I Will be Good

Sarah opened her eyes as Christoph removed the sack from her head. she opened her eyes the gag ball was oh so very tight in her mouth. Dribbling heavily her eyes adjusted to the bright lights. 2 hrs in a small cage had made her back and legs ache. This wasn't her main concern. She realised she was about to receive theggressive sexually horrific punishment she ever experience. Part of her terrified part excited. sexually aroused on all fours her hands shackled to the cold floor. Christoph hoisted the cage above her using the large winch. Christoph yanked at her collar furiously violently slapping at her nipple clamped breast he pinched and teased.She whimpered and squealed. Christoph lent down and lifted up Sarah's chin.
" look at me you slut, no woman on this earth dares to disobey me in my own house. a submissive must do exactly what she is told. this evening you have embarrassed me beyond forgiveness
and u will take what ever punishment i see fit are we clear !"
The sheer rage in his voice mad Sarah cringed looked up groaned and nodded. her eyes streaming from her earlier tears. the fact that she refused to let another submissive piss in her mouth seemed maybe the wrong move in her current predicament. removing the gag from her aching jaw she opened and close her mouth sucking in any fluids she could.
" please master I'm so so sorry but i understand and deserve the punishment i receive with your forgiveness." " smack smack " the paddle connected quick and harshly to here skying rear. undoing the shackles erratically and pulling on her leash Christoph walked the bitch still on all fours over to a near by whipping horse. she wobbled her gorgeous bubble butt. the site of this amazing arse did not phase her master. he was too angry to acknowledge her shapely curves. Sarah got up and reached over the horse putting her hands down both sides as her master tied the rope across the back of her calves tightly and round her hands. the dungeon was damp and the chill whilsted over her shaking body. Christoph walked back over to the closet. inside were various toys and tools for pain and pleasure. he took his time naming the objects and there effects. he did this deliberately to build the suspense for an awaiting Sarah. picking up the largest cane he swooshed it in the air. he had his first implement ready. still swooshing he slowly walked back over to Sarah.
" right 20 lashes to begin with you no the rules. you will count out allowed and thank me after each stroke you whore!"
Sarah's eyes bulged she never had so many in quick hard succession and trembled with XTC and a Lil fear. whoosh smack whoosh smack....
"one ,aaaaarrrgghhh thank you sir!"
screamed Sarah. Sarah continued this as ordered. her backside was soon red with faint lines appearing. her eyes where begging for forgiveness already. Christoph and just started though. the 20th strike connected making Sarah jolt her head up a moan loudly.shaking her bum as if relived her tears streamed down her face and of her chin to the floor. she dare not sob as that would infuriate Christoph more. Christoph's walked back over to the equipment and rattled around deciding which path to venture next? with relief Sarah heard a loud click and faint buzz. thank god she thought a "rabbit" walking back over to her his phone rang. he answer. " yes of course they can! the more the merrier" was his reply as he put his phone bk in his pocket. Christoph was a tall bald man with the biggest cock Sarah had ever seen. she longed for that girth and length inside her daily but he had never given her any of his man hood. jealous of this as the other 4 girls had. hearing the buzz come closer she pushed her bum out in hope. she squirmed in anticipation. an electric excitement filled the air. Christoph paused switched off the device placed it on the floor. " are gentlemen please please. 8 men stood naked in front of Sarah whilst the 4 other submissive holding to cocks in each hand began the orgy in front of her Sarah's eyes. sucking licking Sarah's pussy aching for the same. all of these peoples eyes fixed on Sarah's. the buzzing sound returned. suddenly a loud crackle the pain was Sharpe but she liked it. as she tried to turn her head Christoph did it again at the top of her legs. she squealed "ooooooo master more". he did grabbing his hard cock with his other hand he began tugging his throbbing cock. all he saw in front of him was sheer sexual bliss. two sub missives both been double penetrated by two big cocks the screams of pleasure inti sing the other remaining people to do the same. one of the men was fucking the Asian girl in her ass while the Blondie was licking n fingering his ass. she 2 had cocks buried deep in her holes. this left one older guy standing in front of Sarah slightly blocking her view. he looked at Christoph who turned off the cattle prod and sat on his throne still wanking hard. the man asked if he could fuck the whore on the horse. Christoph replied "we all can" Sarah smiled as opened her mouth. he f***ed his cock down Sarah's throat she gagged and sucked hard the man smiled down at the whore looking up.ramming her mouth. Christoph stood up grabbed the lube and covered is large shaft. he stood behind Sarah. the cock head on the cusp of her asshole. he was still angry but his sexual tension needed releasing. the other man inside Sarah's mouth had already squirted his spunk to the back of her throat. she loved the taste swallowing every drop. 2 girls where still climaxing with 4 guys. 3 guys where in one girl. and the other girl was been saturated in piss by the man who'd just come. " i want u to beg do you hear me." shouted Christoph. Sarah began.
"please master fuck my ass fuck me fuck me master!"
as he entered hard into Sarah's bubble butt she continued begging. reaching an immediate orgasm. going blind her eyes opened all the men where around her cocks ready. the other girls played with each others clits and tits as Sarah was about to receive 7 more cocks. Christophe pounding away. let out an all mighty roar 2 close submissive heard the masters climatic cries and waited patentilly for him to spunk all over there gaping arses. his cock bursted a thunderess stream of cum. both girls on all fours kissed and shook the arses in appreciation. the other seven men untied Sarah. stroking her bruised arse. one man took her by the end lifted her up and onto his cock. he slipped in at ease. whilst stand in another man went up into her arsehole. she let out moans of xtc. and loved both stokes the other 5 men waited as the four girls kept the hard. both men inside Sarah came together. she was then bent over a desk while men took there turns. fucking her each in the own hard ways. after all 8 cocks had had there way all 4 girls sat in a circle while sucking cocks they where ordered to whip Sarah hard once with the whip go round the table n cum into her mouth. it was trully disgusting but Sarah loved every last drop. battered and bruised the girls and men finished off and left. Sarah's arse face and tits where saturated in seamen she was exsursted. but before she could move one final cock was waiting. she turned her head to the side and saw christophs full erection go by.
"now whore what uve been waiting for all this time!"
grabbing her hair he pulled of the desk f***ed her down onto her knees. this cock was way to big for her tiny mouth but she sucked and took as much as she could the cattle prod was humming again and he was shocking her pussy. it was so more intense due to all the liquid sepping out of her. he pulled his cock out of her mouth sat bk on his thrown and order Sarah to fuck him. her warm cum filled pussy clasped his cock slowly takin all his inches she straddled and rid her master like a true whore. his face buried in her suculant breast. he roared again as both experience the hardest orgasms ever. the bodies convulsing in sheer sexual gratification. Christoph looked up
" now will u be good?"#
" i will be good!"
sara replied x

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3 years ago
Fantastic story - thank you!