Becoming Nick's girl

My husband and I were trying to concieve #2 for about a year with no luck. Lord knows we screwed enough and he generates huge loads. A fertility doctor was seen. Turns out I was fine but for a reason we don't yet know for sure, Gus has sperm which does not move too well. Options were in-vitro or donor. We were considering both with in-vitro as the best option. I now have 3 boys and here is how it started.

Gus had a West Coast business appointment the coming Monday. Nick was up for a f****y event from DC area. LA on a Monday morning means a Sunday fly out and Nick would be in the area all week on vacation. The men planned something and I was in the dark.

Nick and I drove Gus to JFK, at curbside drop off Gus leans thru my window and says "You've wanted to bed Nick ever since you started taking peeks. I Suggest you go for it and by the way, he's had the hots for you since we were dating.". And with that he does a 180 and heads inside.

The ride out of the airport was quiet till Nick says "We have a green board." and he takes my hand and places it on his crotch. I did not fight it much, if at all. Talk on the ride home centered on our mutual attraction and why he never married. Turns out I heard about a small stable of girl friends between Lakehurst NJ and Mayport Fl.

On entering the house Nick hugs me from behind, caressing my front from hips to breasts while kissing my neck. I turn, look up and lock tight on his mouth. Deep passionate kissing gets me so darn hot that taking his hand and leading to the bedroom was natural. Nick sits on the bed and says "Strip slowly for me.". I do my best, a little shy but quite willing I am doing my best to give the best view and present the best profiles. He stands and it's now my turn to go behind him and start undoing his belt. I kneel helping take socks off and stepping out of his slacks. "Take off my briefs but no hands." says Nick. Now I am starting to get quite wet as I bite on waistbands and tug. His package was by this time quite aroused and getting over it with briefs dipped under his ass cheeks proves impossible. I've learned 'front first' is the way. While tugging over the bulge Nick helps release himself and i swear 5 pounds of sex parts plopped out right in my face.

God he was more huge than any time I had spied him before.

Nick took my hands and we hit the bed resuming very hot kissing with hands roaming all over. On our sides with by two hands wrapped around his cock just felt wonderful. "Your mouth can do things other than kiss you know." which prompted my to do the natural. Going down I found him to certainly be longer than 12" and with an very acute banana curve but only starting a 1/3 of the way down. I've yet to see a cock like his on XHAMSTER. It's odd for sure and sloberring over the head was about all I could do. Nick picks me up and swings me around dropping my pussy right on his chin saying "Your throat will better match the curve now." as he starts to nibble at my lips.

Nick is licking in the right spot, humming and I still cant really do much with his cock beyond the head and a just little more. I swing around, mount him, resume kissing and start grinding my soaking wet pussy up and down his shaft. After heaven knows how long Nick says "It's time." and he stands placing my calfs on his shoulders.

With a firm hand he grabs his shaft moving his cock to my opening and presses. I think I had my 1st hard orgasm right there. Presses in maybe an inch or two, pulls out and starts to pound my vulva over the clit. Re-inserts and goes deeper. This was repeated a few times till he ran out of vagina. Now he started pumping me pulling out to the heads and diving till he hit bottom, pushes a little more till I make a sound and then pulls back. All the time at bottom he is hanging there longer and pressing a little harder. I lover it. The next part was the surprise. "Lori tell me if this is uncomfortable." as he pulls my thighs tight to his torso, lifts my butt off the matress and presses deep, presses harder which likely had my mpouth agape and eyes rolled. With a plop sound that I heard Nick's cockhead passes completetly thru my cervix. My immediate reaction was the most intense orgasm ever. Nick is not even moving, watching me ans smiling "That good?". I was speachless. After I catch my breath Nick says "I have a fistfull of cock still needing a home. I'm going to go slow.". Nick applies pressure, I have an uncomfortable feeling like I've never had before and he slowly sinks in. My pussy is stretched so tight I can feel my heartbeat down there. Nick is now balls deep and the stroking stops.

"How safe is it?" he asks. "It's not but I think you know that." I reply. Nick tells me "Gus said this is your most fertile time. Are you good with doing this?". What a time to ask. By this time I would have agreed to anything. My reply was "Get down here and kiss me while you fuck me.".

Nick just did small strokes, not really pulling out at all, just banging pelvic bones. Never pulling out past the cervix. I had the feeling his cock was moving my tummy around. Now I'm being screwed with a cock deep inside my Uterus looking to make a baby. Sex is so much in the head that just the thought of this brought me to another intense climax. Apparently your cervix (now known as my 'deep pussy') spasms while having an orgasm. That was more than Nick could take. "Hold me tight Lori, I'm close."
"Cum for me Nick, fill me." as he's rotating his hips in a small circle.
Balls deep Nick lifts himself so his torso is at a 45 degree angle and says things that expose his feelings while he is looking me dead in the eyes.
"This is for you and me."
"I've never screwed for a k** before."
"This is too exciting. I can't hold."
"Do me now !!" I literally scream and I'm rewarded when the cock lodged deeply inside my Uterus starts to twitch and fill me with his seed. While NIck is cumming I'm washed over by the next wave of climax myself.

I swear he planted close to 10 streams of cum. We hung locked together (later to learn we really were locked together like dogs) while he drained out every last drop and grew soft. Only upon losing his erection was he easily able to pull out.

Prolog... I became pregnant over the course of the next couple days. Maybe even clinically 'knocked up' within minutes after Nick filled me. Female topology is interesting. When dumping seed directly into the Uterus there really is no other place for it to go then towards the tubes. It's not like it's an empty room. Everything is tightly packed and the pressure moves the fluid around.

So much for Nick being concerned "Is it safe?". He knew we were locked in once he penetrated me and the only way out was to grow soft. We had once to urgently pull out at a later time. That proved painful trying, impossible and we got caught. That's for another story.

As I stated earlier, Nick and Gus look like b*****rs. We now have 3 sons all with many of the same features. Number 3 is Norwegian sandy blonde. He's my carbon copy. All 3 are prematurely gray. Nobody knows. Nobody suspects.

Nick's main reason for coming to NY for a week was to visit the fertility doctor and be my sperm donor. On Tuesday he made the visit and went through the motions. That donation might even still sits in a freezer.

The next story will be about 'Raw Monday' because the cervix is really not supposed to be fucked with.

Finale: This is the story that my BFF thought was so hot and got me on to XHAMSTER. Since spilling the beans, my BFF seems to be looking at Nick differently and paying more attention to him at home gatherings.

I'm doing everything in my power to encourage a little private time.
OK here it goes.
- Mary Ellen is the BFF and she knows all and she wants to make some good memories with Nick.
- Mary Ellen knows all and now you Nick know she knows all.
- And Nick really does like Mary Ellen on a non physical basis.
- Matching up a little passion with someone you like will make it hotter.
- And Mary Ellen does not view her marital status an impediment.

Anyone want to bet my phone rings real soon?
86% (15/2)
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2 years ago
another great story!
3 years ago
Fantastic story
3 years ago
Good story. Thanks
3 years ago
#1 by my husband Gus. #2 & #3 by Nick. #1 & #2 look more Greek than nordic. They look like brothers, carbon copies. Look at #3 and you would think I did it all by myself. Pure Norway blockhead though he tans quite well.
3 years ago
This is a really cool story. Glad that you and Nick are happy and that you now have three children. Thanks for posting.