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last week i was looking after my friends house and dogs there were going a way for 1 week the frist night was ok i got up and i went to work when i got to my friend home i went to take the
dogs for a wake it was about 7.00 ish went to the park i seen some ppl drinking 4 lads and 5 girls all drinking i wake past with the dogs and one lad shouded out
get your tits out i just waked past not reaping. on the way out there were still there one of the girls said well are you, i said wot. come on i will show you mine if you show me yours as i am in to
girl i said ok i dont no way i said ok it just cum out all the lads said yes i lifed up my top and bra up all the lads said nice then they look at girl and said go on linda got them out
so she did, nice i said i was going home put the dogs to bed and i went to bed my self went to work i told my friend i looking forward to take the dogs out to the park
but there wort ther so i went home the next day i take the dogs out when i got home about 5.00 i went to the take away got a parmo and got home watched a bit of
tv then i got bored so i went to the park the group of ppl were ther angen drinking the lad get naked for us i told him to fuck off he cum out with (yer with you)
linda said do you want a drink i said yer wot is ther do you want W.K.D yer i said i got talking with them john said just got to the shops he come with more
beer sat drinking we started play truth or dare, the lads said girls frist so we played truth or dare for a bit. then one of the girls said dare, john said give mark a blowjob
mark got his cock out and she give him a blowjob then it was my turn i said dare all the lads said get naked and run to that tree i said wot now yes now so i got naked an
run to the tree and back we all had a drink it was 12.10 we were all naked in the park, i said i was going home, got up go to work. got home went to the park
with the dog john and linda and all the others were there so i went home with the dogs and when back out to meat them the police was the talk to them mark got his
cock out and said to the police suck on that, the police handcuffed mark and put him in the van, i couldnt stop laughting it was about 9.00 sue and peter went to the shops
and got some beer we all had a drink the sue and peter were kissing then sue taken her clothes off and peter did the same i fort ther were going to do a dare, boy i was
wrong sue got on top of peter and starting to fuck peter we were all watching them fuck, i was geting horney so we all got naked and strated play with my self the when
we all finshed i went home horney from that i locked the door and when looking around my friend house i went in to my friends bedroom looking around i looked on top of her
wardrobe and i found some of amys naked pics and i found a vibrator, i had a look in her mams bedroom i didnt find any think then i looked in her b*****r bedroom
i had a good look i found some naked pic of him self, i new there were comeing back tomorrow afternoon so i take all the pics of her and her bother cock pics home with
me and put them on the photocoper and put them on to my computer, my mam said i fort you were looking after amys house i am mam i forgot something and i needed
to come home i got all the pics and went to amys house and put the pics back, that afternoon i was thinging i have seen amy naked on her pics as she dont no i will print
some of me naked out and when i go away i will put them on the bed so she can see them, well i hope you like it if you can find any think i can do for her let me no
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7 months ago
wow thats bad
1 year ago
Are you going to post Amy's photos?
1 year ago
Hahaha it's hard to follow where it's so bad. What time does your wife get home from shopping?
2 years ago
sorry its just soooooo poor on lots of levals
3 years ago
write me a storie about you from your heart something you always wanted to do and were afaid to try