Patricia my lovely old whore

firstly this is a true story
names changed but the rest is true
my wife and i have been together for 25 years i am 45 she is 50 and stunning perfect breasts and a awesome fuck we have a great sex life its just i have a slightly higher drive so she has alway allowed and often encouraged me to have a little extra when and where i want several times she has arranged for me to service some of her friends
but this is all about Patricia and the details so if i get a good response i will add a few more stories later on
pattys husband rick has been a friend of mine for several years and his wife has always been quite a looker and 8 years younger than him she is now 60 and it was her birthday when it all started
i took a card around and a bottle of wine for her birthday and rick was nowhere to bee seen so i went in gave her a peck on the cheek handed over the wine and card and wished her happy birthday i think they where planning to go out to dinner she was dressed in a lovely low cut dress that showed her beautiful cleavage off perfectly
so she invited me in for a drink to celebrate i usually have a coffee but she insisted on a proper drink so we opened the wine and sat in the kitchen with a glass of red at 11 in the morning
we where chatting quite nicely until i asked is she got what she had wanted for her birthday
hmmppfft not really all i wanted was some nice hard cock she said up to this point she has always been quite reserved i can honestly say i have often imagined fucking her she is a good looking older woman with a great figure massive full boobs and a nice curve to her hips
so in the gap in conversation after that comment she followed up by saying its a shame jane wont hire you out im sure you could help me relax , my mind was going at double time half thinking of the joy of fucking this sexy older woman and the other half trying to remove all the problems it might cause if i did
she has told me you fuck other women she said dont you fancy me am i to old
well thats all the invite i would need what about rick i said i would love to give you some cock but he is a very good friend and from behind me he appeared and said as long as i can watch its all ok with me
so what to do a quick text to jane mmmm fuck her but save some for me was the response i was beginning to suspect things had been arranged already
so i just said get up stairs and with a giggle of she went leading me by the hand to the master bedroom
she spun around and planted a kiss on my lips her tongue probing my mouth and twisting together with mine as i responded my hands kneading her firm arse then working around to feeling her great tits and finally sliding my hand up her dress and between her legs WOW she was knickerless shaved and moist already i heard a grunt behind me and rick stood in the doorway with his shriveled wrinkly little old cock in his hand already
so time to put on a show then i pushed her back so she sat on the edge of the bed and scooped her tits out of the front of her dress pinching her nipples not as big as janes nipples but her tits where much bigger my cock was swelling by now as she slipped my trousers and pants down my cock sprang free now i am no well hung stud i have about 7 1/2 inches at full stretch but it is thick she noticed straight away and said oi limp dick this is as thick as my wrist if you ever get it up it wont ever fill the gap this leaves behind
i grabbed a handfull of hair and shoved her head towards my stiffening cock and said less chat more suck or i leave right now
fuck me can that old whore suck cock she took the whole length in one movement my balls where on her chin and my cock whent from semi to bloated and throbbing in that split second i could have cum there and then but i held on ...only just but i controlled myself
i reached down to her glorious tits and beyond to slide my fingers into her now dripping pussy
she was hot and wet
GET ON YOUR KNEES PATTY you are for a battering is a spilt second she was on all fours back curved big old tits swaying knees parted that lovely bald pussy slightly gaping i knew i would only last a short while fist time in so i went in hard and deep i rubbed my glowing peeled bellend up and down her slit fuck was she hot and wet and trying to back onto me once my head was slick with her juice i eased it in her she groaned instantly and started to twitch and spasm as she came i gave her no mercy as she started to cum i drove into her to the balls hard and deep she screamed as i withdrew and pushed in harder she was thrashing about screaming and cumming i gripped her hips she was not getting away as i pumped my length in her tight wet cunt her groans and screams got louder i told rick to get his limp cock in her mouth to quieten her down a little and he obliged i notice he was sporting a semi now as he watched his wife being fucked she grabbed his ball sack and pulled him into her mouth and i just pounded her as hard as i could out to the very tip and into the balls every stroke my balls slapping her unprotected clit as i stretched her open and treated her like a whore
