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I remember being a small boy in a one room apartment . I was 8 I sl**p on this old brown coach it was up on a left kind'a step. The coach faced the bed of my mom and dad but from the side , the kitchen table was to my left . My mother was a normel women not the super hot hidden mom just a normel lady. long black hair bright green eye's. and milk pale skin she was around 5,9 -5'11 .

Mother was a nudist in are home. a size c my be a lower d 32 tit's. and a trimmed net upper bush but her pussy lips and ass area were shave smooth. At 8 I was eye level with her pussy and ass hole all the time. mom always dressed nice in public dress stocking's and heels. I remember at a very young age , my mother had me play with her heel's and stocking feet when we went some were. While all the other k**'s ran around the Dr. office yelling I would sit on the Floor next to my mother . When I would get that crazy eyed look she would point to her heel. I remember being small and having to struggle to remove her extremely well keep feet from her heel. and what now is the action and smell that fuels me cock as a older man, I would hear that woosh pull sound and smell of leather and nylons.

Mom had size 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 feet her toe's were always painted black. I remember smelling her heel's and she would spread her nylon corverd toe's for me to smell and play with. I said this to show the Power she had over anyone with ball's and a cock , Anyone !! .

I woke up to very load noise's one night , the head board pounding the wall, mom yelling and moaning a older heavy set man grunt and sweating over my mother fucking her really hard. I heard a little cough next to me dad was at the kitchen table with his dick in his hand he seen me and lifted a finger to his lip's shhh . it was 10:00 10:20 when I got woken up and the man did not stop fucking my mother until around 3:30. I seen this fat man with a belly roll my mother over so she could ride his cock. I had a perfect view of his cock going in and out of her pussy by her on power . His big hairy white balls would slap her ass and make that smacking sound. The fat man rolled her back on her back did deep hard long strokes mom was no screaming her Joe and the man grunted load over and over and let out a long aaaaahahaaahahaha.

I seen when the fat 65 year old man rolled of my mother onto his back his leg spread wide is soft hard cock shinning of my mother pussy juice hanging by his still big swollen balls. It was are land lord . he got up and left naked walked out the door for the world to see . Mom told dad to get her a warm wet toil , he ran to do so. Mom saw e and made no attempt to cover her self she called me over to her , hey my angel hold on , dad cleaned her head to toe and was told to go sl**p on the coach . he pointed to his rock hard -hard on and mom looked at me . mom told me to go sit on the coach this would take just a min. as soon I was off the bed dad was on her by the time I sit down I heard dad grunting load, mom called me back, I was by the bed my dad was still in her, oaky baby pull out take the coach. mom had me help her put the sheets back on the bed and
told me crawl in angel . we crawled in and I was out next to my nude mom.

I asked mom when we got up who that man was and she told me that's are land lord honey I used to go to his room to pay the rent but he wants mommys pussy 4 times a week and he wants your dad and now you to see me taking his cock. I looked pulled she told me I wil tell you more when you get bigger .

One day while smelling and kissing my mothers nylon toes around 9 my little cock shot up hard. mom giggled and told me I was ready to hear all. mom pulled up my hand and spit in it, she told me wrap it around your little cock and move it up and down I did it felt super good , mom told me with my left hand hold the heel of her foot she spread her nylon toes wide and told me to take a deep smell I did will jacking and boom I yelled out oooooooooooooo. mom hand moved her left foot under me so my cum was on the tip of her heels and her upper foot. . mom smiled and said your frist cum load belongs some were special not on a dirty floor.

My older s****r came home from collage and she was my mother from head to toe really. my s****r removed her top and bra and went to kick her shoes off NO mom yelled set on the coach. my s****r removed her thong and mini skrit. mom told me to remove 1 tennie shoe at a time and to slowly remove each sock and to suck and kiss my s****r's sweaty toe's and soles. I lefted her foot removed her sock I placed my nose under her toes she spread her toe's and boom my cock was so hard it was hurting. my s****r had me clean her feet and when I went to get up help me down with her feet. she put lotion on her sole's and wow up and down on my little cock and boom oooooooooo I shot cum over her toes and the top of her feet.

The land lord came busting in . wow look at this little fuck whore, my s****r looked up and looked at me and mom. he pushed my s****r down on the coach and knelt before her she spread her legs and he bent forward come here son spit on my cock , now spit on your s****rs pussy hold my cock and work it up and down on your s****rs pussy lips I did up and down fast and slow spit on it again he yelled now place it in her and hold it I did as he pushed in my little hand was caught he would not let it go he grinded his hip in her on my hand . He pulled up a little for me to pull my hand away he grabed my arm lick your fingers. I did he said your s****r pussy taste good
I said yes it does. he said get behind me hold my balls not hard put ur and around them . I did as he went in and out in my s****r and I felt it . his balls jumb up and down and tighten up as they shot cum in my s****r. he pulled me to his side and side watch as he sit up and slowly puled his cock out of my s****r. as he pop out cum poured out of her pretty shaved pussy. He said your dad not here are he would lick us both clean. .

more to cum !!!!!!

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but hot story
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Nice story but please pay attention to spellings and grammar