I Love the Challenged

I can tell you exactly when I developed a fetish for mentally and physically challenged mature women. It began at a Memorial Day picnic.

I was thirteen years old and like all teenagers I was perpetually horney.
Unfortunatly I was also short and fat and anything but handsome so none of the girls were in the least bit interested in me. Let me refraze that, some of them were interested, but only in cock teasing. They thought it was funny to get me all excited and then laugh at me for it.

My mother loved throwing big parties and picnics inviting all the neighbors, or all of the people she worked with or, like on this day, all the relatives.

It was after lunch and I was standing by the window in my room. Located on the second floor my window looked out onto the back yard. From there I could watch my older female relatives milling around, talking, all wearing their summer clothing. Tube tops, halters and T-Shirts, mini skirts, shorts and tight fitting slacks. And if that wasn't enough to give me a hard-on we also had an above ground swimming pool and some of the younger cousins were splashing around in bathing suits and bikinis.

Standing in front of the window I was naked from the waist down, my hard cock in my hands as I slowly masterbated myself fantasing about my various female relations. I had just cum when my bedroom door opened and in walked my moms youngest s****r.

My Aunt Gloria was forty years old and suffered from downs syndrome. She was anything but pretty, having the typical mongaloid features of someone with downs. Though she had the mind of a c***d she definitly didn't have a c***ds body. She was short and round with big floopy breasts and a large soft fat ass. She lived with her parents (my grandparents) and was always very shy and quiet. She never talked unless she was answering a question and she never looked you directly in the face.

When she first came in I was dumb founded. Not knowing what to say or do I was about to tell her to leave when she turned around and closed the bedroom door.
Turning back towards me she took two steps into the room and stood there calmly unbuttoning her blouse. I watched fascinated as, without saying a word or looking me directly in the eye, she finished unbuttoning her blouse and neatly folded it and layed it down on my bed. She then reached behind her and unhooked her bra lifting it from her body letting her large tits flop down apon the top of her stomach. Laying the bra on top of her blouse Aunt Gloria turned and sat on the bed. Leaning forward, her large tits hanging down and swaying back and forth, she first untied and took off her sneakers then slipped off her socks and placed them inside the sneakers. Standing up once again Aunt Gloria next slipped the slacks she was wearing down and off her legs. Folding them as neatly as she had folded the blouse she lay them on top of the small pile of clothing forming on my bed. Then grabbing the waistband of her large cotton panties she slip them off as well, placing them with the other clothes. Watching Aunt Gloria undress this way my cock, which was starting to go soft when she came into the room, was again rock hard.

Now completely naked my Aunt Gloria walked over and stood in front of me. Still not saying a word or looking at my face she dropped to her knees in front of me. Taking my hand from my cock she reached around and cupped my ass cheeks with her hands and leaned forward taking all of my virgin cock into her mouth.

I looked down, watching fascinated as Aunt Gloria slowly slid her head back and forth, her tongue sliding across the bottom of my cock. I had never had my cock sucked and Aunt Gloria's hot wet mouth was like nothing I could have imagined. Having just cum moments before she came into the room I knew, in spite of how good it felt, that it would be a while until I cam again. Oh Boy how wrong I was. After a short time sucking my cock I felt one of Aunt Gloria's hand slidding across my ass check. As I stood there I suddenly felt the middle finger of her hand slid deep into my ass. I exploded almost instantly, pumping large amounts of cum into Aunt Gloria's mouth. I cam so hard I thought my legs might give out from under and Aunt Gloria swallowed every drop.

Standing there trying to recover my senses I asked Aunt Gloria where she learned to suck cock. Without hesitation she said "Daddy taught me". I then asked her if she sucked (Gran)daddys cock often. She said simply said "yes". Intrigued I then asked if (Gran)mom knew what she was doing to (Gran)daddy, again she simply said "yes". Pushing the questioning further I asked if (Gran)mom was there when she sucked (Gran)dad's cock, again "yes". Finally I asked if (Gran)ma was also naked, "yes". I was so turned on by what Aunt Gloria was telling me, my cock, which had started going limp, was again hard and throbbing.

