My Dream Role 01

He woke up in the dark, feeling warm and sl**py, but excited too.

His mind woke him, yet again, with thoughts of his upcoming visit from his Mistress. He had been dreaming, dreaming of being tied and helpless, and of being touched all over with hands, stroking, caressing. He dreamed that his Mistress had given him the pleasure of being touched by so many hands, all over him, his body covered in oil, soft hands sliding on his skin. As he reached the point in his dream where he would normally have to beg his Mistress to let him cum, he woke up, in the darkness.

Hard and throbbing, his body pushing against the sheets instinctively in his sl**p, seeking release. He did not touch himself, just focused on the feel of the sheets upon his bare skin, and imagined in his half dream state, what he would do if his Mistress would let him touch her. He imagined pushing her down and fucking her, making her cum so hard that she would beg him for more. His excitement grew, this fantasy was making his pulse pound at the base of his cock, yet he knew that she would never beg him...

She would tell him, she would make him, but she would never beg him. The mere thought of turning the tables on her, made him blush with guilt for thinking it. If she knew, she would punish him for thinking it.

She would, oh, she would probably use the riding crop on him... quick stinging blows to drive the point home. Not many of them, but each one would count... His ass would be so red and hot from it, and he knew how much she would love doing it. Watching him try to twist away, soothing him, teaching him.

Oh, he wanted to, just once, feel how wet it got her to discipline him.. Maybe tonight, he would push that limit and see what she did. He fell back into sl**p and darkness, dreaming about his Mistresses wetness and heat, his cock hard and heavy in his hand.

It had been a long day, trying to get through work without fucking up too much. He was distracted and unfocused, his mind was far from the job at hand. He had started watching the clock at around 2, counting the minutes until 5pm, when his evening would begin. He had been given his tasks, and he wanted to perform them well, to please his Mistress. He knew that later, he would push his luck and he wanted her in a good mood when he did. Finally, the clock reached 5, and he packed up his things and headed out the door.

Traffic was slow crossing town to his apartment, and he cursed as his stomach knotted in anticipation. When he pulled into the parking lot of his building, he really began to tremble, he was running way late. This was not boding well.

He locked the car and ran up the stairs to his apartment. He went in, locked the door, and stripped as he went down the hallway to his bathroom. He climbed into the shower, turning the water on very hot, and began to wash himself using the soap she liked. He used a loofah to make his skin soft, the way she told him to. Paying special attention to the places she liked to bite.

He washed his hair, tilting his head back and taking a few seconds to just feel the water running over his body, sluicing away the soap residues and the day's stress. He ran his hands down his body, enjoying the slick feel of his skin in the hot water, imagining her hands on him, her eyes on him.

He began to imagine that she was watching him shower, she liked to do that sometimes. He made every movement deliberately sexual, and was immediately aroused, he started to slide his hands down to cup his balls and to stroke the head of his cock, when he realized that he was not supposed to be touching himself this way, he was supposed to clean himself for her, all of himself, and not to take it any further until she was there to watch. She would be very unhappy with him for taking too long in the shower, when he was supposed to be getting ready for her.

He stuck his head out the curtain for a quick glance at the clock, SHIT, he had 45 minutes before she would get there, and he had a lot to do yet. He grabbed the bottle of shower gel and washcloth and began to wash himself in earnest, paying special attention to the areas around his balls and asshole, she would inspect him closely later. He rinsed it all off, and got out of the shower, dried off and wrapped the towel around his waist. The towel seemed so rough against the sensitive head of his cock, but he knew it was just his excitement that made it seem that way.

He went down the hallway, into his kitchen and got a bottle of wine out of the rack, putting it into a bucket to chill. He got down the wineglass she liked best and inspected it for any smears or marks, then placed it on a cocktail napkin by the bucket. He laid the corkscrew by the glass, parallel to the edge of the napkin.

He lit the candles and put away the matches, then got out the fruit and cheese that he knew she liked to nibble on. He arranged them on the tray that she liked, making sure every g**** was perfect, washed, and not sticky. He made sure the cheese was arranged by flavor and not mixed together, and then he dipped the apple slices into 7-up to keep them from turning brown.

He loved to feed his Mistress, loved the way her mouth closed around the fruit, the way her teeth bit into the cheese. He loved it more when she would surprise him with a piece of fruit when he was bound and blindfolded, hands above his head and helpless. He could almost taste the juice of the fruit on her lips as she would kiss him, and make him her own.

He was almost done, he went around and closed all the blinds, straightened the furniture, and set out the towels and washcloths that she always wanted available.

