The God Daughter, and her Chaperone (TRUE STORY) I

After I bought her drink she proceeded to play pool with me a bit, and she would occasionally go dancing. I was watching this woman's moves...she generally enjoyed herself. She was care free and relaxing...but above all of that, she had a PERFECT body. Flat stomach, thick hips, large breasts, beautiful face, full lips, caring and flirtatious eyes....she was amazing and I just kept thinking....we have at least one more date and that's to a wedding so no need to rush.

I think that coolness really peaked her attention. We danced a few songs and were really grooving up on each other. I dance pretty well for my size and don't really try to play the cool silent type on the dance floor so we had a really good time. I was respectful because her dad was the President's personal driver, Ex-Military and Ex-Cop, so I didn't want to piss him off. We danced and played pool until the wee hours of the morning. She had missed a few calls from her boyfriend and went outside to call him back. I stayed inside enjoying the view of the gorgeous women around and dancing with the most beautiful girl in the club was definitely a good way to get attention. What gets you even MORE attention is NOT kissing that beautiful girl's ass, or following her around.

As she left to call her boyfriend 2 gorgeous women, who I thought were prostitutes came up to me and struck up a conversation. They were playful, and VERY flirty. One asked me if I knew who that girl was, I told her I didn't and she just laughed. She asked if I was American, and a barrage of other questions....she was definitely gathering intelligence on me. I flashed a certain card and she backed off. By now it was about 7 minutes since my gorgeous future wedding date was gone. The lady that was "interrogating" me leaned in and told me to ask her who she is. I said who, she said your girlfriend. Her friend that had approached me with her, although not interested in "me", I noticed was checking her surroundings very carefully. When they walked away I continued to check out the dance floor the ladies were fantastic looking, young, tight, thick...all the things I love about sexy black women. The two that had approached me were close to the back exit where my newly coined "girlfriend" had exited. I tried not to give way that I had caught on to their line of questioning and very peculiar behavior, waved, motioned the more talkative one to come over. I wanted to make sure I had understood that she wanted me to ask who this lady was, I was going to tell her I knew she was the daughter of the President's driver just to watch her reaction. As she started to come towards me though, the young lady I was going to be taking to a wedding the next day came back into the club. I looked at her making sure the lady coming my way knew I wasn't looking at her and hoped she would pick it up. She did and walked right by me casually.

The gorgeous young lady sashayed her way to me with a big smile and never knew that the other girl had talked to me. I asked her if we could go outside and she motioned me to yet a different door than she walked out of to make the phone call to her boyfriend. We went outside and she was just smiling at me and I again mentioned to her that she was gorgeous and that I've been having a great time, but I needed to go. She looked kind of sad, but then said I have your number so I will call you. I agreed and I gave her a big hug and then pretended that I didn't want to let go. We both laughed at that and she said that I was crazy. I told her that she didn't know how true that observation was. I hopped in my truck with the thought that when I do fuck her....she's going to be ripping my clothes off for the stunt I just pulled. I knew she had expected a proposition, but I didn't want to give her the pleasure. I text her as I was driving that I could still smell her perfume and that the hotel I was staying at would be so much nicer if that smell was lingering in there too. She didn't answer me and I drove on. As I got to the hotel (20 minutes away) I received a text message. It said "Come" and it was from her. I tried calling her, but there was no answer. I tried messaging her, but got the same result. I weighed my options and decided that sl**p deprivation coupled with exhaustion from sex was NOT a good way to be in a 5 hour meeting the next day. I headed to my room. By the time I was out of the shower I had two messages, a repeat of the first one from her and then just two question marks. I sent back, "Too sl**py too drive. Tomorrow???" and went to sl**p. In the morning I had three messages: Come, Tonight and then finally OK.

My day was a blur with meetings, but my mind was focused on positive thoughts, laughing, dancing, pool, the beach and sex, not with the young lady from the night before, but simply with "a body' When I was finally off and turned on my phone I received a series of messages from 2 different people. My regular chick down there had obviously gotten word that I was hanging out with a gorgeous woman. She simply was asking if I was going to see her and if I had fun dancing with that lady in blue and if I had asked her who she was. Again I thought...and at this point I was very curious. Just a driver's daughter wouldn't be someone people would be telling me about, there was more to this young lady and I was going to find out.

The second set of messages was from the young lady, she had asked me what time I was going to pick her up and told me to meet her at the same bar/billiards club. She wanted me to message her when I was on the way and she said very directly that I should not call. I messaged her back and gave her some details of when I would be there and asked her.

Why do people keep telling me to ask you to tell me who you are?" she responded, "Meet you there." I was so being ignored. I arrived early to the bar and ordered a red bull, the two ladies from the night before, the interrogator and her security as I called them were hanging out in a corner and talking to a guy who I knew was military. He came up to me after a while and asked if I was enjoying my stay here in Malawi and asked how I was liking the current city I was in. I said I loved it very much and that I was having a blast. He asked to talk to me outside so I went with him. He inquired about my vehicle and where I was parking it and a few other questions. Then at a point I got tired of it and called it. I asked him very directly what was the line of questioning for and to bring out the other girls from the bar because I wanted to talk to them all. I had about 12 minutes left before my scheduled meeting with the young lady. He called out the two girls. I first flashed the card and then asked them why they were questioning and observing me. The more talkative of the ladies from the night before asked me if I had asked my "girlfriend" who she was and I said I didn't get a chance to. That made her laugh, the lady behind her said something in her native language and the man answered her back. She made another comment and then he said a word I knew that meant...."You" which was a cautionary thing, like "You better watch yourself girl" he smiled at me and said, "Boss, just ask her ok" I said no problem I would. The more talkative lady also said something in her native language and then I said..."Well I am going to go back in the bar, you guys coming?" They all said no and by the time I got in the bar, the young lady was there....she had a knack for finding doors I didn't know existed.

I sat next to her made small talk and then I asked her if she was going to tell me. She said that she didn't want to mess up her day, but if I wanted to know she would tell me. I asked how would it mess up my day, she said you are military right, I said no, she smiled very big. She said her dad thought I was military and that I should not tell him that I am not. I said ok. She then went on to talk about different things. Again she was trying to avoid the question. I brought her back on subject. She then looked at me and smiled. She asked if I knew her country politics, I told her yes. Then she said that The Honorable President.....was her something (native language), I said I didn't understand, she then tried to explain and I understood it as that the President was her God Mother. I smiled and said, ok and those two girls that were hanging around...she said they are drivers and security also, they are there because in a few days the President will be there visiting.

I started to put it together and I asked why should I not tell her dad that I wasn't Military, she said because he has forbidden me to have a relationship with a military man. I asked her then why would he ask me to take you to a wedding. She said very directly, that I would be able to afford it. I agreed and I said so you won't be breaking your dad's rules will you. She smiled and said no, I said let's go to the beach.

Should I continue?

Oh and as far as a visual goes.....she's one of the Viewer's Choice Awards - Ebony Edition ladies. What number do you think she is?
83% (9/2)
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1 year ago
good start
1 year ago
I would say 2a.
1 year ago
Yes, please continue. And, I think she's number 1....
1 year ago
Please continue. Very well written story.
1 year ago
hoping she's number 6!!
1 year ago
continue please
1 year ago
omg what a awesome blog post !!!!!! Plzzz tell me which video is of her :-)