It's gotten interesting lately, going to get

I have not posted in a while. Catching up.

I think my last post was about Mare finally cucking Jim.
Funny how you know someone forever and one still gets surprised.

Should have picked up that something was amiss. Live & learn.

For the past month it's been a lot of hard fucking for me Mare and both men. Mare is now a certified big cock junkie. My guy Gus has really wanted a long slow go at Mare. Mary Ellen never once let him in her pussy. She and Nick are carrying on like young teenagers. She would suck Gus dry, milk him on a almost regular basis. She is truely a better cocksucker than I. She has a wider throat I guess cause she can take a lot more shaft. And lord how she loves a throatfull of cum. We got into snowballing and it was fabulous. Got the boys rock hard in an instant.

Mare finally got the cervix thing but she did not like it one bit. It's rather painful for her. I'm getting carried away. Not what I came here to write about.

Mare spilled all the beans to Jim. They are now legallly separated. Mare is now living at my house. That part is fine. Nick arranged a 6 month business engagement in NYC. So Nick is also living at my house. This part is fine too.

This week Gus stayed home and spent the day in bed with Mare. She finally took him bare. I got the stories of the day over dinner. She told me everything I already know about Gus's bad behavior. Especially how caveman like and brutal he can be when he is cumming. After dinner Mare takes me into the bathroom to show me her testing stick. She is officially pregnant with Nick's k**.

Devious little bitch. Sticking to one cock to get the job done. All these years when ever we talked of k**s the answer was always that her and Jim did not want any. That was it, end of conversation. Now the truth comes out that Jim had a problem, Mare loves Nick, Nick loves Mare and she is hearing her clock ticking.

Nick agrees on the feelings part, loves her bod and apparently huge tits (something I will never know) matter a lot. Problem is Nick is a little terrified and feels used. Seems all these years throwing his huge curved cock into scores of bitches, he never had one who thought of being breeding stock.
I think the best word to use is "trapped" to explain how Nick feels.

Now Nick is thinking about handing up his cockring and making the deal with Mary Ellen permanent. And Mary Ellen is talking just to me about either a Vegas or Carribean on the beach wedding. As for me, I just look at it practical and tell her to clean up the mess with Jim and get a divorce first.

There will be a lot more to come on this.

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