College Student's gets A Warning!!

It was plan to see that miss Lees wasn't listening to a word Mr sparks had to say! she and Clair were on the finale warning! all Sarah was thinking were pure filthy thoughts and how sweet her best friends buttocks looked as Mr sparks ripped down her knickers and bent her over his oak desk. he demanded "spread those legs Claire Harris and put your hands on the desk." Sarah's knickers became instantly moist. "please sir not to hard!" Claire begged as she cheekily shaked her arse. Mr sparks spanked each of her arse cheeks quick and hard 5times. he told her to pull up her knickers and go and wait in the corner so she could watch the same fate as Sarah. "your turn miss lees. come on girl we haven't all day!" Sarah shaking her hips with a kinda fuck u attitude. looked at Clair winked pulled her short pleated skirt up. "whats this! exclaimed Mr sparks. no knickers Sarah your in for ten of the best now young lady." as she bent over the desk her gorgeous pussy was saturated. she rested her head to the side and looked directly at Clair. who herself was now dripping wet. Mr sparks began the onslaught to Sarah's firm but tight little arse. Sarah bit her lip and gave out a slite moan of pure pleasure. as the tenth slap hit both cheeks she turned swivelled round on to her knees and grabbed Mr sparks by the top of his trousers. "What are you doing miss lees!" Clair came from the corner and placed her finger on Mr sparks lip. "now now sir its our turn."she grabbed his o so manly hand and feed it up between her lovely long legs. Sarah meanwhile had pulled out his enormous fat 9" cock and gasped in disbelief. "who's a big boy?" she began to suck and lick his cock and balls. Clair was climaxing from the full frigging f***e of Mr sparks hand. this guy had great technique. she pulled herself away and got down on to her knees. at first french kissing Sarah and gently kissing her neck. Sarah grabbed Mr sparks cock and f***ed Claire on to it pushing the back of her head on to the love pole making her choke n then spit back into Sarah's throat! these girls ment business. as Mr sparks was undressed and lick and suck all over by these crazed bitches on heat. Sarah bent back over the desk and exclaimed. "come on sir I've been a very very naughty girl, now give me that big cock." Clair stopped sucking stood up grabbed the throbbing prick and placed it at the entrance to her Sarah's cunt! " come on fuck me sir!" exclaimed Sarah. to which Mr sparks thrust all 9" straight inside her wet juicy whole. "omfg!!! that's it fuck me fuck me!!" Sarah had turned into a raving sex maniac. .Mr sparks grabbed Sarah's hair with his left hand and spanked her perfect but with his left. Clair continued to suck Mr sparks balls and lick his ass. with in no time at all Sarah climaxed and screamed with sheer exact.. she collapse as her legs went from under her. Mr sparks grabbed Clair from eatin his ass by the hair and bent her over the table he spat at her arsehole and said "is this what you really want ladies?" Mr sparks demand that Sarah sucked his cock a bit b4 Claire got hers she chowed down on his rod like she was sucking on a huge cigar! he grabbed his balls and cock and tried to get it all in. Sarah chocked her eyes watered her arms pushing on his stomach. he slowly pulled out, Clair was shaking her ass " me sir me sir as she pulled her ass hole open. oooooooo that's it sir" all 9" slowly entering. he fucked her Claire hard and slow as Sarah licked Clair's clit. within ten minutes Clair had cum and squirted all over Sarah's face. both girls back on there knees begging for Mr sparks red hot cum. aaaaaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhh! he squirted in both there mouths all over the tits. he fell against the desk sweating. the girls continued to kiss and finger and play away while Mr sparks said. " now remember that was your finale warning!"

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