I then asked Aunt Gloria if there was anything else she did with her daddy. Not saying a word Aunt Gloria got to her feet and walked over to the bed climbing onto it. With her ass facing me she got down on her hands and knees. She then lowered her head and shoulders down to the mattress so her ass was up in the air. Walking over I asked her what happened next and she replied "Daddy sticks his peepee into my peepee. I had never fucked anyone before and the idea that I was going to loose my virginity to my Mentally Challenged Aunt was driving me crazy. Standing behind her I placed the head of my cock against her pussy lips. Leaning forward just a little I felt the head of my cock slid into my Aunt Gloria's pussy. Oven hot and sopping wet my Aunt Gloria's pussy was the most fantastic thing I had ever felt. Slowly I slid the rest of my cock into her enjoying ever little fraction of an inch. I started slidding my cock in and out, long deep powerful thrusts. It wasn't long before I felt Aunt Gloria clenching her thigh muscles as she let out soft moan and I knew she was comming.
I slowly started picking up my pace. Starting to slide into harding and faster I was soon pounding into her like a wild a****l. I lost track of how many times I was making Aunt Gloria cumm. My only thought was to make myself cumm. Finally f***efully slamming deep into her one last time I exploded, pumping even more cumm into her pussy then I had into her mouth.

Exhausted and out of breath I let myself fall onto my back beside her. After a few minutes to catch her own breath Aunt Gloria got up and started dressing. As she did I noticed that she was mumbling softly to her self saying over and over again "He's Bad, He's Bad". As Aunt Gloria finished getting the last of her clothes on I asked her what she was talking about. She turned to me and said "Your Bad, Very Bad". I asked "Didn't you enjoy my sticking my peepee into you" and she replied "yes". I asked "If you enjoyed it why am I bad". She replied "You put the sticky stuff in my peepee. Mommy said I shouldn't let anyone put sticky stuff in my peepee, not even daddy. That anyone who did it was bad". Having said this, and now being fully dressed my Aunt Gloria opened the door and left the room.

Sitting naked on the bed I watched through the window as Aunt Gloria walked across the yard to her mother, my Grandmother Pauline and said something to her. A frown came over my grandmothers face and she got up and started walking towards the house. I knew exactly where she was headed.

A few moments latter my bedroom door crashed open and my Grandmother came storming into the room. Glaring at me sitting there half naked she said "What the hell do you think you were doing with Gloria".
With a sneer I calmly replied "Apparently the same things you and Granddad have been doing with her".
She swung her arm up in attempt to strike me but I caught her wrist. Trying to pull her wrist from my grasp she said "Don't think you'll ever do that again because it will never happen".
Again I calmly replied "It will happen again alright. I'm going to tell my mom and dad that I don't think I should spend my summer cooped up in the city. I should spend it in the country at your house." letting go of her wrist I smiled and said "Just think of the fun the four of us will have together."
My Grandmother turned and left my room without saying another word. As I started putting my underwear and jeans back on I saw Grandmother Pauline pull Grandfather Stanley aside and start talking to him.

As I walked though the screen door on to the back porch I heard my Grandmother telling my mom and the other ladies sitting near her that they had to leave because Aunt Gloria wasn't feeling well. As they were making their goodbyes my Grandmother loudly said that before they go they had an announcement to make.
Looking straight at me as she made it my Grandmother reminded everyone that for several years her older s****r, who lives in Florida, has been trying to persuade the three of them to move down there. She then said that they had decided to take her up on it. They would be leaving as soon as the house could be sold.

Well so much for a summer full of sex at Grandma's house.

(Next time, the little old lady with the big physical challenge)
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2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
Great work, very wild.
2 years ago
I liked the story, Cant wait for the next one.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Very hot,,,thanks