Workman gets seduced, by seymour clevage

Sarah hated the Monday morning rush. she'd woke up late again dropped the k**s of at school done the shopping and just wanted 5 minutes to chill. it was now 10.45am and the gasman was due at 11. what to wear? she thought. Sarah was in her late 20's size ten figure. pert tits legs to die for and a nice tight arse. She went for the short skirt blouse knee high socks look with her hair in pig tails not out to impress or anything. The door rang dead on 11. " 1 minute!" as she called out the bedroom window. She looked in the mirror pushed her bra up and pull the skirt tight. as she answered the door she was well impressed with what stood in front of her. Dave was mid 30's skinhead ruff shaved brute. just what Sarah craved. "morning miss lees I'm Dave come to fix your pipes. as he handed over his credentials. Sarah checked them handed them back. it was a hot summers morning. Dave wore a blue tshirt and tight jeans n boots. " kitchens straight threw!" Dave walked past Sarah as she perved on his arse. yummy she thought. Dave check the taps, they seemed ok. he opened the cupboard door to see the pipes. found the problem. got his spanner out to fix the problem. he lay on his back as it was easier to reach. Sarah went in for the kill. she stood right over him legs apart . "you ok would u like a cup of tea? no thanks was his reply. he looked up her dress and could see her pink pussy staring back at him she began to play with it erotically. Dave's jeans began to bulge he put his spanner down. without hesitation Sarah just lowered her long legs down on Dave's face. he immediately reacted gripping her ass and lapping every inch of her cunt up. sucking and licking. Sarah grinded his face shivering and squirming. there was a choring sensation between her thighs. "mmmmmmmm that's it baby right there!" same convoulted and came hard. Dave didn't stop as Sarah was on the way to another climax. she stopped. she stood up grabbed Dave by the hand and e****ted him up to her room. Dave's face and tshirt were soaked. he took it off as they entered the room. his ripped body made Sarah all hot again her pussy was throbbing her clit all knotted. she began to kiss her workman. she sighed in delight when he began to suck her tongue. the harder he sucked the more she whimpered with pleasure. she began to dart her tongue back and forth into his mouth she couldn't resist sliding her hands down around his waist and undoing his belt ripping his clothes off Dave kicked off his boots. Sarah gazed with heat in her eyes at the sheer size that was in front of her. her palms itched to take his cock and balls in her hands and play. Sarah slid her blouse from her shoulders she arched her tits out. they swelled and lifted her nipples throbbing with hardness. she took down her skirt she had to wriggle her hips she watched Dave's hard meat jerk up and down as he watched her. Dave grabbed Sarah's arse and pulled her up against him.she was 5ft 4" he was a foot taller his cock pressed against her belly as she bit her lip. she oh so wanted to suck it but Dave had other ideas first. her turned her around and pushed her flat down onto the bed. Dave gripped her ass with both hands digging into the firm cheeks making Sarah coo with pleasure. she shook her ass the drew her knees beneath her body. "like this baby?" shaking her uplifted pert buttocks wickedly. Sarah arched her creamy shapely ass high in the air resting her head on the bed.she parted her knees for him. lifting her head.she looked over her shoulder as Dave cock in hand waiting. "put it in me, do me good" she felt the head of his huge helmet pressing her soaked cunt and wailed with xtc. his hands held her hips tightly as he thrust his manhood deeply inside. Sarah's pussy had an admitted vice like grip. holding him with her wet heat her sheath of intense pleasure was amazing. her pussy pulsated and stretched with every f***efully thrust. she shivered as his balls banged her clit
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