Gramp and the Marine CD: Visit Two By Buck Jones

Gramp and the Marine CD: Visit Two
By Buck Jones
After Visit One, we exchanged a number of e-mails, mostly about getting to know what my bitch boy wants. He wants a wig. He wants an outfit. He wants a bukkake party. I feel the party can happen, but with the second visit, getting a group together is a little too early. I’m still getting used to being a daddy to an outwardly appearing masculine Marine cross dresser. Go figure!
Anyway, I purchase some make-up items and dig up an old black wig. I get a deeper red lipstick, some eye shadow, and eye liner. Also, I get a jar of Pond’s Cold Cream for him to remove everything.
Nick arrives. Things between us are much more relaxed. We sit at the island and talk. He has a bag with him from a local emporium containing a pink lace mesh body shirt, including the matching lace thong. It turns out the included thong is not as comfortable and wearable as the one Nick has left. I bring out the bag with the make-up and the cheval mirror and Nick begins making himself up sitting on the stool at the edge of the island. He puts the blue eye shadow on a bit heavily but within the lines. The eye brow pencil substitutes as the eye liner. With his thick eyebrows there is no need for eyebrow pencil. A good looking young man, a really attractive young lady.
Nick takes out the lace-up-the-back stretchable body shirt. I realize that because of the fullness of his chest, the laces need to be expanded so as not to tear the mesh. After pulling this side and then that side and expanding the distance between the holes, Nick places the item over his head and pulls it down to his groin. The material clings with sufficient resistance. Now we discuss the wig. I explain it is not the best, but he is certainly welcome to it to see how comfortable he is about wearing it. As it turns out, Nick likes it. The transformation is now complete. Before me is a womanly stance and face. I ask Nick if he dances. He doesn’t.
“Why don’t you begin to make Daddy happy?”
Nickie reaches for my box and massages it. She falls to her knees and pulls down my shorts and at first licks my dick, then sucks the head and then goes down more deeply, coming up for air, getting a second wind and going at it again.
“You like sucking Daddy’s cock, don’t you, Bitch Boy?”
Pulling back just long enough to respond. “Yes, Daddy. Yes, Daddy.”
“That’s a good girl. Daddy’s going to be good to his girl. You want to be Daddy’s girl? That’s what you want, isn’t it? You want to be Daddy’s bad little whore slut that Daddy has to punish from time to time, don’t you?”
“Yes, sir, Yes, Daddy, I want to be your bad piece of shit slut girl. But you won’t beat me too bad, will you, Daddy?”
“That depends upon how bad you’ve been. If I find out you’ve been with someone other than my friends, you’ll get really punished. I’ll beat that ass of yours so red, Rudolph will say it glows. You get me, Bitch Boy?”
“Yes, Daddy. I only play with Daddy’s friends.”
“That’s right… cause you don’t know how much shit is out there and Daddy’s looking out for his girl. You, Daddy’s girl?”
“Yes, Daddy, I’m your girl.”
“Make some more love to that meat. I know that’s what you like the most, having a dick in your mouth. You like to suck on dicks, don’t you, you little slut? And the more the better. And Daddy’s going to get you more. And you don’t want little dicks, do you, Nickie? You want fat, thick boners that hit the back of your throat and make you gag. That’s what you want, isn’t it?”
“Oh, Daddy, that’s what I want. That’s what I really want. Give me big, thick dicks to suck… and then they can cum all over my face, all at the same time. All that man juice covering your girl, Daddy. Does it just turn you on?”
“You’re fucking right it turns me on, Bitch, and that’s what we’ll have… but we have to put the right people together for a scene like that… but it will happen. Right now, you have tremendous desire, but you don’t have tremendous experience. We’ll remedy that, however. Each hot scene will be a lesson as we move through this book of fantasy and desire, of the taboo and the forbidden into the land of supernal experience. You’re fucking right, it turns me on. Hot man cocks jacking off all over my girl, giving the whore in her what she wants, making her happy, the happiest of girls because she’s making us the happiest of men.”

The girl in the Marine goes back to sucking Daddy. He clasps it with his hand and works his hand while he slowly sucks Daddy’s dick. The head pulsates, his tongue teases and laps. Her head moves up and down as she works the shaft.
“You want another Daddy to suck on?”
“Oh, yes. I’d just love to have another Daddy to please, someone to be on my knees for, someone to suck.”
