Knocked up and now safe

Since Mare became a certified preggo (hopefully a white baby and that part is questionable) all she ever spoke of was another go with my Frederick.

We had a Tuesday free at least till school bus time. I spoke to Frederick, he had no problem servicing us both and we decided on his place. It was a very early start. I let us in and we find Frederick half asl**p.

"My best girls" we are greeted with a big smile. Big boy goes to the bathroom starts brushing the pearly whites teeth and hollers "Mary, come on in and help me". I peek in maybe a minute later and see Mare aiming a big soft cock while he pees. His next words were "Now get working on some morning wood girl." She eagerly drops to her knees and gets to work.

"Did I say girl? Plural. Girls!"
So here we are still in street clothes getting a big cock bigger.
He is taking our tops off, when finished he pulls up Mare and says "Get comfy in that bed" and he closes the bathroom door. Whispering in my ear "I'm going to get her rocks by making her a little nervous". I tell him I have a new idea to get his rocks off too.

He stands next to the bed offering her his cock to play with. Even he was enjoying the contrast of the white cheeks under his ebony shaft. He commented on how hot it looks. When fully erect, the man of steel slides under the covers.

"Congrats, Lori tells me you are pregnant."
"Yes" she says as he positions himself missionary and starts to enter her.
She moans and purrs a bit as he says "Good for you, today we try to make it twins". And her purring stops. As he is lifting her legs over his shoulders she says "What do you mean?" and he responds "If you have a second egg on the loose I'll hit it." And with a single stroke, he is likely half way buried.

I jump on the bed behind Frederick, bend over and kiss him deep and say "Wonderful" as I pull off the comforter. I grab his shaft at the base and let my weight fall against his back, then I do my best to press him into her.

Mary Ellen has a deep pussy and we are using most of it. The back of my palm is balls and the thumb side is labia. Job done. I then lay down next to my best, give her a kiss on the cheek and she says "Can that really happen?" I tell her "Risky sex is better sex, enjoy it." With that I leave the room and go to start a pot of coffee.

Fredericks apartment is not that huge so I can hear everything going on. Frederick has her opened up and loose, I can tell he is slamming his whole length by his sounds and hers. More her sounds actually.

I return and they are going slow, he is holding his deep stroke and they are kissing romantically and deeply. I hear him say "I've got so much cum in me ready to go." I've heard other guys say similar so I guess it's true they can feel the tank fill. She loudly says "Don't !" and tries her best to push him off. He goes high getting one leg over his shoulder and starts slamming. She slides the leg off and screams "No! No! No!" I don't know how many times. But her legs are so widely spread it makes no difference. He slams her rapidly 3 or 4 more times in quick succession, maybe more and she is going into hiper orgasm still saying "No! Don't! Stop!" while she has her red fingernails dug into his ass pulling him in. So I guess it was more of a "No, don't stop!"
A couple more thrusts and he says to her "Be my baby Momma" arches his back, stretches his neck up, looks at me, rolls his eyes and starts to grunt.

With no additional movement Frederick holds himself balls deep as he unloads into my best friend, almost panting while she mouths the word "No" over and over while still doing her best to grip his ass to keep him deep. I myself came a little just watching this.

Over the next few minutes I see her a sweaty mess, they start tender kissing and Frederick is doing nothing to remove himself. Still holding balls deep and doing a complete drain out. They stayed locked together kissing for a long time.

I leave and return with a mug of hot coffee and just sit to watch them locked together from the side. About the time I'm nearing the mugs bottom Frederick finally rolls off her. With that Mare rolls on top of him giving him a facefull of her huge chest. So much for "No!". That was maybe 10-15 minutes of lovingly being locked together as he drained out. Absolutely awesome sex for sure.

Her crotch is a cummy mess. After not too long he starts seriously run out of her. Another awesome sight and then she surprised me. She slides off the bed taking her shoulders and neck to the floor while leaving her bottom inverted. She smiles at me and says she is going to do like me and keep it all.

I then slide into bed with two mugs of coffee and start to play with his heavy soft cock. Lots of small talk surrounding my giving them kudos for one superb screw session. After what had to be a half hour he is getting hard again and Mare finally stands erect. No drip! She said she could feel it running into her uterus. I expect that just like me, her cervix closed and holds it all. Good girl!

Eventually Frederick took me from behind and as we all too often do in that position, I had his cockhead deep in my cervix. He was slow and tender. It took a long time and I had quite a few climaxs, we changes positions a few times. I had my big vaginal orgasm as we were on our sides with him spooned in behind and it was timed perfectly as it hit right as he came for the second time.

And that was all for this day, unless you want to hear about a deli lunch!

I never got to trying my new idea. It's something I expect two girls can do when sharing a single long cock. I've never seen it done before and I do look forward to trying in the future. Maybe I'll try it first on Gus or Nick. That's for later.

Turns out Mare loved the fantasy that she could get pregnant twice. She told me it is possible and her normal cycle would have had this as a safe week. So she went with it. She also was getting into the idea of a **** fantasy to boot. She tells me she really was shouting no, don't and stop. I laughed a lot when telling her she clutching his ass and holding him deep at the same time. She was not aware. She said she thought she was punching him in the ribs. She too found that part amusing.

No other good storys to relive. At least for now.
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