Second go at Nick

It was probably the best fuck of my life. Nothing comes close to that first time. Being taken by a guy who is essentially my b*****r in law made for all the more excitement. The almost obscene hunk of man meat and that awesome curved end just made it all the more exotic.

We had both taken a long nap it was now dusk and the room darkened. Quick trip to brush the teeth and on return I take a new position so I can appreciate the sight of Nick snoozing on his side and gain clean access to his cock. A little fondling with my boobs in his face gave him a great wakeup.
"So, you've been doing the Uterus your whole life?"
"Yeah, happened by accident the first time. I was surprised too. Do you remember Christine?"
"Sure" I certainly did heck I even see her on the rare event. An ultra cute tall latina.
"I was like 16 and just had that operation on the base of my spine. Chris comes over and decided it's time to lose her virginity. You have no idea how painful it was having fresh stitches on your tailbone and a girl climbing on top. After she got the head in and bled she got into it. She's taking me half way then plop, she did not like it one bit. She panics and we learn I don't easily come out. Actually I never came out. After a while she figures it's ok and eventually she has me balls deep. I came in her twice, stay deep and stay hard. Oh to be young again."
"Now I know why she always had a smile for you."
"Yes there were only two other times we ever screwed after that. Afterwards all she would talk about was the future and getting married. I was scared. And lucky, never used any birth control with a fertile young 16 year old womb..... call it real lucky."
"Well I'm not afraid of that. You like girl on top?"
"It's my favorite lazy mans sex, you do all the work."

With that said I mount Nick and I'm already dripping wet. It still was a hard task getting his cockhead in. After that it gets easier. Nick is caressing my breasts, nipple pinching and raising up for a mouthfull. I'm gliding on half his length just rocking with my tummy on his. After a few small orgasms I speak up.
"I want you deep again."
"Sure just sit up, hands on my knees, arch your back and let your weight fall."
Being a good girl I follow instructions and in no time the super curve is passing through my cervix again. No need to arch now. I have my hands on Nick's ribcage as I lower myself. About the time when I again get the feeling of my insides being rearranged I place my right hand under my sternum and the bottom part of my hand feels the lump of his hard cock moving up as I move down engulfing his whole shaft.

With that I have an immediate and uncontrollable voilent convulsive orgasm. All the while looking Nick in the eye with fast shallow breath and mouth agape. Apparently the view of a woman on top (with great heaving tits I might add) going hiper climax is too much for him. Nick grabs my hips and starts to pump beating my cervix without mercy on the outstroke and driving his full length to the hilt. Maybe it took a dozen strokes like that till with a very loud grunt and groan he mumbles "Don't move, feel it". Oh and I did feel it as his cock spasmed and he drained into me. From a bitches perspective this is so total and complete.

I'm still on top hand on ribcage and the pure bitch comes out. "Stay deep stay hard" I say as I start slow rocking. Oh how badly I wanted at that moment to be the 16 year old Christine keeping young Nick excited enough to keep on going and earning that second load of seed. Nick was with me, knew what I wanted and stayed deep, but not hard. It was not to be.

Eventually it turned in to us in the shower, a pizza delivery and red wine. That was followed by deep sl**p.

Monday morning was up early to pickup the k** from Mom's. When I rolled out of bed and bend at the waist the pain was rather intense. Standing up straight was a challenge and had to be done while supporting my weight on an end table. Nick is chuckling "I was afraid to tell you about this part not always but quite often it happens."

It was a good pain. Never ever before had I been fucked so deep. And since it happened it's the only way I want to be fucked. Since then I've toughened up and grown accustom to it. It's total and complete giving myself and I still have terrific orgasms on full penetration.

I've learned my husband can do me this way from behind as can another long boy friend we hard swap with. Nick is my only missionary or on top guy. It takes the curve to match things up. Also it takes something a Gyno calls a 'tilted cervix'.

I have one desire still to fulfill. So boys please take note and write back if you fit the bill. I want to find a guy with a long curved cock that has a slender non-bulbous cockhead. By long I mean 9 inches or better. I want him to be able to stroke in and out completely. It's the bulbout cockhead that gets locked in upon penetration. I need a slender cockhead to go deep, pull out till only the tip is in me, then go balls deep again. Repeat, repeat and repeat till satisfied. You need to be clean and in relatively good shape. No fatties please. Age is not terribly important, if you are young just be sure you like older. As for looks, average will do fine. And if you are in the downstate NY area that's all the better.

With kisses,

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2 years ago
9 long 6.5 around here hun i LOVE older women and im near philly which isnt far from NY at all im VERY interested
3 years ago
Dam hot lady,,wish I was close to u baby,I have what u want