Mare finally cucks Jim

Delayed over a week. Today worked. Jim has a weeks business in London. Left out of JFK this afternoon. Plan was for Mary Ellen to come over after dropping him off. Downpour most of the day. Instead of being back by 9, more like 11.

Great afternoon/early evening. I'm writing from great room looking in at 3 sl**ping bodies, my bff a cum sponge and loving every drop.

Started with k**s out of state (thank the lord!). I came out of the shower with nothing on but water. Went to spare room, pulled comforter, laid on the floor with Gus & Nick on couch and said "I'm clean, need to get dirty", spread comforter, laid down and I had both guys attention. They tried to do the porno DP, no way I was taking a monster up my backside. I think Gus got the cockhead in but that's about all, thank god he has some repsect for his wife's objections.

I'm fully loaded, drained 2 cocks raw. Finger in my parts still stinks of cum. I'm a bitch and love being it.

Mare stops by, I open a bottle of red. Tell her "I have Nick all prepped for you."
"No. I can't" says Mare.
"I'm full of his fresh cum. he'll be a great fuck"
"No way" says Mare.
Second glass of Cab and I holler "Nick, your date is here".
"I hate you" says Mary Ellen.
"See if you hate me over coffee" says I (great comeback)

It's getting dark and Nick comes out in his birthday suit, lays his cock on Mare's shoulder and bends down to say hello with a big kiss. She is a slut too. Accepts his advances 100%, Even kisses his cock, quickly but nontheless a pure cunt move.

I take her hand and lead to the well used comforter on the floor.
"Mare, kiss him"
and she obeys with genuine passion. No shyness.
"Nick, lay down"
"Mare keep kissing, roll on top, straddle him" And she does.
"Keep kissing, gring him" which she had no problem with.

Gus was not a good player. He said something about always wanting her to ride him. But this was not his night. While Mare was grinding he offerred his cock which Mare took in her mouth greedily.

Eventually I went low, took Nick by the base, aimed up and parted her lips. No more hig school grinding. She accepted, pressed but nothing. Got some KY, lubed his shaft and smacked a gob from my palm into her parts. Second push had a cockhead make entry with a vocalization from Mary Ellen.

"Little out, a little more in, your in control girl" I encouraged. Not needed as they were so mouth locked that I knew she would take him.

I leave the floor, Gus is watching and sitting. I straddle his thighs and take him reverse so I too can watch.

Mare is pushing down, Nick is pushing up. Finally I see nothing but pleasure and hips told me we had a good eight inch stroke going on. Mary Ellen is babbling to Nick about size, greatness and never ever being filled like this.

Mare gets upright, leans back on his thighs and seems quite the happy person. I don't believe it, looked like she took him all without even a whimper. I pull off Gus, hit the floor ready to congratulate her and I see a good five inches of wrist thich shaft looking for a home. Nick was a little bowed and bent but I was there for the best part.

Mare's hips are moving down once for every two strokes Nick is making upwards. Nick then pushes up, lifting her ass up on his cock and I witness the root of his shaft start to spasm as he loads her up. So wrong I was about being a good fuck, he lasted maybe 5 minutes at best. No matter, Mare knew what was hapenning as Nick is pretty vocal and I got to watch from behind as Mare has a dandy climax at the moment Nick was hosing down her innards.

I went back to the chair went boobs to face and straddled Gus saying that they both just came all over each other. Gus knew of course there was no hiding that hot moment and within a few moments Gus was flooding me.

Mare never took Nick thru the cervix but there is always morning to come. Seriously, these two just look perfect together. I always knew that, she does too. Seeing this firsthand just confirms it.

Afterwards she spent a lot of time playing with his mouth and biting his neck while still holding him in the 'big hug' while he drained out. A little later she goes down low and cleans their juices off his cock an Nicks load starts to seep out of her. Not a lot, it was planted deep. She will have more seepage i n the morning.

I fully expect them to wake up to the southern sun and have a liesurly long screw. I can't wait to witness this, and be busy myself to keep Gus off her.
As for Gus, lets give the new couple a few days of monogomy before making my BFF the avenue whore. The plan is for me to eventually munch a fresh load from her pussy and watch a fresh cock move in.

And Mary Ellen, hopefully you'll do the same for me. Nothing better for getting the boys ready for round #2 than a little girl to girl show.

I love you sweetie and I look forward to the morning.

Good night
100% (5/0)
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2 years ago
Fantastic story!
3 years ago
that is hot & good
3 years ago
Hot hot made me hard
3 years ago
very hot!
3 years ago
good story a sequel?