“You’ll like sucking this cock that’s coming to visit.”
I give Ned the phone call about Ned’s having left his phone at my place.
When Ned arrives after a ten minute interval, the bewigged bitch is in her pink mesh body shirt on all fours sucking my cock.
“Nickie, this is Daddy Ned. He’s here to have some fun. He wants this girl to give up her mouth and pussy to his dick.”
“Can I feel it, Daddy?”
Ned’s dick is pushing at his blue jeans.
“No, not right now. You got to earn the right to feel that cock.”
Ned chimes in, “Well, Gramp, you found a really nice looking young thing.”
“You like the way I look?” Nickie asks.
“Hey, I want to play and play hard. I wouldn’t want to if you didn’t turn me on. You got it going on,” Ned adds as he goes to Nickie’s rear and gives it a hardly slap.”
Nickie winces and continues sucking my dick. Ned caresses her buttocks and massages her ass with one hand, and with the other, goes right for the pussy hole. A master of technique and primal sexual feeling, Ned feels the need in Nickie’s hole as Nickie twists and turns in response to Ned’s pussy exploration. Ned’s innate response to the feelings he’s generating gives him the direction on where to take the stimulation. The boy’s girly body determines the pathway Ned chooses to follow.
“You like Daddy Ned working your pussy hole, you cum sucking slut?”
Backing off my cock just long enough to respond to the question, “I think I’m answering with my pussy. Daddy Ned knows just what drives me crazy.”
“You see, bitch. I told you I wouldn’t bring anyone to you who doesn’t have a strong sexual aspect to their persona. I know you, girl. You want to be turned on every single moment when you have the freedom to express yourself sexually. You want the orgasm, but you really don’t want the stimulation and sexual play to ever end. You’re fucking torn between getting off and fucking loving being on your knees making men feel really good. You’re such a sweet girl and you love to suck cock so much. Fuck, you didn’t even wait to feminize yourself today before you were on your knees sucking on that cock of mine. You’ve come to the right place because orgasm is not always part of the experience. The sex practiced here is pretty closely akin to sexual tantra… the realization that the power of sex is a gateway to the divine. And, girl, when you’re sucking on Daddy’s cock, he is definitely walking that stairway to Heaven.”
Ned holds up two fingers, spits on them gingerly, twists them together and lowers his expanded tool that disappears into Nickie’s pussy. Ned rubs the outside and just merely hits the edge of the hole. He reaches up and starts pulling on Nickie’s clit while rubbing the fingertips ever more deeply into Nickie’s hole.
Nickie is lost in sucking my dick while Ned is working her clit and pussy hole. Ned’s fingering creates a mini rhythm. I look into Ned’s eyes. We smile. Nickie moves forward onto my dick as Ned pushes his two fingers into the hole and begins moving them around and in and out. Nickie now has her hand wrapped around my cock, is sucking the head with abandon, moving in unison with Ned’s fingering her hole.
At the height of this scene, I blurt out, “Daddy Ned, I think it’s time you have some of this hot mouth on your hot cock.”
Ned jumps in, “I can handle that,” all the while working Nickie for all its worth. Nickie is shaking all over.
I step aside and sit down, simply to relax and observe, to watch this hot young CD suck on Ned.
“I want you, you cute little bitch slut, to make love to that cock through his jeans, but don’t you get them wet. You got me. And when Daddy Ned feels so inclined, he’ll let you unbuckle him, unzip him, and expose him. When Daddy Ned says so. You got it, Bitch Boy?”
“Yes, Sir. I’ve got it.”
Ned stands in front of Nickie. His lipstick now gone, there’s no chance of leaving any traces of contact on the front of Ned’s jeans. Nickie starts by brushing his dry lips along the length of the Ned’s outline. She does this several times. Then withdrawing her tongue to the back of her mouth, she begins pressuring the confined sausage with her teeth. She’s not exactly biting, but the pressure of her teeth is highly stimulating. Ned smiles at me as he begins to gyrate into Nickie’s mouth. Ned is about to explode.
Ned looks at me. He looks down at the head in motion. He looks at me and nods. I nod in agreement.
“O.K., you tender sweet little boy whore, you can unbuckle me. But don’t touch the meat until I tell you to. You can pull the pants down. You can pull the drawers down, but don’t you even think about touching the package. You got that?”
