Prelude to the Story

I shared a secret story with my best friend. She thought it so hot I was told to signup and post here. Yes we were dirnking wine and I was talking in great detail when half way through she tells me she's getting all wet and horny. This was before the parts I find the juciest and relive in my memory.

Throughout, names are changed too protect the guilty, of which I am one.

Nick & Gus are 1st generation American Greek's whose parents came over after WWII. Both are military via Annapolis and West Point. They are 1st Cousins.
f****y resembelance is astounding as you would think them b*****rs. Both are rock hard since after doing something they consider not healthy, they go out and run a few miles.

My sexual experiences are mainly with Greek men and other Southern Med types. Up until recently, I thought the attributes of Greek men were the norm. So on to the tale.....

I've secretly always wanted to fuck Nick. Best I thought would be Nick and Gus together. Never thought that would happen, and it still has not. Quite a few years ago while out on a small boat I got a glimpse of Nick's cock while he was peeing. My first though was that he had to be bigger than my husband. Understand that by normal non-Greek standards my husband is quite the whopper measuring about 10.5" from base at the top to the tip. A well timed "mistake" trip into a bathroom while Nick was showering certified my first impression. I did not even blush or hide where my gaze was. I believe I said "Well, there are no 5 foot tall 99 pounders in your future.". Which he agreed to with a good chuckle.

A few years later, under cicumstances I would never have imagined, Nick happened and in a big way.
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