips trying to get in i wanted it in and move to try and get it but he stopped me and said no not yet he said for now i can just suck him off as i am to Y**** and he move up and i took it in my mouth and gave him a bj and when he came drank as much as i could but some spilled out we stayed in bed for a few hours and made each other cum again and the took a shower together

We played a lot of time and always he could cum in my mouth even when i told him to fuck me he would not saying its not the time. As the months passed my birthday was coming up and i was looking forward to it mom had a new bf (an ass hole but she went for that type) and the day before my birthday they fucked off for the week so no gift from mom nothing new there i just lay on my bed and had a cry then deiced to go to school better to do some thing then stay here all day alone so that want ok got home and went to my room to find a gift from my b*****r ****d up i was so happy now i opened it and he had got me a baby doll nighty and panties set in silk must have cost him a mint and a card to say he would be home at 8pm and i could show it off for him then . I ran the bath and socked in it for and hour or so the dryed and did my hair got dressed in it and it felt so smooth on my skin it made me wet and you could see it ,it took my a few hours to get ready but by 7.50 i was done and at 8 he walked in the door with take away and a bottle of wine when he saw my he just sais baby you look so grown up and he picked me up and carried me to his room and we started to kiss we never did it in his room always mine but to night was my birthday so we made out and was i so horny i just want him he licked me out and made me cum and i sucked him off and drank it and then he said he had another gift for me as i was now f**r**n and he could not wait any longer and he asked me if i still want him in side me me hart was racing and i could not open my legs quick enough he smile and said i see you do and we started to play again but this time he rubbed this cock at my pussy lips and eased it in a little and out and he took his time till he was at my herm then he said it would hurt some more and then it would be ok i just said fuck me i want you and he told me to take a breath and when i let it go he shove his cock home in me fuck did it hurt but he just stayed in me not moving for a bet then slowly he move in me asking was i ok i just noded and he work in and out of me i started to cum again and again his cock was so big in me he fucked me harder and harder and the he just shot his cum in my pussy and he just said happy birthday baby girl.
When we parted his cum was leaking out of me and the bl**d from then he made me a woman ( not a girl any more) was every were but do just looked it it and asked each other were we ok and both said yes so we just got back into bed and kissed and hugged and went sl**p

The end

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