The God Daughter & Chaperone (TRUE STORY) III

So we stopped over one of her friends house in the area for her to borrow a bathing suit, it was a cute pink one with a integrated skirt on the bottom. Always a lady I thought to myself. We got to an area where I was taken to the day before with my “regular” girl in that area and her room-mate. That’s a total different and sexy story there, but needless to say, it was a fantastic spot. Located on the military academy grounds, it was basically a private beach with only a shack/bar and a local restaurant offering about 5 different menu items. The sun was shimmering off of the water and we just enjoyed the view of the local fishermen working in the distance and the occasional curious duck searching around for possible food we might have for them.

I had my Samsung Galaxy S3 with me, and the 8 megapixel camera takes wonderful pictures as you can see in my galleries and some of my videos. So I started taking pictures of her, she said that I was crazy and smiled, but she started getting into it. She was quite a natural, she would turn, pause, smile, get eye contact, look away….she made it very easy to take her pictures. Then she surprised me. As I was further away from her and a little below her to capture the right sunlight on her and the back ground she looked up towards the shack and restaurant in the distance behind us, as she did she started rubbing on and squeezing her large breasts. She let out a sexy moan, just loud enough for me to do it and then, still looking out for uninvited peeping toms, she started undoing her top. She lazily reached behind her neck and, while keeping an eye in the direction of the shack, untied her top and let it fall around her waist. Her large breasts, so natural and heavy were a site that had my body struggling not to react.

She continued looking out behind me as I moved in closer to take more pictures of her as she playfully offered her breasts to me. I got within “touching” range and she quickly turned her breasts from me showing me her back and shoulders. This woman was so damn sexy, so sensual and intoxicatingly beautiful all at the same time. She laughed and moved out of my reach and put her top back on. She then asked to see the pictures. We sat in a shaded area overlooking the private cove we were in. The rocks formed a semi-seating area, the rocks were in no way smooth, but they were comfortable enough with a towel laid across them. We looked at the pictures and I would comment on some a delete a few blurred ones. I found her looking at me with a smile as I went on talking about the picture. She asked me what do I like about her. I told her that I was most attracted to her character. I’ve learned to answer that question over time. Most women judge a man’s potential ability from that answer alone. The thing is not to focus on the physical, that fades. Men who are focused on the physical attributes of a woman are generally selfish lovers. Enjoy a woman for things that will not fade, their eyes, smile, laugh or character are great things to enjoy and admire. Again she just told me that I am crazy.

For a moment we just sat there, enjoying the breeze and the shade. My thoughts began to drift to other possibilities and prospects because in the area. It helps me in staying less focused on sex with the lady I am with and helps me maintain an overall relaxed attitude about the possibility of sex with her. Wanting to test the waters I moved into her, I rubbed her thighs, moved up to her stomach and purposely by passed her breasts. She was reacting very well to my touch and she pulled me into her by wrapping her left arm around my neck. The kiss started with just our lips, slowly she opened her mouth, I purposely hesitated with the use of my tongue…waiting for her to initiate that final intimate contact. She slid just the tip of my tongue past my lips, I licked at her tongue first lightly then I pressed more of my tongue into her mouth. Balancing between “uncertain” to take charge is something you have to learn with each partner. Her body language showed me that she was wanting for me to take charge, to show her that I wanted her, and my passion for her. So I did.

As we were kissing I moved my position over her to

1) Ensure I don’t scuff up my knees as I move to the next level of sensual play

2) Make sure she was comfortable and not have a reason to stop me from doing what I wanted to

As I was shifting her and kissing her she would sigh into my mouth, and give a little squeak of “Ey!” and kiss me deeper while pulling me tighter to her. I changed from kissing her mouth to kissing her neck and sucking on her shoulder. I glanced down and noticed that her right hand was again playing with her own right nipple. I helped her stimulate herself even more by rubbing on her left breast through the thin fabric of her bikini top. She arched her back hard to push her breast into my hand and squeezed me to her.

I maneuvered her into a seated up position and parted her legs as I kissed her nipple through the fabric of her bikini. I gave one last look to the shack/restaurant behind us to ensure no one was coming and I focused on her breasts. I pulled out her left breast and began kissing it with licks and a little sucking around the bottom of her breast, purposely not yet touching her nipple. Her legs automatically spread and her hips began to take over and moved in a slow and sensual grinding motion. I finally took her nipple into my mouth first just licking the tip of it, her reaction was exactly what I wanted. She nearly lost it, again letting out a squeak “Ey!” then followed by a low and long groan of “No” She said “no” but her body kept me close, pulled at my head and guided me as her legs spread wider pressing her pussy into the fabric of her bikini. I reached down and lightly but slowly traced her pussy lips through her bikini bottom and felt how hot she was getting. My dick reacted instantly to that, I couldn’t control myself anymore and to be honest I was quite impressed by my discipline to that point. I continued sucking on her nipple alternating between circular, tip of my tongue licks to engulfing her entire areola and a good amount of her breast with my entire mouth. She loved the combination and pushed her other breasts to my mouth.

Licking them both just on the nipples and kissing them and pulling them with my lips caused a cry from her and a more clear “No”. I didn’t stop because I was thinking that it was more a mental cry for me to stop, and not a physical one at all. It wasn’t helping that I went from just rubbing her pussy through her bikini to having my fingers deep into her pussy. She was pumping on my fingers and gripping my shoulder as she asked me to make her cum. I was too happy to oblige so I continued sucking her breasts and pushed my fingers deep into her while pressing up towards her belly button. The reaction her body gave me was awesome. She pumped into my fingers and told me that she was going to release. I thought she meant that she was going to cum, I was happily mistaken. She really meant release. She squirted hard on my hand so f***eful I thought she urinated and her body tightened up hard and then nearly collapsed. I kept on trying to suck her breasts and finger her, but she pushed me away, and pushed my probing fingers out of her. She turned her back to me, breathing hard and still shaking a bit. I touched her shoulder and she shrugged away from me. She tried to stand up and she again let out a little shriek, “Ey!” as she nearly lost her balance. I went to stabilize her and she pushed me away even harder like she was angry at me. She didn’t say anything she just walked into the water and wade around a bit. She would look at me occasionally, and she was talking to herself as I noticed too. I went to her in the water, she held up her fist to me playfully. I took her into my arms and I said, American boys are way different than what you’re used to. She just looked at me and smiled, I pulled her to me and said let’s head to my hotel room.
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1 year ago
Your sex play is the foreplay that show her you desire her. But you desire her in heat and erotic pleasure for her first. Then you will join her as only two lovers' bodies can give themselves to each other's erotic high. Your male piece makes the thrusting and cumming all an ecstasy of union in body wrenching pleasure.
1 year ago
It's like reading a love romance novel - nice.
1 year ago
Very good story. Looking forward to the video;)