The clock said that he had 4 minutes left, he went into the bedroom and removed the towel, and put on the piece of fabric that she liked for him to wear. He returned to the living room with only seconds to spare, and knelt down on the rug that she had designated for him. He placed his knees 2 feet apart, with his hands laid flat upon his thighs, and tilted his head, looking down at the floor as instructed. Then he remembered that he had locked the door, he got up, ran to the door, unlocked it and ran back to get back into position. Not a minute later, she walked in.

He could hear her opening the door, brusquely closing it, and taking her coat off. She put down her purse and opened the bag that she had brought with her, digging around for the collar that she would put on him. She walked over to him and just looked at him. He was quiet and waiting, and so beautiful this way, with his head down and his skin freshly scrubbed. She reached out and ran her fingers through his hair, grabbing some and pulling his head up so that she could see his face. His lips were full, and she wanted to kiss them, to suck them, to bite them... but she refrained, they had all night.

He wanted to look at her, she could see it on his face, but she had trained him well, he could not until she told him that he could. She could read him like a book, the desire blatant on his face, he had been waiting all day for her.

She reached around and closed the collar around his neck, pushing his head back forward so that she could buckle it, and clipped the leash lead onto it. Then pulled him forward onto his hands and knees, telling him to be still while she inspected him. She walked all the way around him, leash taut, lifting the sarong to look at his inviting ass, his thick balls hanging down, the head of his cock. She reached her hand and gave his balls a light swat, his ass a light smack, stroked his stomach. She ran her nails down his back, to make sure he had used the loofah for her, she sniffed his skin, her nose and mouth so close to his ear. His cock began to swell at her closeness.

She looked again at him from behind, and raked her nails from the back of his knee up the back of his thigh, and ended with a gentle slap on the ass. He flinched as though he had expected her to hit him harder, so she did. A nice resounding slap. His quick intake of breath was very satisfying, and she dropped the edge of the fabric and began leading him into the kitchen.

She led him to the counter and instructed him to open the wine and pour her a glass, and then sat down on the stool at the breakfast bar. he poured her a glass and went to kneel at her feet, she took a sip and then told him she would like some fruit, to bring her the tray. He got the tray and knelt again at her feet, holding the tray up so that she could select whatever she liked from it.

She took a g****, and then some cheese. Followed up by a bite of apple and a sip of wine. His arms were getting tired, but he held the tray, being as still as possible. His mouth was watering at the smell of the fruits and cheeses, but he did not dare move or take a piece, he would wait until she gave it to him.

She then picked up another apple slice and instructed him to set the tray on the counter within reach and then come back to her. When he was once again at her feet, she reached down and touched his chin, tilting his head up, and told him to look at her.

She just looked at him, taking him in, memorizing him.. She picked up a g**** and fed it to him, watching him chew. his Mistress loved to watch him, she was fascinated with him, like a Cat with a mouse. She turned his head to the side and ran her fingers down the side of his neck, then picked up another piece of fruit and fed it to him. She turned his head again, so that his eyes were on hers and then bent down and kissed him, tasting the fruit and the fullness of his lips. Then she took hold of the leash, got up, and led him back into the living room.

She put him back on his knees in the same place, in the same position, and walked around him, with the glass of wine in her hand. His head was down, as instructed, but he could feel her eyes on him like heat. She asked him had he touched himself in the shower, and he blushed, wondering how she could know that.

He told her the truth, that he had started to, but stopped himself. She reminded him that she did not like for him to do that unless she had instructed him to, or unless she was watching him. He bowed his head lower, and started to protest that he had stopped, but she jerked the leash taut, and reminded him that the proper answer is "yes Mistress" and no explanations were necessary.

She asked him if he would do it again, and he replied properly, she watched him quietly for a moment, until she was sure the message had sunk in. Then she ran her fingers through his hair and told him he was a good boy for stopping, and that she hoped that he would remember the next time he was tempted. He replied that he would. She pulled the leash down so that his face was next to the floor and she could walk around him again and see him open and exposed to her... she dripped wine onto his skin and watched him wanting to move under it.

She wanted to see what he could take tonight, and had anticipated it most of the day. Her other subs were nowhere near as special as he was, his dark eyes held more sensuality, more fire. His face showed every erotic nerve ending that she touched, she could see his emotions and his desire so plainly on his face, his pleasure, his pain...

She loved to watch him... She loved to blindfold him too, he would begin to tremble just a little at first, and he'd be a little shaky and unstable, but she loved having him helpless and at her disposal.

She led him into the bedroom and placed him on his knees facing the bed, and left the room. He could hear her getting her bag and going into the bathroom behind him. He knew she was putting on the corset and black satin that she loved so much. He wondered what else was in the bag.