Nickie, somewhat dumbfounded but compliant with the command, nods and murmurs, “Yes, Daddy Ned.”
Gently, Nickie finds the belt and figures how to pull it open and apart. The belt falls into two different directions. She unbuttons the top of the jeans. She grasps the zipper and pulls it down. The weight of the belt causes the front flaps to fall away from themselves. The sausage is now confined only by the drawers, held flat by the jeans. Nickie takes hold of the jeans on the sides and pulls them down to below Ned’s knees. The piece of meat is now separated from Nickie’s sight by the thin piece of cotton. Nickie takes hold of the pair of drawers in the same fashion as the jeans, and pulls down.
Nickie sees Daddy Ned’s cock in its full mouth watering and mouth filling glory. A perfect head, a fat shaft and plenty of length. Nickie is now in love with Daddy Ned. This toy could supply her with fantasies forever. Daddy Ned now receives the total attention of the young CD.
“Smell it. You can sniff it, but don’t put your lips on it.”
Nickie brings her nose to the pubic region and then sniffs under the balls. She runs her nose up the underside of the shaft and touches the head with the tip of her nose.
“You can start by sucking my balls. No hands on the cock. Just a mouth and tongue on my balls.”
Nickie looks up. She looks down, and then lowers herself, so her mouth is beneath Ned’s ball sack and nowhere near his throbbing erection. I can tell Ned wants to feel the k**’s mouth all over his cock, but he’s taking it really slowly to give the k** some lessons in love making.
Nickie is totally into the scene. She first kisses the entire area of the ball sac before taking her tongue out. She continues to kiss all over the ball sac but this time her tongue is protruding between her lips ever so slightly. Slowly, her tongue emerges, lubricates, retreats, lubricates more, now licking the wet and juicy ball sac as Daddy Ned’s cock rises to its greatest hardness.
I pull Nickie away from making love to his balls.
“Look at it, you cum sucking bitch. Look at that cock. Study it. Think about how much you want it. Think about how you’re going to remember this moment when you’re pulling on your clit back at the barracks. Pull on your clit and look at that cock and just imagine… just imagine how that fat cock is going to feel pushing open your pussy hole. Look at it. You like that cock, Bitch?”
“Yes, Daddy.”
“You want to suck on that cock? You want to feel that fat thick piece of meat while you pull on your clit? Is that what you want to do, you girly cock sucking slut? Have your pussy filled by a big fat thick cock while you pull on your clit? Is that what you want?”
“Yes, Daddy.”
“Yes, sir. I want to hear ‘Yes, Sir.’”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Say it like you mean it. Stop pulling on your clit. I’m going to suck on it and get it really juicy and lube it up, and then you can pull on it again when you start to lick and suck Daddy Ned’s cock. You want to do that, you little cum eater?”
“Yes, Sir. Yes, Sir!”
“Put your hands at your sides, stand up, and let Gramp suck on that girly clit. I want to pull some pre-cum out of that hole,”
Nickie stands up with her hands at her side.
I tease the head of the clit. My tongue catches some of the silvery pre-cum and stretches it out into a fine silky strand. Now it’s time to lick and kiss the head. I move back, slap the clit a few times, witness Nickie flinching from time to time but holding her ground. I touch the head with the tip of my tongue and lick more pre-cum. I place my lips on the head and tease the hole. Now I engulf the entire clit, feeling it against the back of my mouth. This clit is rock, rock hard with the strength of youth. It is unforgiving and remains rock hard during my entire time moving my lips up and down the shaft and sucking sweetly and sucking more aggressively. I pull back.
“OK, you hard clit little whore, you can hold Daddy Ned in your hand. You can feel what you’re going to be sucking. Grab him around the base. Feel his thickness. You think you can get that thickness at his base down your throat, Bitch Boy?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“When you say ‘Yes,Sir.’ I want to see action. I want to see performance when the time comes. Squeeze him, Sweet Thing, squeeze him. Feel that rock hard meat and know you’re going to be on your knees sucking on that fat sausage. You want to be on your knees sucking on that rod?”
“Yes, Daddy Gramp. I can’t wait until I can suck him.”
Daddy Ned adds to the dialogue, “Turn around, Nickie. I want you to bend over so I can finger your pussy hole some more. I want to get you loosened up. I want to open you slowly, so when I slide in, you’ll be feeling every inch the beautiful girl you have become. You’ll know your pussy hole was made for a man, made for your Daddies and your Granddaddies to fill and fuck. Right, Bitch?”