i could feel her juices starting to run down my balls and the inside of my leg as my sap began to rise and my precum flowed mixing with her juices rick spurted into her mouth that was my cue 2 more good hard deep thrusts and i was at the point of losing control i pulled out and shoved her to one side so she rolled onto her back just in time for my first string to splatter up her tits and a big dollop on her face i gripped my swollen cock and pumped every drop over her her dress was ruined and spunk all over her tits and face as i watched my strings hitting her she was scooping it into her mouth like her life depended on swallowing every drop so i dropped to my knees and plunged my face between her legs driving my tongue deep inside her gaping hole then circling her clit and flicking over and around it over and over finally sliding 2 fingers inside her cunt and pumping them as i licked her clit she started shuddering and shouting i have never seen a woman cum so hard it was like having a bucket of sweet warm water thrown in my face i stood and ripped her dress off while she removed her bra and fuck was i hard and ready for more i love going down on a woman it gets me so hard and horny so i lowered myself over her and again had the joy of feeling her hot wet pussy engulf my cock she was spasming as i entered her she cum again but i was in for the long ride this time i slowly fucked her using every millimeter of my cock to get as deep as i could tensing my muscles so my cock would swell to its maximum length and girth and stretch her as much as i could she came 2 more times as i kept my rhythm pumping her old cunt hard and deep
eventually withdrawing so i could lay back and let many years of horse riding rhythm do its thing i cannot express how good it was she was awesome only pausing to let another orgasm subside as she sat astride me my cock buried deep inside her i really got to grips with those wonderful pendulous tits slapping and gripping them pulling her nipples until she begged me to stop then sliding my hand down to find her clit pinching it between my finger and thumb she was begging me to fill her old cunt with spunk now pleading such a filthy mouth i asked how hard could she take it as hard as i want to give it to her if i promise to fill her old cunt with my spunk she said so again i had her on all fours and used my thumbs to spread her used pussy and i fucked her her arms became to weak so she balanced on the bed face down arse up taking my cock deep in her hot wet cunt and i pounded her so hard no fucking mercy for patty i did my best to rip her in two my balls where full and i withdrew she went mad screaming for me to spunk her old cunt so i grabbed 2 fist fulls of arse flesh and fed my cock in hard harder harder pounding that dirty old whore and as my balls tightened and my load started to rise i banged her so hard i thought i would crush my balls then the final release my cock swelling bigger than ever before it went off like a fire hose as my balls emptied in her battered cunt she just went into meltdown thrashing around and screaming as she felt my spurts hitting her deep inside i have never cum so much it was dribbling out before my cock started to soften i slid out slapped her arse as she fell forward and lay there fucked my massive load dribbling out of her gaping used old cunt i slipped my pants and trousers back on and bathed in sweat wandered across the road on wobbley legs into our living room and sat down in a secon jane was knelt before me her dressing gown hanging open those massive nipples hard pulling my cock free demanding details as she licked our juices from my soft cock demanding to hear every detail as she tried to suck some life into my cock then i notice her hand between her legs thrashing her clit then pausing as she fed first one then two and more fingers inside her slit my cock responded i was shocked but my beautiful sexy wife was getting me hard the very second my well used cock was hard enough she span around and backed down onto my cock riding me hard i could see her tits bouncing in the reflection on the tv screen her big nipples swollen and hard as she rode my equally hard cock as she came she my cock started to twitch as my third load started to leak she was on her knees in a flash pumping my sore cock with both hands begging for cum on her tits one little spurt and a dribble as soon as my cum hit her flesh she came again then sat back on the chair opposite and rubbed my little dribble of cum around her nipples and as she lifted her tit and sucked her own nipples clean i thought this day is not over she is so hot its only just after dinner i asked if she wanted what patty had had did she want a battering
oh yes she did so i said she would have to suck a load out of ricks old cock just a smile was my answer and the next night is another story if you want more
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19 days ago
Very hot story! Glad to hear it's true...