pure fantasy

I’m all alone in the house laying on the bed reading a book, there’s a storm going on outside and the thunder and lightning is getting closer but I don’t mind because I like storms, the book is getting raunchy and I reach down and put my hand between my legs and slowly slide a finger between my lips, the hero in the book has dragged the heroine from her horse and is taking her body she pretends to fight him off but wants him badly, I put the book down and slide 2 fingers into my wet pussy it feels good my other hand is caressing my boobs and rubbing my clit I feel the orgasm approach and rub harder and faster the orgasm comes and waves of ecstasy course through my body, I moan out loud as the sensation subsides its good but I want more I reach for the bedside cabinet where my private toys are excited at the thought of the orgasms to come, as I pull open the draw I hear a noise from downstairs it must be the cat but when I look I see her asl**p on the dresser chair, I get up slightly afraid but I still have to go downstairs to see what the noise was creeping down the stairs I slowly look in the kitchen and all seems to be ok I go to the living room and slowly put my head round the door I see the open window and the lamp that has fallen from the table relief runs through me as I realise the wind from the storm has blown the lamp over crossing the room I close and bolt the window thinking I was sure I had closed it earlier I turn round to go back upstairs to my private pleasures and he’s standing there he’s dressed all in black and wearing a ski mask.

I open my mouth to scream but he’s faster he puts a large hand over my mouth and I can feel the hard skin on my soft lips and the smell of nicotine on his fingers he pulls me to him and holds me to him with an arm around my back I struggle but he’s too strong and holds me easily a mocking smile on his lips he looks into my eyes with dark blue piercing soulless eyes and says “shh I don’t want to hurt you but I will if I have to” I stop my struggle his eyes seem to see into my soul he sees my fear and smiles he reaches down and puts his fingers into my panties with a quick tug he has ripped them from my body he brings them up to his masked face and sniffs them this seems to please him they are wet from my orgasm in the bedroom he rubs them on my cheek then removes his hand from my mouth and pushes them into my mouth and says “well keep them there for a bit don’t take them out” I just nod.

He turns me round and pushes me towards the settee I feel his strong hands on my shoulders I walk fearful of what he will do if I resist he turns me round and pushes me on the settee I close my legs and try to curl up but he kneels before me places his hands on my knees and opens my legs exposing me to his gaze I place my hands between my legs to cover myself but when he says move them I do he moves in closer and sniffs a murmur of approval comes from his throat and he looks up to look me in the eye I close my eyes as his tongue comes from his lips and slowly starts to lick at the lips of my pussy I try to think of other things but cant as I feel his long hard tongue penetrate my body he pushes it in and licks me then moves up and licks at my clit I don’t want him to do it but cant ignore the sensations from my clit his tongue is strong and he knows how to lick I feel an orgasm approach but don’t want it to happen but its no good the orgasm racks my body and a shudder courses through me he smiles and stands up “you loved that you little slut didn’t you” I shake my head but he laughs and calls me a liar “its my turn now and you had better be good” he unbuttons his jeans and pushes them down I look to see the biggest cock I have ever seen its slowly rising and getting bigger he tells me to sit up and pulls my panties from my mouth putting his hand round the back of my head he grabs my hair and tells me to open my mouth I obey his cock is now fully hard and I wonder how I will get it into my mouth, he pushes roughly into my mouth I feel the head at the back of my throat I gag but he doesn’t care and slowly fucks my mouth he tells me to use my hands on his cock so I reach up and slowly move my hand on his shaft while gently rubbing his big heavy balls he lets go of my hair and tells me to take it out and lick it up and down I obey and he tells me I’m a good girl, his cock is in my mouth and I feel it begin to swell his breathing is getting faster and I hope it will be over soon but he pulls it out and pushes me back onto the settee he kneels between my legs and rubs the hard head of his cock on my pussy lips and clit then rubs it on my belly he tells me this is what I want and he’s going to fuck me hard, he pushes into me stretching my lips apart a slight pain before I look down and see it sliding into me I gasp as he pushes all the way in before slowly pulling out so just his head is inside me and I wonder how I could take such a huge cock, he puts his hands behind my knees and pushes my legs up so my knees are near my armpits and begins to fuck me in long slow strokes my body longs for his hard shiny cock but my mind says its wrong, he pushes faster into me and I feel his heavy balls slapping on my ass and without noticing I begin to push against his thrusts beginning to enjoy the sensation of being filled by this huge cock, his thrusts are faster now and his breathing heavy he puts a large finger in my mouth and without thinking I suck on it, its never felt this way before when I’m being fucked and I don’t want it to stop I reach forward and try to pull him in me harder and faster “you love that big cock don’t you” he snarls I cant say anything I feel an orgasm approach and reach down to rub my clit I need to orgasm and feel this cock fuck me to it, I moan out loud as another orgasm rips through me he pulls out of me and only needs a few tugs before long jet of cum spurts from the end of his huge cock, it splashes onto my face and so does the next he moves his cock and the next spurt goes across my tits and onto my hard nipples I can feel his hot cum on my body and at last he sighs and looks down at me, I sit up and feel his cum run down my face I stick my tongue out and lick his salty stickiness from my lips and look down to what seems like an impossible amount of cum on my body I lift my swollen nipple to my mouth and lick as much of as I can before rubbing it all over my body.

He smiles and stands and pulls up his jeans his deflating cock still showing through the tight material I just look at him my mind hating myself for enjoying the wonderful sensations he has given me and wanting more at the same time he goes back to window smiles then he’s gone and I’m alone, the telephone rings but I cant move to answer it something is wrong but I don’t know what its all a bit strange, I look down and the book is next to me the cat is still on the chair and the phone is ringing I’m still half asl**p as I reach for the receiver hello I say and my mother says “are you alright dear” , “eh yeah I’m fine I must have fallen asl**p you just woke me”

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1 year ago
Fantasy is a wonderful thing!
How bloody drab life would be without it! :)
Great piece!
1 year ago
great fantasy babygirl :)
1 year ago
well thought out and written.
1 year ago
Very hot :) x
1 year ago
Good job. Worked for me
1 year ago
vert good