next door nabour

As you are all aware i swich names for the sake of the identity of the people in the story,

Me and my naboure holly had been quite close for a long time, we used to meet up for coffees every monday at costa, one day we decided to meet up quite late, so we went to a bar called the flying dutchman, met up there and had a couple of drinks, i said "lets ditch this place" and left, as soon as we got on she jamp on my and crossed her legs over my waist, she tore her little black dress off her body and her d-cup tits were exposed.she undid my shirt and pulled it off she then started taking my jeans off, she started rubbing her cunt through her panties and started to moan softly she then shoved me onto my bed and started grinding on my lap, i almost came immediately, i pulled off my boxers and out popped my 8" cock fully erect, her moans were getting louder, i told her to take her panties off so she did, she then sat on my did, god how tight was her cunt, i could hardly fit my dick in, after a couple of shoves i was fully burried in her cunt, she started riding my cock, she would go left and right, front and back and up and down, i could feel her cunt.start pulsing it was pushing down on my dick in waves she.was screaming like there was no tomorrow, it was heaven, i started coming too, we both fell on each other in an exausted heap.

The end
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3 years ago
more details & spell check would make this great
3 years ago
Nick this better than your other story, however you should still give us some more detail...