Mary Ellen gets closer to cucking Jim

I spilled the beans earlier in my recollections about hooking up with Nick.
Get screwed that good and even 15 years later one remembers. So we told for my close friends to see (those who know all the players) about how hot Mary Ellen for Nick.

Over the weekend we had a bunch of folks over. The yard shed behind the pool is split into sections. Pool pumps and motors on one side and party supplies in the other side. The side with the party supplies faces nothing but about 1/2 a mile of green space. Getting supplies was me Nick amd Mary Ellen.
We has about 10 folks on the deck maybe 40 yards away. Before walking to the shed I wispered into Nicks ear "I'm going to get her to screw you." which got me a wink and a nod in return.".

Mary Ellen is getting limes and tonic water from the fridge. I motion Nick inside with a wave of the hand and say "Did you guys read the end of my story?" And I get a look from Mary Ellen which basically re-told all the crap she gave me for posting her name. I step back maybe 2 steps where I have a view of the deck. "Jim's hammered and you two are doing lots of face time taking about everyting. Up on the deck with all the ears you're not talking about the real hot topic."

Mary Ellen "Lori not now."

Me "No better time to grab Nick's crotch and see if I am telling the truth."

With that I step in and slide my left hand into my boy toy's shorts. Holding a 1/2 erect cock I pull down the front of his shorts with my right revealing the gridle device he wears to minimize size and stop flopping around. I then pull the lycra spandex whatever down below his balls.

This rates a "Wow" from Mary Ellen.

"Mare, get past the conversation and kiss him."
Nick says "Come here Mare."
Mary Ellen takes the 2 steps, Nick takes her hands in his and brings his mouth to hers. As they lock tight Nick takes her hands and places them on his cock.

Watching the from a few feet away brought me to say "Wow is right. No one is coming and the coast is clear. They broke embrace and Mare is looking up at Nick with her chest pressed against him as she goes back to him mouth while Nick moves his hands to cup her ass cheeks.

Just by the look of sexual arousal I saw then I know it's just a matter of when.

Mary Ellen's last words to Nick in the shed were "I wish I found this by chance." when gazing down to her two hands full of now erect Nick cock.
"I've never fooled around on Jim." With that she stepped up on a chair, pulled her swimsuit bottom at the crotch and slid Nick into her suit under her pussy.

I saw my BFF have a small orgasm right there.
"Do you want me?" Which Nick answered by going right back to a deep kiss.

This moment was the hottest thing I've seen in a long while Maybe forever. Don't know what would have happened. Maybe they would have tried coupling right there. As Nick was dropping her shoulder strat to get at one of her great tits I had to announce "People are coming, party over."

After a quick put together we were bringing Limes, Tonic and Ice back to the mob.

I've since told both of them that when they do screw or that 1st time, I have to be there. I did not receive any objection.

Next weekend, Nick will be back and staying over till Tuesday.
I'm planning for Monday 8/1 at my house early right after everyone leaves. They both know the date.

91% (6/1)
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3 years ago
Love the story . Ease add me so I can read the rest cheers danny