“Yes, Daddy Ned,” Nickie utters as she turns around and bends over.
Ned spits on two fingers and finds the magic spot. He moves them circularly, pushing inward with each rotation.
I step in front of Nickie. “Make Daddy Gramp feel good.” Immediately, Nickie grabs my cock and starts jacking on it. She spits on her hand and goes back to jacking. She plays with the head while Ned works her pussy hole. Nickie leans forward and begins sucking my cock. “That’s right, Sweet Thing. Suck Daddy Gramp’s cock. I love when the slut in you is totally complete. You’re pulling on your clit while Daddy Ned is opening your pussy and your mouth hole is filled with cock. You’re such a perfect little slut. You’re good because you’re totally into it. You’d like two more Daddies… a dick for each hand. You’d like that, wouldn’t you, you cum sucking slut of a girl?”
Nickie doesn’t even bother to pull back; she nods on my dick, “Yes, yes, yes.” I can feel the answer with the nod of her head and the firmness of her sucking.
Ned smiles at me. He’s now working three fingers, and is easily slipping in a fourth as he opens Nickie’s pussy hole. Nickie is ravishing my cock.
Ned puts a halt to things. “Nickie, get off Gramp’s dick, get on your knees, and get on my dick.”
Nickie complies quickly. Having been with Nickie before Ned arrived, I used this opportunity to be the voyeur. I find a chair in close proximity and sit down, pulling on my meat occasionally as I goad Nickie on while she sucks Daddy Ned.
Ned lets Nickie know exactly what he wants.
“Not so fast. I didn’t say you could touch it yet, did I?”
“No, Sir.”
“First, I want you to put your nose at the base of my dick and take a deep breath, taking in the fragrance of my balls. I want you to do that a couple times on each side. And as you go from left to right, I don’t want to feel your pretty lips on my cockhead. And don’t even think about tonguing it. Just take deep whiffs of my balls and the base of my cock. You try getting in a feel of the cockhead, and you’ll get slapped cross the side of your head. You gotta learn how to be a good girl. You gotta learn how to wait and approach your man the way he wants to be approached. Once more. Take another sniff on each side. That’s right…. Now I want you to slide your closed lips up both sides, up and down, and down and up, but don’t you try copping a feel, or you’ll feel a firm hand up side your head. When do don’t do right, you face the consequences. I figure those older boys got you before you were three, and they didn’t spare the rod, did they? You fuck up with one of them and you got slapped. They were training you, training you right, and when you learned to do it right, they still hit you, didn’t they?”
Nickie is being driven crazy by all the thoughts that trouble her, the memories of her learning time, the time she learned being a girl made the boys happy, even though they had to maintain control, and they used slapping… her face, her head, her butt… they started slapping her butt to let her know they were her masters, and her pussy hole was theirs. They slapped her before they penetrated her, during the act, and afterward before they would let her touch her clit and cum. That’s what Nickie wanted from Daddy Gramp and Daddy Ned. She wanted the control, the control maintained and sustained by being slapped.
Daddy Ned is a pure sexual being; he connects with the sensual reptilian brain in any person, male or female, that he meets.
“Ned, I think this girl needs to have her cheeks reddened. What do you think?”
“I think she misses not feeling a firm hand or hands on her backside, right Sissy Bitch? That’s how they made love to you, isn’t it?
Pulling her smooth lips from the side of Ned’s cock, she looks up at Ned and over at Gramp. “I love being warmed up because I know you care and you’re going to fuck me. I want both of you to fuck me, but I want both of you to cum on my face while I pull on my clit.”
Ned doesn’t miss a beat, “Yeah, sure, we’ll give up our cum on your face, and we’ll watch you wipe it off finger by finger and eat it. Turn around, you little sweet bitch thing. I’m going to warm you up. Let you earn the privilege to suck that cock. I want that butt a rosy red. I want to see some hand prints. You want to feel some hand prints?”
“More than you can know.”
Swat! Ned’s hand lands firmly in the center of Nickie’s right cheek. Ned moves and anticipates the second application. He rears his hand back, drops downward to get the proper angle, then Swat! A moment of rest, and then the paddling begins… two or three rapid short swats followed by a hard landing. More of the tepid slaps and then a heavy handed thwack. This activity goes on for some time, time enough to produce a red ass, a really red ass that glows.