He remained still and listened. She came into the room behind him, and slid the blindfold over his eyes. She busied herself with preparing for the scene that she had planned, while he waited quietly, anticipating.

Once she had things arranged in a way that suited her, she brought him to a standing position. He was a little taller than her, and she loved the way his body looked in the candlelight, shadows of flames flickering on his skin.

She walked around him, trailing her fingers across his skin, touching him, removing the sarong and leaving him naked. He was fully erect and a drop of pre-cum was glistening on the head of his thick cock. He looked delicious, she wanted to taste him, all of him, but on her terms. She backed him up to where she had put the hooks and then had him hold his hands out for the cuffs, once they were on, she hooked his hands over his head.

She made sure that he was comfortable and not in any danger of limbs falling asl**p, and then she began...

She touched him softly, gently, everywhere, starting at his ankles and moving upwards. But not touching his balls or cock. She nuzzled into the crook of his neck and licked down along his collarbone, while her hands traced intricate patterns on his hips and thighs..

Her nails gently scratching him. His erection was full and standing out before him, she took the moment to get down on her knees and look at him, without touching. Then took the head of his cock fully into her mouth, sucking him in... teasing and playing. Then released it, and went back up his chest...

She was aroused now, and was getting rougher. He could always smell her arousal, and she was beginning to nip and bite his skin, his stomach, his chest.. she bit his nipples, then licked them, blew on them to watch them harden as they cooled.

She bit his side, in that special spot, and he moaned and moved under her. She stopped and turned him around, switching the cuffs so that he was not twisted. She moved her hands all along his back, down over his ass, following with her mouth, biting, tasting... while her hands played along....

She reached down and made him spread his legs, putting a little pressure on the cuffs now, a little strain on his body, to hold himself up. She grabbed a handful of that beautiful ass and then gave it a resounding swat, then backed away to look at him...

She stood there for a minute, watching him breathe, his cock pressed against the door, his muscles tense, again anticipating. She grabbed her flogger from the bag and began to approach him, only getting close enough for the tips to brush him on every stroke...

She began to flog him, heavy thumps of suede flails. not painful at first, but growing in speed and intensity, until his skin began to redden, then she backed up an inch, which put just the very ends of the flails to get him on each blow, stinging and beginning to hurt.

She watched him, the way he moved his body with her strokes, the way he leaned in or away from each blow. And when he began to really pull, to try to avoid the blows, she ended it with a loud heavy one...

She came forward to rub his skin, with oil, to touch all the places she had made red. She took the oil and covered his entire backside with it, rubbing in slow circles, like you would a horse...

She took a handful of the oil and slid it between his ass cheeks, onto his balls and around to the base of his hard throbbing cock... she fondled and played with his cock until he began to thrust against her hand, then abruptly stopped and said no. she took her well lubed hands and went into the bathroom, leaving him there, with the oil cooling on his skin, his cock pulsing and his mind racing...

He was so close to exploding, he wanted to cum so badly, if only she would let him.. if only she would touch him...

He could hear the water running, and then the towel. Then the snap of latex gloves. The sound of a bottle being opened... then closed... he felt her cool wet fingers slide between the cheeks of his ass, filled with some kind of cold fluid...

He knew it must be lube, she had warned him that she wanted to touch his ass, that she wanted to feel all of him. His head began to spin as he realized that she really meant to do it.

She circled his asshole with the lube, and slid the tip of one finger in. He tightened his ass without meaning to, which earned him a resounding slap on one cheek. He apologized profusely and tried to relax, it really did feel good. He imagined sliding his own finger into her ass, and what that might feel like, and his cock jumped with the thought of it.

Her finger slid all the way into his ass and she began to slowly stroke, he thought he would go mad with it, how good it felt...

He wanted to move with it, to make her go faster, he wanted something, he didn't know what.. his movements became frantic... she smacked him on the ass again, and began to ask him questions... she reached up and grabbed the back of his head, fingers entwined in his hair, as she violated him with her other hand...

She slid in another finger, and began to pump and twist the two together.. he had never felt anything like it, and his mind just shut off, his body tried to fuck her hand, he felt like he might cum but then again different.. on the edge of something, like the backside of an orgasm..

She changed the angle and began moving her fingers differently, and he began to shake... she released his head and reached down, she reached into her belt and pulled at something, he was riding her hand like there was no tomorrow when she slid the dildo into his ass... she reached around with her lubed hand and grabbed his cock, holding him still while she fucked him...

He began to shake in earnest now, his body screaming for release. So close to blowing his load everywhere...

And she stopped.. just stopped moving completely...

when he tried to move, she smacked his ass. He would not get to cum yet, it was not yet time...
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