Group party 12/7/12 - 3nd and final part

They returned after a good long while and unlocked the cage releasing us all. By this time Noreen was asking to be taken down from the cross. They obliged her.

I was taken to another room by John and Cal for a walk through. They literally showed me the ropes! On the wall they had about half a dozen hangmens nooses. It was a bit scary. Turns out these nooses were not real at all. They even tied me a real one and showed me how it works. The ones on the wall were all made of multiple pieces of rope. The vertical piece is one with a clip at the bottom. The coils and neck piece is a second piece wrapped around the vertical and folded in on itself.

They then got to the nice outfit Chrissy suggested I weaar which is really a modified rock climbing harness integrated with a Fredericks of Hollywood dom outfit. Then they sized me up, adjusted and tightened straps and hung me with only the vertical. It was pretty comfortable. Then we moved on to one with the coils and neck piece. As they hoisted me up, the neck piece tightened and the coils moved down. The big difference was as it got tight it slipped and never got really tight.

Cal was fondling my ass and he did declare that he really wanted to screw me good first. John also thought it a super idea. So the sequence would be Stocks then Gallows. Mare had joined us by then and modified it to Stocks, Strap & Whip and then Gallows. The execution procession was then ready to go. Upon entering the great room I saw my friends having a good little party so they made good use of the prep time.

John and Cal each had an arm, walked me out and announced I had confessed to being the bad Witch. I eagerly went to the Stocks as I did need some cock.
John found lube not required as he took me from behind. Mary then came to the Stocks and while John is grinding she is telling me the best way to get off on this was to have my mind accept and belive the fact that I was truly going to be executed. That I was told would be the biggest rush. And I followed her advice from that point on.

About John and Cal...... They were very enjoyable and I do look forward to some future face to face missionary sex with them both. Niether has a big cock and they enhance they performance by creaming themselves with an ointment which makes it very hard for them to cum. Both men made me climax as getting to their own climax took prolonged fast pumping at a terribly rapid pace. I'm talking maybe 3 full strokes per second while they are close to screaming for a full minute before they stated to shoot. I really want that treatment with my legs wrapped around them next time. OK, back to the event.

I'm a little exhausted in the Stocks with the remains of Cal & John oozing out of my well serviced bottom. They release me and bind my and in front. Mare hooks me to the strap while the girls attach a spreader bar to my ankles. My arms are hoisted and they attach a belted vibrator over my clit. Mare starts to apply the whip. Only this time I am getting it much harder than she had given the others. And she is taking great enjoyment in the application. The mix of pleasure and pain was extraordinary. Around the time the vibrator was doing it's job when they could see I was having a cum, Mare gave me a couple very hard shots which ended up leaving marks. I can't explain it, such a mix of pain and pleasure. I'll just say I look forward do doing it again!

They take me down, unhook the apparatus and I am completely exhausted. A few start to chant "Hang the Witch" and I recalled what Mary had told me and took the mindset that I was about to die. What a rush this turned out to be!

Until now everything was cloth and velcro. That was about to change and it only made it the more real.

My hands were bound in front with real handcuffs. When I saw them I started kicking and screaming and trying to get away and break free. I had real tears running from my eyes. To the handcuffs they attached a steel chain around my waist so my arms could only be raised as up to my mid section. I was fighting and kicking the best I could. They then put me on the floor and applied steel ankle cuffs with maybe a foot of chain between. I was stood up and the noose with a was placed over my head.

I was surrounded by the group and brought in many very small steps to the front of the gallows. Frederick was standing on top now wearing an executioners hooded outfit. Black body, black outfit, huge hanging cock; and I screamed.
Surrounded by the mob I was compelled to take many more little steps, all the while crying and pleading them to stop. Gus the prick then whispered to me "The boys will be fine and Noreen will make the perfect new trophy wife." Fake or not, he loves huge tits. I'll get even with him someday.

We get to the bottom of the 13 steps (OK, it was only 4) and they tell me to accept my fate and it will be quick and painless. I'm a cryin whimpering pile of Jell-O by this point. I can't get up the steps. They need to lift me by the arms for each one. Next I'm standing in front of a thing that I need to step up on for 2 more steps. These are shorter so the ankle chains allow it.

I'm standing on the trap door over the opening. Someone takes the length of rope and feeds it through a pulley and ties it off on a cleat and adjusts the noose both tightening and positioning it to a shoulder side. They have maybe 3' of play in the rope. The group departs to take a viewing position in front of the Gallows. I'm left with John behind me so I can't escape backwards and Frederick at the lever.

The group below and in front of me are close. Through my tears I see Noreen get down and start to suck off Gus. From behind me John announces to Frederick "when he cums, she goes". Noreens little mouth could barely take his cockhead properly. I guess he liked it enough since it was not long before he placed both hands behind her head and grunted. I shouted "Please, No!" and Frederick pulled the lever.

The trapdoor sprung, I was free falling through the hole. That is all I remember.

I was told: I took a fall of about 3', my body jerked, the coils tightned and the noose came down whilst the harness captured all my weight. While I swung at the end of the noose with my head tilted down, Chrissy helped Noreen clean up the excess cum from both Noreens chin and Gus's cock. They thought it a great performance, the best they ever witnessed!! There was some applause and cheering. Then they noticed I was really passed out. A mad rush followed as they did not know if I was OK. Frederick and John loosening the rope/cleat while others lifted my from below. Until they got me to the floor they had no idea I fainted.

And it's not soon enough for me to do this all over again.

47% (1/2)
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