Do swingers unintentionally send vibes? More ques

Every year for the past dozen or so we go to the home of one of my hubbies business colleagues. Normal crew is about 25 people with a lot of teen and p*****n k**s running around.

This year it was larger, new people and they ran short on supplies.
At halftime I volunteered a quick run back to our place as we could suppliment some of the fast going food.

I was accompanied by two married guys I had just met for the first time. Two respectable father types with the baggage of k**s and out of shape wives. Fatties actually, not to sugar coat it. They get a ring, pop out k**s and just let themselves turn into pigs.

From the freezer I pulled 2 frozen home made Lasagna's. One at a time they went into the microwave for 15 minutes. We're just chatting during the wait time when out of nowhere one says "Do you fool around?"
A momentary pause of silence and I responded in almost a whisper "Yes."

With that said both men started to loosen their belts. They were not overly good looking, not in great shape or anything else standoutish about them.
In short order I'm sitting in a room with a pair of half erect cocks. Nothing spectacular about them either.

I said "We have time, follow me." Apparently these guys play with each other! In my bedroom we all completely disrobe and they both take position on bed and start to grope each other. Touching all over. I was a bit taken back. They are going at each others cocks and at the same time working each others nipples as if they get the same sensation that I do.

They appeared very clean, I crawled up from their feet and got between their hips so my head was bracketed by cock. Still nothing spectacular, both were very hard but on the small side with no girth. Alternately I went left and right, able to take them completely without even a single gag. Upon looking up I expected to see them checking me out, instead they are deep kissing and grabbing each others nipples.

I have this thought planted in my head about some recent correspondence on Xhamster on creampie eating. My thinking is that if I want to experience it, this dynamic duo is giving me the perfect opportunity.

Beep goes the microwave, I run off to swap the Lasagna. I run back and literally dive into bed on top of them. I announce "I need some attention too." They knew what to do. One immediately started to eat me as the other straddled my chest. I said "Both of you eat me.". They followed orders pretty well. I found I could not spread my legs far enough to comfortably accomodate two faces, so there was a lot of movement as they took turn. I came pretty good and was terribly noisy at the same time.

I then asked "Do you guys eat each others cum?" And I get an affermative. I then ask "Do you want to eat cum out of a pussy?" And I get a "Hell yes!".
My response was simple "Who's first?".

I had one lay flat on the bed and took position in all fours over his face with my ass up high as an invite to Mr. First. I go down on his cock as Mr. First slips into me. Mr. Second's face is somewhere under Mr First's ball sack. I'm figuring Mr. First's will cum and I'll grind right into Mr Second's mouth.

Wrong presumption. I guess the visual was too much. Mr First had my hips held tight as he ginded into me for all he was worth. Which was not a lot. The next thing I know Mr. Second's cock starts to spasm and he is sending streams of cum into my mouth. I stay down on him, assess the taste, it's acceptable. Tastes like cum, so I start swallowing while keeping him deep. I do try to use my mouth to milk a cock clean, just like I do so well with my bottom.

I'm having a tough time now because Mr. First is banging me so hard that Mr. Seconds cock wants to jump out of my mouth. Which it does! At that moment Mr. First pulls my hips back hard as he lunges as far in as he could. He grunts and groans and moans whilst holding himself deep.

He is cuming in me, I know it, though I don't feel it. Either way, I have a pretty good climax just because that's what I do while a guy is 'making babies'. Between hard breaths I demand "Don't you pull out till you grow soft.". I wanted every drop.

Only Mr. First did not really grow soft, less hard sure. He stayed hard enough that he started to stroke again. Super, a 40 year old multi cummer. That is rare to find. Now if he only had a big cock to go with it I'd invite him to our little club.

While Mr. First is getting back to business Mr. Second, my creampie eating recruit, wiggles out from under me. He takes up position squatting over me and face to face with Mr. First. They start deep kissing again. Between kisses Mr. Second starts talking saying "Hold me tight when you cum in that pussy." Much to my surprise in little time he's holding my bottom deep and shooting his second load. I mean, like maybe within 5 minutes or less. Too fast, I guess putting a vagina in the middle of guy on guy was too exciting.

Now he is going soft, we decouple, I roll over on my back, pull knees up and demand "Eat it out of me!". Which he refuses saying "I'm really not in the mood.". Mr. First follows with a "I just came twice, I just need to cool down."

So I could only touch myself and learn Mr. First made me a high volume runny mess.

If only he were thick enough that I could have felt his spasm.
If only one of them would have eaten me clean.

Close to something new. Really need to find that cummy pussy eater. But still it was certainly new enough with the guy guy thing to be interesting.

Turns out these two have been each others best friends for years and the never had a wwoman join them.

Interesting for sure but I will most likely not be doing it again.

Eventually I did get the "Are you safe?". I love it when a guy asks that after planting seed! I fibbed pretty good. Told him it was not safe and I got carried away since they were so hot. Also declared it's my fertile time too. Expected someone to eat it all out of me. Maybe he will worry a little.

Some questions I'd like to hear your thoughts on....
#1 - Was I sending subliminal messages that these two could be so forward?
#2 - Should I make myself available to the multi cummer again?
He really was not that bad. One on one could be very enjoyable.
Heaven knows I do love them.
#3 - Should I be bad and call him in April?
Ask his opinion on what he thinks I should do with the pregnancy?
83% (7/1)
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