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I need some help with ideas

Back in the day when we first started to hard swap, there would be a roleplay script we would follow. Or at least loosly follow.

I saw a video today with Jan B and 3 friends with 4 black guys. Very Hot but could have been made scalding.

So I am thinking of a 4 guy lineup
Husband Gus
Gus's 1st Cousin Nick
Frederick my ebony stud
Bob my 29 y/o baby boy

For the girls
Mary Ann Ellen
Noreen (ultra petite and tiny) as the bait
Need to think of a 4th

Both Gus & Nick have frowned on te idea of a large group.
But they never had tiny Noreen before.
I know she would absolutely go for it.
The idea of working their huge cocks into 5 foot nothing 95 pound Noreen with her huge implants ought to do the trick.

OK guys, what situation with Noreen the new piece of flesh would excite so much that you would agree to hosting an orgy with a group larger than you are comfortable with?
Posted by nicksgirl 2 years ago
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2 years ago
I'm thinking "Virgin Big Cock Sacrifice" over the pre-Halloween weekend. Kids will be away. Rearrange living room, move king sized bed to center. Dress Noreen in pure white. Put boys in hooded "Executioner" outfits. Freaky monk chant music. Dress myself as "Goddess of Cum" so I can be master of ceremony. I'll keep Bob as my personal servant/slave. Nicely teather our sacrifice to the bed. I can then direct the boys as to who does what to her next.

Give her to my husband first, work up to Nick the next long cock and finishing her off with 14 inch Frederick.

I need to spice up othe give and take sequence.
Could make her a bukkake slut or have them all seed her. Could also have her act out scream/cry/fight objections to the whole thing.

Ideas please....
2 years ago
A halloween or superbowl party would be good