First time experience with BDSM

I'm a 21 year old virgin here who up until yesterday has only been gratified by normal masturbation, and who has never touched a woman other than friendly hugs and one makeout session. Obviously, I've been craving some depraved gratification and feminine touch for a while so I decided to just pay for it if I couldn't get it in my personal life yet. I didn't want to lose my virginity to a prostitute, so I went to a dungeon and hired a professional dominatrix. Sadly, it ended up being one of the most awesome experiences of my life.

She was a 10/10 goddess. Half french, half Japanese with 34C breasts, a beautiful face, seductive voice, and ass/legs for days. I got there and she was dressed casually in jeans and a t-shirt. We talked about what I expected in a first time session and then she took me to the dungeon and told me to get naked and wait on my knees while she got dressed.

I complied and was getting anxious/very excited as I heard the sound of her stiletto heels outside the door. Eventually she came in, wearing a latex corset, extremely small mini-skirt, and a g-string. She started things off by making me kiss her feet and heels before pulling me up by my hair and teasingly grinding up on me. My hands instinctively moved to grab her ass to which her only response was a wicked smile for a few seconds ... before she slapped me and told me that greedy slaves like me always needed to ask for permission before touching. So I moved my hands away and we stayed in that position, standing upright with her breasts pushing against my chest and her legs writhing against my cock as she nibbled my ears and playfully teased me.

Then she pushed me up against a cross at the back of the dungeon and had me tied up and blindfolded. She stood up against me and started lightly dragging her nails across my entire body, making sure the trace of her nails went dangerously close to my cock each time to tease me. I couldn't tell if it was just her nails or some needles, but she lightly started poking my balls with something sharp too (felt amazing). She even worked her ass up against me and started grinding while making me smell her neck and armpits. I was rock hard at this point when she started tying up my cock. She told me that from this point on, my cock belonged to her. I was so worked up, I muttered in agreement "Yes, mistress, my cock is completely yours for right now."

She got mad at my condition of "right now" and turned me around and started spanking me while I repeatedly apologized and told her that my cock would belong to her forever. After she was satisfied, I got up and moved to a bench where she had me lay down in a position where I couldn't see her behind me. I was just sitting there for a few minutes, masturbating at her request while not peeking over my shoulder to try and see her, when out of nowhere her deliciously soft breasts are in my face. She wasn't fully topless, she just unbuttoned her corset a bit and smothered me with her cleavage while I kissed. Eventually she stood up and walked over me, occasionally bending down and hovering her ass over my face giving me a fucking amazing view. When she noticed how turned on I got when she stepped on my cock and balls with her bare feet, she made me suck her toes and lick her soles for a while before proceeding to sit on my face and occasionally teasing my cock with her feet.

She completely smothered my face with her ass, covering my nose and making me breath in her scent. She told me that I better sniff hard so that I'd be able to recognize the smell of her ass ... and I think I would be able to lol. I wasn't expecting to be so turned on by that, but her ass really did smell intoxicating. Perfect mixture of sweet, musky, and feminine with no hints of dirtiness. She made me kiss and lick her ass, my tongue only separated from her asshole and pussy by the thin fabric of her underwear. She eventually pulled out a vibrator and began massaging my balls while continuing to writhe around on my face. She'd lift her ass up every 30 seconds or so to let me breathe and made sure I was thanking her as I gasped for air. She reminded me that my cock belonged to her and threatened to really punish me if I came without permission. Eventually she turned around and seductively brought her face right next to mine and whispered that she required my cum now as she grazed her lips against my ears and nibbled at my neck and shoulders. I started masturbating furiously at this and when I hadn't cum in about 30 seconds, she playfully got upset and began smothering me with her ass again while sadistically demanding that I cum for her. Within seconds, I unloaded a huge load across my belly, scooped it up and licked it at her request, and then got on my knees to kiss her ass goodbye.
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