Silence and inactivity for a while. Daddy Ned positions himself over the reddened cheeks and spits on them. He leans over and begins licking the reddened areas, kissing the skin and blowing on the just licked areas. In the sweetness of this afterglow, Ned stands up and out of nowhere, wallops each cheek with a brutal blow.
“Now, you’re ready, Sissy Bitch. You’re ready to be fucked, aren’t you?”
“Yes, sir. I want it more than ever. I want the pain and I want your and I want Daddy Gramp’s cock. Pound and fill that pussy hole.”
“First, you’re going to suck on my dick and lube me up real fine. Then I’ll warm you up again, and I’ll open you up for real, cause it won’t be fingers going inside you, it’s going to be Daddy’s cock filling your pussy hole.”
Nickie moves in front of the standing Daddy Ned.
“Work the head at first and when you are finished with the head, I want you to show me what you can do. And if you don’t show me something new, you’ll feel it aside you head. You gotta be creative, girl. You gotta use those womanly charms your early masters taught you and then some other things you’ve learned along the way. When it comes to sex, I like two things: chemistry and surprises. We’ve got the chemistry. Now, I want to see some surprises. You deliver me some surprises, and I’ll surprise your pussy with a thing or two.”
Nickie drops her arms beside herself, stares straight at Ned’s dickhead, and continues to stare for a while. Nickie moves her mouth close to the head and blows around the head. She extends her tongue and darts it around the piss slit, maneuvering inside its outer edges. When her tongue finds the proper locations, she pushes her tongue deeper into his slit and rubs her tongue over the nearby edge of the head while keeping the tip of her tongue inside the slit. The tongue begins to cover the whole head with juicy saliva. Nickie pulls back and blows on the head again, except this time the feeling is different with the implicit coolness. Nickie opens her mouth, but only touches the head and the top of the shaft with her lips, moving in and out and up and down. The lips position themselves below the glans; Nickie’s tongue begins flicking the wonder of the nerve bundle. Ned flinches.
“Can I hit you beside the head for being so good? Damn, Nickie, you’re a real good cocksucker. A girl who can suck a man’s cock crazy. You learned well. You learned really well. In fact, where did you learn to suck a cock so well? I’m sure you had a teacher.”
Nickie continues to suck, not looking up at Ned.
“Listen, Chick, when Daddy Ned asks you a question, he wants his bitch to answer, and she had better make that answer a good one. You get my drift you cum sucking, dick licking whore of a girl. Daddy Ned’s little whore. You like being Daddy’s little whore, don’t you?”
Looking up, “Yes, sir.”
“Now, tell me where a girl like you learned how to suck a cock so well?”
Nickie looks into Ned’s eyes, “My step dad. The boys came later. Said he wanted a girl and if he couldn’t have a girl, he’d find the girl in a little boy. And, yes, he did slap me if I messed up. I was always on pins and needles, not knowing if my tongue wasn’t doing the right thing or I was going too fast or my teeth scrapped a little too closely. Mom was never around. She was working all the time, so I was alone with my step dad and he liked for me to play make-up. He’d help me turn into a little girl when Mom was at work, and I would suck him for maybe two hours. He’d have me put on more lipstick and he’d finger my pussy hole. He liked to get my pussy really wet and he loved finger fucking me while I sucked his dick. That’s how I learned. Now you know… No one has ever known, but I didn’t want to get hit, but in a way I wanted to get hit because getting hit was such a part of the sex we’d have. He called me his pretty girl bitch, a girl, but a real woman. You don’t know how I would fantasize about our make-up sessions. I couldn’t wait on school nights when Mom would work swing shift, my step dad and I would have the house together by ourselves. He’d always start by asking, “What do you think about becoming Daddy’s little pretty girl bitch?” And I would go over to him and unbuckle his pants and then unzip him. I would pull his dick out and begin sucking. When I got it hard, he would stand up. I would get him rock hard, and when I had him rock hard, he would start running his fingers through my hair. “I want my pretty little girl bitch. I want her to leave a lipstick ring on Daddy’s cock. You want to leave a lipstick ring on Daddy’s cock?” I would answer, “Yes.” Then we would go into the bedroom where we kept everything in places no one looked, and nothing was put in one place. I would start by putting on the lipstick. Eventually, I worked myself into a full face with powder, foundation, rouge, everything. And then one night, I think Mom came home early because she started getting a bit of nausea and needed her medicine and Daddy and I were still playing when she pulled into the driveway. I got everything off in time and into some boy clothes before she saw me, but after that it wasn’t fun to dress up for my step dad… but I still wanted to dress up and put on make-up and suck dicks. Later on, I found the boys who wanted me to be their little girl. So here I am, a pretty little girl bitch sucking Daddy’s cock and loving it.”
