Deep in my Mothers Ass

My mother has always been afraid of Thunder Storms, especially at night. For as long as I can remember, whenever there was a storm my mom would come into my room and climb onto my bed so she wouldn't have to be alone. Early on we would cuddle up in each others arms and hold each other. But as I got older this innocent behavior soon stoped seeming so innocent. So mother eventually stopped holding me and settled for just lying face down on the bed next to me.

Mom may not have been very attractive, which is probably why she was seldom asked out, but having her laying next to me in nothing but a nighty had its affects on me. Often she would fall asl**p next to me and I would start to play with my young cock. Soon playing lead to hardons, and hardons lead to masturbating. When I would hear from her breathing that she was asl**p I would take my hard cock in hand and looking at my mother laying next to me I would jerk myself until I cam.

I always waited until mom was asl**p to masturbate, but I could tell, that some times she would wake up. I knew that she realized what I was doing but she never said or did anything about it. Emboldened by the lack of response I soon started jerking my cock even when she was awake. It was the night of my thirteenth birthday when I got up the nerve to hike up my mothers nightgown and place my hand on her naked ass. Like all the other times, even with my hand on her ass, she didn't say anything or try to stop me. More excited then I had ever been I was jerking furiously and it didn't take long until I had the most intense orgasim, my cum shooting out of me like a fire hose, splattered all over my moms ass. My mom didn't move or make a sound.

Getting up and going to the bathroom I got a warm wet rag and wiped my cum off my mom.
Laying down next to her I waited for her to say something but she didn't. Evently I fell asl**p and when I got up in the morning she was gone, so I got up and showered and dressed and went down to the kitchen. My mother was there making me breakfast as she did every morning.

As she set the food on my plate she commented on how severe the storm had been but that was all she said about the night before. It was like every other morning after, as if my jerking off had never happened. I couldn't wait for the next stormy night. I was still a virgin and I kept thinking that if my mommy let me cum on her ass, then next time I would try cumming IN her ass. I wouldn't have long to wait, just a few days later we had another stormy night.

As the thunder and lightening began to crackle around the house the door to my room opened and my mom walked in and lay face down on my bed. I waited a few minutes for her to settle down, my cock as hard as a crowbar. Shortly I reached for her nighty and lifted it up her back exposing her soft and very ample ass. Placing my one hand on her ass with the other, I didn't grab my cock. Instead I opened the drawer of my nightstand and took out a small bottle of Vaseline I had stolen from the bathroom medicine cabinet and smeared it all over my cock.

With my cock lubed I moved quickly. Letting go of her ass and getting on to my knees I threw my leg over her straddling her thighs. As I pressed my cock against her ass crack my mom realized what I was about to do and tried to slid away from me. But I was to quick. I rested my arms on either side of her body and put my weight on top of her so she couldn't move at the same time clamping my legs tightly against her thighs.
Unable to move mom was helpless, and totally at my mercy.

I slid my hard virgin cock up and down my mommys ass crack until I felt the head lodge against her sphincter. Eager to get my cock into her I slammed my self into her hard and deep. With my violent entry into her ass my mom screamed with pain.
As I lay on top of her, savoring the new and wonderful sensation of having my cock in my mothers ass, I suddenly realized that she was crying. I knew I was hurting her, I knew what I was doing was ****, I knew I should stop. But as I slowly started slidding my cock in and out I knew that I wouldn't stop. Not until I had filled my mothers ass with my hot cum.

As I lay on top of her, slowly slidding in and out, trying to make it last as long as possible I eventually noticed that her sobs had now become little grunts. As I slowly slid out, and then back in one last time, I started cumming, filling my mommys ass with my cum. And as my cock flexed and squirted I felt my moms ass muscles clamp down hard on my cock as she bucked up and back. My hot sperm, filling her ass, was making her cum.

I remained on top of mom for awhile letting my cock slowly go limp and eventually slide out of her ass. Then I got up, and like the night before, I got a warm wet rag and washed mom and myself off as best as I could. Laying down next to her I fell asl**p. The next morning she was gone, with not a word being said. When I got downstairs my breakfast was waiting, like always, and my mom made absoluetly no mention of what had happened.

For the next couple of weeks I was in heaven. At night, when a storm would come so would my mom. She would come into my room and lay face down on the bed waiting for me. And in the morning the bed next to me would be empty and the day would go on as if the night before had never happened. But, unfortunatly, all good things have too come to an end, including storm season. As the storms came less and less often the same thing happened with our sex.

One night after a six or seven week period with no storms, and no sex, I was feeling so horney I thought I was going to climb the wall. I was sitting on the sofa with mom watching the nightly news When it ended I got up and told mom I was going to bed. Then leaning over I gave her a kiss on the cheek and murmered softly into her ear "Come to my room, and don't wear your nighty".

Laying myself down on the bed I waited. An hour went by, then two. I was just beginning to think she wasn't going to come and I should just go to sl**p when the door to my bedroom opened. In the light from the hall I could see my mother standing there, naked. After several long moments of hesitation she finally came into the room and without saying a word layed face down on my bed. The next morning she said nothing, just like the times before.

That was a long time ago. I am now 53 years old, my mom 83, and I'm still living with her. I dated a lot of other women, and believe me, got more then my fair share of pussy. Put I wasn't really interested in a serious relationship, which lead to a lot of unpleasent scenes. When I got tired of all the "Dating Drama" I started purchasing hookers. It was cheaper and there was no emotional baggage. But I soon even got tired of that.

The fact is that I haven't had my cock in a pussy in at least 17 or 18 years. But I don't mind at all. Because I know that, with a kiss on the check and a few murmured words, I will soon have my hard cock buried "Deep in my Mothers Ass". And the next morning, things will go on, the deed unmentioned, just like all the times before.
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the best
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hot and to the point
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Good stuff.
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Wow, great stuff, nicely done.
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Good story
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AWESOME SEXY KOOL,love it sweetie,bett er if she would like ass to motuh and you too share a snow ball,sweetie,yummy,sweetie!
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verey good
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Very hot,,thanks