Later on that 1st day with David

After my pounding we ended laying up side by side with my right hand on his semi hard cock. I shimmied down, keeping my legs crossed and used his tummy as a pillow for my head. I was just stroking and flopping his cock around with liesure and doing a thorough inspection. Simple enough to say I was enamored by the thickness. After some time I fell asl**p.

I woke maybe 2 hours later to find my hand held fast and I continued stroking, only now the monster was awakening. It was time for a little mouth teasing and helmut polishing. And knowing my way around big cocks, that's all I expected and it was all I could do. I tried getting down beyond the head, that was not working well, teeth. Eventually head work and stroking had him fully erect and moaning. It must have been a hour or more. Now I'm feeling jaw fatigue. So I said "Cum for me."

As I went back to his head head his huge hand came down to stroke the shaft. Eventually with an oooh and ahhh his other hand came to the top of my head and pressed me down. "Take it" I heard as he gave up the first a few ropes. Pull off a bit, swallow and get re-filled. Then I went back to sl**p again.

I woke up later and went to Xhamster to write the last story I posted.
Then back to bed where I resumed teasing his cock hard again.

Gus came home a bit earlier than usual, as he had been texted. Gus comes in to find his wife resting again on the tummy pillow while polishing a cock. The men greet each other, Dave declares that we get along dandy. I learn I was his first white girl! I add that "I hope I'm your last!" Then we both proceed to give Gus the blow by blow recap. I'm really stuck on telling how painfully thick he is and Gus comes up with a "Show me.". I tell him I can't and he replies "Oh yes you can."

I relent and say "You need to see this." as I flip onto my back, have Dave standing between my and place his balls below the labia and cock laying on my tummy. "Look, he covers everything!". Which earns another "Show me.".

I relent with a condition that I ride on top. At least I have some control. I take a squirt bottle of lube, coat myself and Dave and start pressing over him. To my surprise this time I covered him easily. His cockhead slid right in! I start to work him and all is going well till I hit my cervix. It was on fire, raw. Dave was good, I was rocking on his belly.

About then Gus jumps on the presents me with his cock. Crud, now I have to sit straight up. With some careful wiggling around I was able to sit up and keep Dave below the pain point. I now had 1 hand for Gus's shaft and 1 for his balls. Dave knew not to got deep, I told him and he saw how much it hurt. So I'm paying attention to hubby and Dave is just moving his hips a little. Now I'm the eager cock sucker, Gus may be big but I can do him well and properly.

Gus then asks Dave how "he like cumming in the white bitch." Dave tells how he lover the balls deep cervix part. Gus says "Good, I'm close, you go again and I'll follow.". Gus gets out of my face, Dave picks up the pace and in short order he is grunting and shooting. He was perfect, never went deep, never hurt me. Gus hollers "My turn", flips me off Dave, pulls me to the egde of the bed and in one motion goes bass deep. I think I screamed. At least he did not move much and pretty much just used me as a quick cum dump.

One observation afterwards...... Dave must have filled my vagina pretty well since Gus going in seemed to push it all out. Leakage afterwards was enormous. My cervis must have stayed opened up some. Both men encouraged me to push it out. I was muscle clentching and I do believe all of Gus along with what had to be all of Daves first orgasm came running out. I did not have a good view but judging by their words and the mess on the sheets it had to be huge quantity.

There was no more screwing that night, just showers a good douche and a lot of oral fun into Friday morning.

89% (10/1)
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That was awesome please share more
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While enjoying the challenge and proud of my ability!
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