“I didn’t think I was going to hear anything like that. Wow! Your own step dad turned out the girl in you and put you in touch with that passive feminine side. Wow! And that’s become the scene, the big scene in your life. That’s cool, ‘cause you do know how to suck dick… In fact, why don’t you pick up where you left off when ‘I had to know’? ”
Nickie kisses the head of Daddy Ned’s cock and descends upon it as if it is the center of the world. Nick places his hands on his hips and just watches as Nickie’s mouth and tongue take him and nurse him like there’s no tomorrow. I’m sitting comfortably, keeping things hard and stimulated.
Ned speaks, “Nickie, you sweet cum loving bitch, I want to turn your ass toward me. I want to open you up. In fact, crawl over to Daddy Gramp and start sucking his cock while I open you up and give you a fucking you’ll jack off to for at least two years… and even longer than that when you think back to this afternoon.”
Nickie moves into position. I relinquish my dick to Nickie’s mouth. Ned smiles at me, lubes up a couple fingers in his mouth, and finds Nickie’s pussy hole, penetrating it in so sensual a manner, Nickie freezes and becomes immobile. Her mouth remains around my cock, but there is no movement with Nickie’s lips or tongue. Nickie moans. “Daddy Ned knows how to make your pussy hole open up without any resistance, doesn’t he?”
“Yes, sir.”
Nickie begins fucking Ned’s two fingers and resumes actively sucking me. Ned pulls out the two, spits on three, and reinserts. Nickie’s ass is gyrating at this point.
“Now’s the time.” Ned removes what turns out to be four fingers and places the head of his cock against the dripping pussy hole and pushes ever so firmly, sliding up into Nickie’s hole with a triumphant ease.
“Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me!”
With those words, Nickie swallows my dick head, opening up the back of his throat, as Ned picks up the pace and fucks him rapidly and thoroughly. Silence prevails except for the “oh, yeses” and “That’s its.” We all at the same moment know that this is how we are going to send ourselves into bliss. Ned fucks, Nickie jacks and sucks. I lie back enjoying the show and feeling a warm body affirming bliss fill me and flow back and forth through me. I’m a happy, happy camper.
“If you keep sucking like that, you’re going to make me cum. Anyone ready to cum?
Ned chimes in with, “I’ve got the build going right now. You all want to cum together? Nickie can pull on her clit while her holes are filled. Nickie, are you close to cumming?”
Nickie pulls back from my cock just long enough to give assent.
The rhythm intensifies. Nickie deep throats me. Ned is giving Nickie’s hole the best fuck she’s ever had, with Ned’s thick base opening Nickie up with each f***eful thrust. Bam! Bam! Bam! All the cylinders are hitting in synch. “Oh, man, I’m going to cum. It’s getting ready to shoot,” I moan. Ned responds, “I can be there in four strokes. You ready you cum sucking, dick loving slut.” “Yes, Daddy, hit me and f***e it out of me.” Ned is telling the truth; one, two, three, four strokes and Ned shakes the world of Nickie’s hole. Nickie shoots a wide spray, and I shoot into Nickie’s mouth while she holds the head in the deepest part of her throat.
Satiation sets in. Slowly, we disentangle ourselves. Ned pulls out, stands up, and heads into the bathroom to wash up and head on down the road. Nickie pulls back and watches that sometimes superfluous residue drip from my dick as a sign of continuing after delight. Ned emerges from the bathroom, makes his good-byes and is out the door.
Nickie gets up and heads into the bathroom Ned just vacated and I head into the other one.
After undressing, creaming her face, and putting back on his street clothes, Nickie becomes Nick, and he, too, has things to do and people to meet.

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8 months ago
Satisfying as hell- just wanna meet you fellas at a diner and ive into some pancakes and scrapple after a nice kinky FUCK!

10 months ago
Daddy I want to be fucked the same
11 months ago
love it