She's A Hugh Ugly Mother, But I Love Her

Now don't get me wrong. In my eyes my mother is the most beautiful woman in the world. But to the rest of the world she is UGLY. And I only use the word ugly because nothing else really fits. When describing my mom the words 'Troll Like" come into mind. She is 6'11" tall and weighs over 400lbs, but little of that is fat. She's just BIG, all over. She wears mens size 16 shoes, her hands are so big she can pick up a basketball as easily as most people pick up a cue ball and her ears are bigger then my hands. Her legs are thick, her stomach round, and her hips and shoulders are broad, giving you the impression of a cross between a boulder and a tree trunk. She has no real ass and her tits are A-cups but they have nipples as long and thick as most peoples thumbs.

My mom finally lost her virginity at 31 when, one night at a bar, she ran across a guy who was so d***k and horny he didn't care what he stuck his dick into. Of course she told me that in the morning when he sobered up enough to realize what he had done he left so fast that he not only exited the room half-naked but he had to come back a few moments later because he forgot his coat and car keys. He was the first (and only) man she had had sex with and nine months later I was born.

Mom was a professional and highly sought after in her field. Her income was quite high and we lived extremely comfortably. Unfortunatly her job required her to relocate frequently. As I grew up we were constantly moving from town to town and country to country (I was actually born in Saigon, South Vietnam). The longest we ever stayed in one place was 16 months, and usually it was only half that. As you can imagine we seldom had time to make friends, and we didn't have any f****y around, so we depended on, and became very close, to each other.

I take after the man who was my father. I am only 5'6" with fairly normal features. But I did inherit something from my moms genes, when erect my cock measures 11" long and over 1" thick. Travelling around as I was growing up my "asset" got a lot of attention, from both women and men. So I lost my virginity early, and by the time I had reached my mid-teens, I was a very sexually experienced young man.

When I was 17 we were living in a large apartment in Seattle, Washington.
One night after finishing up cleaning and putting away the dinner dishes we changed into our pajamas and sat together under a big blanket on the sofa watching TV (as was our habit at that time).

There was some romantic movie on and when the hero gave the girl a long slow sensuous kiss I heard my mom give out a long sigh. I asked her what was wrong and she said that she wished that she had someone to kiss her like that. I told her she did and leaning over I gave her a long kiss. And as I was kissing her, to my surprise, I felt my cock growing hard against her thigh. When I finally pulled away I could see that moms face was flushed and her breathing had become heavy. Looking down I could see her hugh nipples had become hard under her pajama top. I kissed her again, only this time opening my mouth and sliding my tongue into hers. As our tongues danced with each other I took hold of one of her tits and started gently squeezing it. As we pulled away for air Mom softly moaned "I feel your cock getting so hard". "You made it get hard mommie" I replied. "Would like you to fuck me?" she said and I replied with a simple "Yes". Throwing off the blanket she got up quickly, turned around, and held out her hand for me saying "Quickly before I have time to think about it".

Getting off the sofa I took her hand as she started leading me towards her bedroom, but half way there she stopped turned around and dropped to her hands and knees. Sliding my pajama pants down and off she leaned forward and took my cock into my mouth. I could tell she had never done this before, she wasn't very good and she kept gagging as she took me deeply into her throat. But despite all that it wasn't long before I was cuming in her mouth, and she did her best to swallow it all.

Now it was my turn, helping her to her feet I lead her to her room. Telling her to stand next to the bed I quickly took off my shirt, so I was totally naked.
Steping up to her, my cock already starting to grow hard again, I reached up and started to unbutton her pajama top. As I opened her top exposing her small breasts her large nipples were directly in front of my face. Leaning forward I took turns sucking on them as I, slowly and deliberately, removed her top and then just as slowly removed her bottoms.

Pulling away she climbed onto the bed and lay on her back. Spreading her thick legs wide she reached her arms out towards me saying "Quickly my baby, stick your cock into mommie before she can change her mind". Looking down at her freakishly large body I wanted to spend hours worshiping it. Stroking, licking, sucking every inch of it, making her cum over and over before I actually slid my cock into her pussy. Put I knew she couldn't wait, and neither could I. I quickly climbed between her thighs placing the big head of my cock against the lips of her pussy. I was about to drive my cock deep into her when I heard her saw "Please darling, be gentle with me." For a moment I was confused until I remembered she had had sex only once before. Supressing the mounting excitement building up inside me I slowly started sliding my cock into her, savoiring each exquisite moment as it went deeper and deeper into her. As I got it all the way in she suddenly groaned out "I'm cumming", and so was I, filling her cunt with my cum. Afterwards we lay in each others arms talking and caressing each other.
As dawn started to lighten the sky we made love again, long and slow, trying to make it last as long as possible.

Moms sexual appetite is almost unquenchable and after that night mom and I have become even closer. Several years later, after I had completed two terms of enlistment in the Coast Guard, mom took an early retirement and we moved into a newly built custom home. We don't bother much with the neighbors or the towns people, and those we do think that we are Husband and Wife, not Mother and Son. Each night as I go to sl**p, moms large warm body pressed up against my much smmaller one, I am so happy and grateful that the my love and lover is my mother.
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